I Read The News Today…..


……Oh boy.

Collins, Snowe and Specter, Senators and RINO’s all, should have, by any reasonable persons thinking, left the GOP.  And if they think they can remain, the GOP should make it clear that NO, you cannot.  Every dime that can be spared should now be spent in making sure there is a real Republican running against them in their fight for reelection.

I would rather have Democrats in their seats than have Democrats calling them self Republicans than to put up with the antics of these imbeciles any longer.  And if the GOP doesn’t do away with these idiots, then we might as well pack it in and go home.  Sit and watch American Idol and wait for the Socialist Tide to sweep over us all.

I am all for inclusion in the GOP, but not of Socialist.  It’s time to weed out the dead wood, cull the bad fruit and get back to what made the GOP the Force of the 90’s, prior to kicking Gingrich to the curb.  Let’s get rid of the timid and get back to Government by the people, or more correctly less Government to control the freedom of the people.

So I suggest this type of letter to the RNC, ATTN: Michael Steele:

Honorable Sir,

I feel betrayed, dishonored and blasphemed to the principles I believe in and the present course of certain Senators of the GOP.  Senators Snowe, Collins and Specter have betrayed the very principles that the Republican Party is supposed to stand for.

I will not waste a great deal of your time.  Given the Party’s problems now, the drift from those values we so treasure, you have your hands full.  If I may though, you since taking Office have stated certain elections that might be key.  Let me suggest that no other elections will be more important than getting rid of such turncoats as the aforementioned Senators.  If we cannot trust those with such long standing in the party to hold the party line, then no effort should be spared in relieving them of their Office.

If this is not your first priority as chair of the RNC, then woe to all who had such high hopes for your success as that chair==========================================

Next Topic:  Spend with haste.

A long standing theory of mine goes “The more urgency the Governemnt places on passing something, means the more shady the bill is”.  If the Congress and President Obama were really, really certain that this bill would do something positive to the economy, they would be willing to sit down and work out the details and make sure it was worthwhile.   The more the haste the more the waste.

Last Topic:  Once again the President wants to remind us….

….how important this spending bill is on a National News Conference on Monday.  Mr. President, I don’t give a rats tush how much sugar you sprinkle on this dog turd, it’s still going to be a dog turd.

See the above, if it is worth doing, my Grandfather would say, it is worth doing right.  I have never been an advocate of doing it quick so I can do it over again.  Or as the Government often says; “There’s never enough time to do it right, but there’s lots of time to do it over again”.


“Rebellion to Tyranny is Obedience to God”


5 Responses to “I Read The News Today…..”

  1. carolyn r Says:

    Thanks for the invitation, Gini: I am here!
    And I have sent you an e-mail.


  2. Me Says:

    Ok I feel like that kid who didnt get picked for the team 😦 LOL just joking but saw you, Dog & Gini’s post & had to put my pouting lip out LOL & come see what the hush hush was all about

    OK, I’ll tell you.


  3. FRANK C Says:


    I see Steele has had a house cleaning party. Good move as the party must start from scratch. The ways of the last two elections certainly did not work.


    I hope the cleaning will continue into the elected RINO’s.


  4. A Wall Says:

    Hey chas

    I checked the Greenroom and saw your request. Have I entered the secret zone—When will my decoder ring arrive—LOL 🙂
    In a manner of speaking. 😉


  5. elaine Says:

    Has any of these 3 senators checked with their constuants on what they are doing?
    i’d wager they voted on their conscience since the majority seem to be against this spending bill.


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