Money… That’s What I Want


The best things in life are free, but you can give them to the birds and bees…

Speaking of money, the not at all bi-partisan Spending bill has passed now in the Senate with 61 yea’s.  It would have gone down except for the 3 democrats who pretend to be Republicans.  It is worth note that 2 votes carried the day.  It is also worth note that the Presidents popularity exceeds that of the spending bill.

There is no doubt that this is not what the American public wants, just as with the bailout bill, but yet again, well guess what?  That’s correct no member of the Democratic Controlled Congress will vote with the people they allegedly  represent.  So once again, the second time in a single year, the taxpayers and voters of the United States are told to sit down and shut the hell up.

I don’t know about you, but I expect people elected to DC to pretty much at least consider the opinion of the majority of those of us who put them there.

Schumer blew off the entire majority by saying “no one cares” about the spending pork.  Obama has been lying to America according to Chucky.  The President says there isn’t any pork, there isn’t any earmarks, but Chucky says there must be but it’s ok since nobody cares.

Does anyone in the Country care about this plan?  I’m thinking Wall  Street does, it dove almost 400 points, the worse drop this year.  I have to think that says something about this bill.   The GOP, I mean those who actually are part of the Party, needs to sit back and not so much vote against it, try an Obama and just vote present.

The GOP can’t even slow things down with the Dems with such a majority, so give them the wheel and sit back and watch the circus.  To the media, just say we offered to help and were shut out of the process.  We object but will allow the majority to rule without our help.

As things go we need to remind people that for 51 months this economy ran just fine and then the Democrats took over the Congress.  People will respond that it is Bush’s fault, his war spending did it, but that is wrong.  The GOP violated the golden rule and cut taxes, but failed to cut spending.  The Dems spent even more, failed to listen to warnings of the housing problem, which lead to the Banking problem.

THIS IS NOT A SINGLE PARTY PROBLEM.  Not one party caused this.  But if Dems want to cut out GOP ideas for fixing it, give them ball and sit back and watch the show.  Because it is also not a single party solution.

Mr. President, you promised, like the last administration, to work with the other party.  You spent 2 years running against the Bush Administrations policies, and now you, as party leader, are doing the same thing.  I did not vote for you.  I’m a bit smarter than to believe just because you promise change and hope and different kind of Washington, to fall for such rhetoric.  I do expect you to attempt to work with the party that represents the 56 million that did not vote for you.  I expected that same of President Bush, I expect more of you.


“Rebellion to Tyranny is Obedience to God”


5 Responses to “Money… That’s What I Want”

  1. Salvatore Says:

    The night Obama won the election, he said to the people that didnt vote for me, I want to be your President too, sure dont look that way does it.
    The politics of “change” seems to be only of the politicer…


  2. Salvatore Says:

    I agree with everything you said,
    great post.

  3. FRANK C Says:


    Great post. Unfortunately if the democrats play by their rules there will be more money for saving the swamp mice. I have an idea, move the swamp mice to LA and SF where all the liberals can save them in their homes.

  4. carolynro Says:

    Hi Chas:

    I am exhausted by all of the swirl of bad news, pretend solutions, nothing but socialistic actions as far as the eye can see. But, all of that pales to the stunning stupidity of a large portion of the electorate that seems willing to hop into the government hammock. Have we all become victims of ACORN-like tactics by the left? Do we really want to become like France or Sweden?
    Someone once said we’d be fine until the people figured out they could vote for what was in YOUR pocket.

    And so it has come to past.


  5. Mary Says:

    A great blog. A must read for everyone. I agree with you on all points.
    Thanks Mary.


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