Ball of Confusion


Democrats seem to be somewhat confused as to who is in charge of the ruddlerless ship sailing down the sea of Socialism.

The President seems to be the cheerleader, while trying to both cheer on the House, while taking credit for things Americans like, while sidestepping those things they don’t like.  Hi s real problem is the more the spending bill is revealed, the more Americans don’t like it.

This mean he has to sell the bill to win over the beter than average thinkers and it doesn’t seem to be working very well.  His approval is high, his support is slipping.  To add to the burden, the Senate seems to think they are in charge, instead of advising the House on spending.  Ole Harry claimed the spending bill a done deal before Nancy even saw the final results.

So it seems the children are again in charge of the day care.  The “Tax Relief” the Obama ran on is now down to about $13 a week for the average tax payer.  Thank Barry, that doesn’t buy me a 12 pack of beer.  I doubt it will do anything to stimulate much of anything.

So much for that campaign promise.

Nary a Republican had so much as a “but what about…” and as such mostly stood against the spending bill.  Locked out of any input the common concern is that bi-partisianship is not high on the President’s list.  Duh!  Comment like I won, isn’t the new deal of change I was expecting.  I suspect that it is true for the majority of Americans, who also happen to not approve of this spending bill.

Of course it goes without saying that if you can’t keep a RINO like Gregg, even though he has already said he won’t run again, says something about your campaign promise to not surround yourself with yes men and wanting to hear different ideas.  Gregg had differences with the President, but I would have to think that the President was dead stuck  on key issues.  Otherwise Gregg would still be on board.   I mean come on, you pick a guy that you think is the best man for Commerce Sec and he disagrees with your Stimulus plan?

Sen. Gregg also opposed having the commerce department shoved out of the census requirement and oversight.  Wouldn’t you think that the President’s vetting team might have had a clue that even a RINO might object to a blatant violation of the “Constitution?   I would hope that ANY Senator or even a street person would have the same objection.

Anyone keeping a score card on the President’s Cabinet picks?  Between drop outs, tax evaders and other suspect choices I think we are at about a dozen.  Anyone else getting worried?  Last time I saw this much incompentence was Clinton.

I do have just one wish, drop the BS.  Just go ahead and shove your garbage down our throat, be a one term President and just go away.  Less than a month and you have already ignore just about everything you ran on.  The Left is getting to dislike or hate you and the right knew what you were from the onset.

It will take just a short time and then the Honeymoon is over with the press.


“Rebellion to Tyranny is Obedience to God”


One Response to “Ball of Confusion”

  1. Salvatore Says:

    Chas you said it the way it is,
    and I couldnt agree with you more.

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