Paying the Piper


It turns out that there is still more to learn in Corrupt Central, sometimes know as Illinois.  It seems that the Presidents replacement Roland Burris was asked to pay Blago $10,000 to be appointed to Obama’s Senate seat.

As it turns out Burris welshed on the deal, didn’t pay Blago the campaign donation.  So much for his word, because not only didn’t he pay him, he didn’t report the deal to the Impeachment Committee.  That would be worth more to Blago than the $10,000.  Although the vote was a slam dunk, this indicates real jail time for the ex-Governor.

Truth in reporting says it was Blago’s brother that made the request but let’s look at this logically.  Would his brother just do this on his own?  More than likely not. If Blago says I’m tossing my brother under the bus, then they both get jail time because his brother would be guilty of extortion, which would carry a nice long term of 3 hots and a cot.

This new insight will most likely cause Burris to have a 2 year term.  Pay heed Mike Steele, this seat could be up for grabs.

Next Topic:

The President is said to be pleased with the passage of the new porkulus bill in the House.  Of course he couldn’t have possibly read all 1,000 plus pages of it and all the legal garbage involved in it, but he just can’t wait to sign it.  He calls it a victory even though not a single Republican signed on for it.  So much for the post-partisian President.  So much for no pork spending and so much for 95% of the tax payers getting a break on Taxes.

Sorry Mr. President but $400 doesn’t cover my beer bill a year let alone make me want to spend anything.  Heck that amount doesn’t cover the TV I just bought without your spedulus bill.  Your claims of millions of jobs being created with this spending is bogus, it would be cheaper to just send those people a hundred thousand dollars than the proposal this bills makes and spends.  Temporary jobs will do nothing for the long term relief of the economy.

The President calls all this spending a milestone for our economy, as someone pointed out on the Greenroom blog; “is it a milestone or a millstone”?  I think the later.  This will hang around the necks of generations to come.  I think I will smack the first Democrat that every again complains about the debit left by the Military spending of Reagan.

And so much for the President and his team being ready on Day one to take the reigns of Government.  Him and his old Clinton gang, except those who dropped out, evaded taxes or saw they were only a figured head, have been dropping the ball more than a running back covered in grease.

Russia has signed an aid bill with Cuba, guess who will be within listening distance again?  Pakistan just released the man responsible for Iran, North Korea and Libya having the ability and knowledge to build nukes, Dr. A.Q. Khan.  At least the last Administration was able to convince Pakistan to keep him under house arrest so he couldn’t keep up with his “work”.

Add the Gitmo closure without a place to send them and we have a domestic and foreign policy catastrophe.  I’m getting flashbacks to Carter and all this has occurred in less than a month.  Someone better figure out just who is running the show here and get on track.  I wasn’t expecting change to mean destruction.


“Rebellion to Tyranny is Obedience to God”


2 Responses to “Paying the Piper”

  1. Salvatore Says:

    Good Morning Chas
    During the campaign I said that Obama was a Carter like candidate,
    how true this is, I agree Frank, every country will walk all over us,
    and the President just smiles, its going to be a long four years Chas.
    The one thing that has always made this country great, is that the people that make up real America always manage to overcome bad leadership.


  2. Frank C Says:


    Obama is a repackaged Carter-Clinton. Both gave away everything, downsized the military, and let every other country run over us.

    You know what I haven’t heard is the outrage over Feinstein’s admission the WE launched strikes against The Taliban in Pakistan from Pakistan. Where is the outrage like Valerie Plame. Might take a crack at that one later===========================
    I seldom expect sense or outrage from supporters of socialism. While I am all for peace, I am not willing to trade my security for it.


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