Drive My Car


It would seem that the President is putting the car in reverse in a number of promises he made during the primary and the election race.

Looks like the “Tax Cut” for the 95% of us is averaging out to $13 a week for one year.  Then of course next year the Tax Break we had goes away and there doesn’t seem to be much hope of anybody keeping the lower level we enjoyed for the last few “desperate” years, (you know those years Democrats forget about when they complain about the Bush years).

So the trade off is $13 a week for one year and higher rates to follow.  I’m sure this will motavate the economy.

I notice a great back peddle by the President this weekend.  He had claimed he would cut the deficit in half by 2013.  Someone obviously pointed out to him he was talking about his second term of office and he then changed his claim to the end of his first term.

First, the ONLY possible way for that to happen is for him to absolutely cut the throat of those who drive the expansion of the economy, the wealthy,  which always will result in higher unemployment and interest rates.  Just ask Carter.  And if you try and make up the shortfall by printing even more money than you can back, you also get inflation.

No longer are the Troops coming out of Iraq in 16 months, now it’s 19 months.    I will say though it would make me feel better if he would preceded this with the provision that if things go south they troops remain until they can handle the situation alone.

I’ll bet that this drive Code Pink off it’s rocker.  I know the President complains about the cost of this war.  Since 2003 it has cost $650 billion dollars.  Think about that.  Democrats complain about spending $650B in 6 years but are willing to throw away $1.5 trillion in 6 months.

Please don’t think this is about money.  They could care less about the money, it is where the money is being spent they don’t like.  You need an example?  Try this one.

The Department of Energy was created to stem the dependence on foreign oil over 32 years ago.  Are we independent yet?  Did growing the total number of federal employees to 16,000 help?  Did the 100,000 contractors assist?  Is it possible that the $24+ billion in funding this Department receives, just might be as big a waste?    How about the more than $6 Trillion we have spent on the War on Poverty?  The rate is still the same now roughly as it was when the War started, about 10-13%.  Perhaps that might be channeled into something more economically sound?

Here is the economic point.  There is a reason that the general Government was given a limited amount of areas of concern, a limited amount of power and restraints in it’s ability to consolidate power.  Because the more power the government obtains, must in fact have a corresponding loss of freedom.

Remember that Jefferson observed that the Government that is big enough to give you all you want, is powerful enough to take all you have.


“Rebellion to Tyranny is Obedience to God”


3 Responses to “Drive My Car”

  1. Eileen Says:

    Love that camera. When you see something like this–you just run for it as it changes in just a minute or 2.

    And remember it is always as it should be. God has a plan. And for $13 a week I can buy 2 yards of fabric for Quilts of Valor.

  2. PAT Says:

    OMG CHAS how lucky are you that is absolutely a wonderful sunset

  3. PAT Says:

    cool change chas like it a lot
    An evening view out my backdoor. 😉


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