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Although it comes as no surprise to anyone who reads this, I lean right politically.  However this time around I am not going to rant about an ideology, nor a Party, but a system, a group that crosses all beliefs save one.

So no one should take anything away from this as aimed at the Dems or the GOP.  No phrases should be used to impugn either Party, but more the system we, as voters allow to continue by consent, if not with our outright support, then by our neglect to demand that the perpetrators be removed.

Have you noticed that we always vote for Politicians that claim they want to balance the budget.  They fail to balance the budget and yet next time around they claim again they want what we want, a balanced budget.  They are again reelected and again fail to balance the budget.  Why is that?

Have you ever noticed that we always elect those who want to eliminate the growing debit.  They are elected, fail to do anything but grow the debit, but next time around they are reelected and again increase the debit.  Why is that?

Have you also noticed that 50 years ago the education system worked fine in this Country.  Now the Federal Government via politicians want to improve it.  We vote to improve the education system and it continues to get worse, no matter how much more money Washington throws at it.  When it fails to improve politicians are reelected to improve the system and again the answer is throw more money at it and when it fails yet again, they are reelected to try the same answer.  Why is that?

I notice that 60% of Americans think that either the Federal Government is getting too big or already too big, but we reelect politicians who continue to vote for yet larger Government.  Why is that?

Have you noticed that we are willing to take more money away from those who earn more yet complain when our taxes go up?  Or that gas prices go up.  Or that the cost of food goes up?  Where do people think that increase in taxes on the wealthy actually comes from?  Do they really believe that the so-called rich pay the price?  Do you really think the the owner of a large Company settles for less in profit because the Government says he should?  Certainly not, he simply passes the cost onto you, the lower class and while he is at it, he lays people off.  Why is it then that we elect politicians that make such promises.  Why is that?

Why is it that politicians think that we don’t care that they rob our paycheck for tax money and send it to another State so they can do some feel good tattoo removal for gang members?  You know that answer, because they can.

They not only can, we let them.  Oh sure some of us write letters, call, they get a great chuckle out of it and vote how they want to.  Their excuse is that “we” just don’t understand.  Remember 60% of Americans were against the bailout.  But we are not represented, those politicians we sent to DC voted with their Party instead of the Americans that put them into Office and voted for it against OUR will.  Why is that?

Here is my 2 cents, and I am not saying that this is the end game or what is likely to happen.  But if the American people do not wake up and wake up soon, it simply will be too late.  The time to vote and demand change, real honest change, is not after our economy has degraded us into a 3rd world status.  That is far too late.  If we do not stand up and say we are damn mad and NOT going to allow you to ruin this Country.  If we do not stand up and swear, as Jefferson did, on the Alter of God, that we will fight every form of tyranny against the mind.  If we do not stand up and proclaim that this Government is ONLY as powerful as WE THE PEOPLE allow it to be, then we will truly know why is that.

We got here by spending, more spending is not going to save us.  More Government is not going to save us.  We are at a crossroads and the future of the Founders Republic, or what is left of it, is in our hands.  Not the next generations, OURS.  You might ask me why is that? It is because we as Americans caused the problem and only we as Americans can solve the problem.


“Rebellion to Tyranny is Obedience to God


7 Responses to “In My Life”

  1. Eileen Says:

    Perhaps it is time for a march on Washington. Million Man March got a huge amount of publicity. I have not talked to a single person who wants all this money spent. There is even a new country song about this very thing.

    Education began the downward slide when discipline was removed from the classroom I think. I paid a lot of money for private Christian High School for my 4 kids and it was worth every single penny I spent. And it was a big sacrifice to us. I put the oldest one in and then had to figure out how to pay it. Thus was born very successful dog breeding program.
    No handouts–just figured it out myself.

    Respect was there sitting next to God. Prayer was one of the most important parts of the day. And all done for way less per pupil that public school
    The private sector almost always has a better answer than the Government does. But the March on Washington would have little effect I think. Every Congressman was flooded with negatives over the bailout, but they passed it anyway. They say “we” just don’t understand. In other words we are stupid and they know best.

    They ignore that they represent us, not rule us.


  2. Sterling Says:

    A vengeance indeed. We need all to shout, and shout loudly.
    Me thinks your voice would rise above the din of the lowly Ma’am. And for others that don’t think so check out her blog;


  3. Sterling Says:

    chas, you speak to my soul, sir. This is wonderful. You say what I say: It’s up to us. We can’t afford to wait until tomorrow. Our tomorrows have been stolen, and it’s up to us to take them back.
    I read somewhere that today is the tomorrow you worried about yesterday. I think today is here with a vengeance.


  4. Gini Says:

    A beautiful piece on the condition of our nation. As always, I agree. One does wonder how reason flew out the window, and the citizen decided they weren’t in charge. A subtle event, and now we are on the brink of socialism, I agree. I fear our children will never enjoy the prosperity and freedoms that we grew up with. Apparently, if not careful, we will squander what was handed to us by our fathers before us…the precious gift of freedom. Thanks for the beautiful reminder that it’s not a case of party, but a case of the American spirit.
    It is not lost until there isn’t one of us left to remind everyone of what it use to be like.

    So long as we have any voice, we must not be silent.


  5. Pat Says:

    hi chas

    i am not as prolific in my writings as you , liz and dog but i will give it a try
    i think one of the reasons the same people get voted in is not because we dont want change but we usually dont have much choice one or the other running for office is as crooked as the next what we usually do is pick the lesser of the two evils such as in the last presidential election we were behind mc cain but knew he was not the best man for the job i was extremely disappointed when he made such a big deal out of stopping his campaign for a bit and going to dc to work on the bill and was happy that he was going to vote against it but after much posturing he betrayed us and signed the bill i was extremely disappointed in him and wrote to him and got no response in return is there anyone in washington who is looking out for the little guy?????? anyone at all?????? if there is i dont know who they are

    Only if you consider the “little guy” the official running for reelection. That seems to be the only little guy they worry about.

    Newt is thinking on 2012. Ten years ago I would have supported that, not now. Newt has compromised to the left and is now a greenie and a get along type guy. The Contract with America is now the Contract with Socialism.


  6. DogOnCrack Says:

    I have been screaming for the past 15 years that public education would be the root cause of the downfall of this nation only to be told in response that I’m crazy. Between socialist indoctrination, undermining of belief in God, outright lies about history and rampant hazing and violence, these glorified prisons have created a generation wrought with hopelessness to the point that they were stupid enough to buy into BO’s BS.
    To destroy freedom all you have to do is have centralized education, healthcare and steal from those who produce and give to those who do not.


  7. Liz K Says:

    Since you asked me to put my teacher hat on, I will. You are absolutely right about education. The federal government has ruined it, and will continue to do so as long as we allow it. They dangle the carrot of money out there, but then pass unfunded mandates that local districts are required to fulfill. No Child Left Behind or No Child Left Untestested is a disaster. As far as I am concerned, it is absolutely unconstitutional for the federal government to have anything whatsoever to do with education.
    You would have hated Jefferson Ideas on education I believe.


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