Doctor, Doctor, Give me the News….


It’s the same old tired arguement , we have 48 million people without healthcare.  First off, let’s understand that about half that number are here illegally.  They deserve deportation, not more services that cost us, the American Tax Payer, money.

Second, I showed the other day a history lesson on gun confiscation.  Here’s one on Healthcare.  The last time the Government wanted to get deeply into healthcare, (not Hillarycare), was 1965.  The President was LBJ and we got medicare and Medicaid.  On the surface, as is the case with most liberal ideas, it seemed “fair” and affordable.

Politicians never seem to understand the forces of the market place.  And they never tell us what the real cost is going to be.  For example the estimated cost of $3.4 rose to almost $18 million in only 10 years.  By 1976 that cost was around $36 billion.

Why the increase you ask?  Let’s look at the levels of  increase.  Nothing in care actually changed, but the charges did.  Hospital cost increased 7% the year before these programs were enacted, the following year 14% and increased by an average of 14% for the next ten years.  Doctors fee rose by 7% each year following enactment.

Now the Congress wants us to get all upset over 20 million people that don’t have healthcare, (I think the illegals could have one free check-up on their way to the boarder), which means that without adding more Hospitals, Doctors and other healthcare individuals, (and who is going to pay for that?), just the basic law of supply and demand says the cost of healthcare is going to go up.

The only way I see that this doesn’t happen is the rest of us that pay taxes pick up the tab.  There is simply no other way for this to work.  So while everything in the economy is going downhill, more taxes are going to be needed.  The President simply has not studied history.

Does anyone remember why the “Great Society” cause LBJ to not run again for the Presidency?  Don’t tax you brain, (though the Government will have that on it’s list soon I wager 🙂 ), He ran out of money trying to fight the war in Viet Nam while trying to change our political system to socialism.  Does this sound even remotely familiar?

I’m tired of liberals telling me what is fair, what is needed and what we MUST do, when they themselves have the best system in the world for healthcare and retirement.  Shut up!  Read a damn book and learn something.  You people have spent what $10 trillion dollars on the war on poverty and what did it change?  Nothing, because poverty was around 10% in the ’60’s and is still around 10%.  Around ten trillion dollars, to change not a dang thing.

Here is what is fair.  I keep what I earn except what is needed to run, protect and ensure the opportunity to catch, on my own, that pursuit of happiness.  Not pay for someone’s house that bought one he couldn’t afford.  Not save some Bank who gave out loans, (and campaign funds to Dems who oversaw the process), that they knew could not be repaid.

Please look up Article 1 Section 8 of the Constitution, there is your job description.  The rest of this is just stealing my money so you can get reelected and various other bullcrap things.  Protect my boarder, keep out of my bedroom and my life beyond the very minimal that it needs to be intruded upon.  For 50 years I’ve heard the Tax Code is Too hard to understand.  Stop complaining and fix the damn thing.

A simple percent tax at around 10% with one exception for poverty level will get rid of the IRS and billions of hours of wasted man hours in digging through the tax codes.  you of course will not longer have a voting block, but your job is to represent me, not get reelected.  you get that by doing to former.



“Rebellion to Tyranny is Obedience to God


5 Responses to “Doctor, Doctor, Give me the News….”

  1. βɛʈʈɥ Says:

    g ‘morning chas –

    Did you see where I am now signed on to WordPress? My son emailed me the correct link, I was overcomplicating as usual.

  2. Salvatore Says:

    Very well written Chas,
    I couldnt agree with you more,
    good job my friend.
    Thanks Sal.

  3. Pat Says:

    great piece chas as usual you hit the nail right on the head

    for sure this president does not know what he is doing and he has surrounded hisself with idiots if it wasnt so frightening it would be laughable its like the keystone kops

    and now pelosi wants more money where is it all going to end
    When our wallets run out of money… oh wait, they already did. We’re spending the grandkids money now.


  4. Gini Says:

    Another “bold and fresh” piece Chas. Enjoyed every word, and certainly agree. We continue to march toward socialism, with a smile on our face, confident that WE won’t be the one, right? Hummm…seems you “can’t make a poor man rich, by taking from the rich man”. Someone said that…don’t know who, but I sure agree. If “they” would but read…anything actually!!! Probably not happening, however, as we witnessed this huge piece of legislation pass, and NO ONE had read it at all. READ? hummm….{are we sure Nancy read it either? or was it written by some “stranger”?}
    I predict future happiness for Americans if they can prevent the government from wasting the labors of the people under the pretense of taking care of them.

    Thomas Jefferson


  5. Sterling Says:

    The first week of my new job, I heard a co-worker say that she wouldn’t mind paying a little extra in taxes for “free” healthcare. I, of course, almost fell out of my chair, but being the new kid on the block, I didn’t say anything. What we need is a substantial tax holiday so that every tax-paying citizen would realize just how much of their income goes into the public trough. Unfortunately, our representatives will make sure that this will never happen, precisely because every tax-paying citizen would realize just how much of their income goes into the public trough.
    Like children, you rely on something the longer you are exposed to it. FDR brought us socialism, and now we almost expect it.


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