If First You Don’t Succeed, Spend, Spend Again.


With a virtual no results from the first spendulus package the House Speaker is already lining up to spend even more money we don’t have.  House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Tuesday that another stimulus package might be needed to help the ailing economy.

So far I’ve seen one day of market gain and nothing else.  Pretty poor allotting of $1.2 Trillion as far as I can see.  Not deterred by so abysmal results economists in the meeting with Pelosi and other Democrats, Mark Zandi with Moody’s Economy.com, said more taxpayer money would likely be needed to bolster the economy.

Some Democrats are increasingly concerned about President Obama’s $787 billion financial fix for the ailing economy, and are demanding greater transparency on further spending.  Maybe they should be more concerned with some better results?  I know I sure expected something more in “change”.

Now the Crisis Central comparing the nation’s economy to a house on fire, some congressional Democrats are asking, where’s the fire truck? I’m asking where’s the water?  So far I am seeing nothing, not that I thought it would be over in a day but I sure wasn’t expecting the market to cower in fear every time the President opened his mouth.

Sen. Evan Bayh, D-Indiana, said; “Like getting health care costs under control is important to the economy…”  Perhaps Sen Bayh might be better served reading my blog Doctor, Doctor.  Let me repeat this for the slow members of Congress, without fail every time the Government gets involved in the Private Sector, like healthcare, the cost increase.

Sen. Evan Bayh, D-Indiana, said; and getting the deficit down,…”  Can you explain how adding $1.2 Trillion to the debt gets the debt down?  Fact is, if you believe that increasing the debt will decrease the debt you have a pretty odd understanding of how the economy works.

And talk about brilliant how about this from the long serving Senator;  “Dealing with the financial crisis is obviously important to the economy.”  Do you think???????  Let me say this however, if you also think that spending even more of our money is the answer, after not doing much the first time around, I’d rather you not deal with it.
“Over the first two years about 2 1/2 million jobs saved and created,” said economist Allen Sinai. “A little less than the administration and perhaps Speaker Pelosi has said … the jobs created may be a little disappointing.  I’d say, since so far all I’ve heard is lost jobs.  Oh save the 17 police officers or whatever the pitiful number was.

All that spent with no real results.  So let’s review.  So far the Congress has authorized a $700 Billion bailout, a 700+ Billion spendulus bill and a $410 Billion pork bill.  From just a rough look here I’d say we have so far wasted almost $2 Trillion.

The President is going to cut the deficit by how much in how short a time?  I think not.


“Rebellion to Tyranny is Obedience to God


5 Responses to “If First You Don’t Succeed, Spend, Spend Again.”

  1. DogOnCrack Says:

    Washington’s pigs have come home to take a dump in the trough!
    Jefferson said it was immoral for one generation to leave generations to follow a debt to pay. We’ve left a huge one.


  2. Frank C Says:

    Spend, Spend, Spend….I think $44 is trying to spend more in his first 100 days than any administration in two years. There is only one way he will cut the deficit…with out tax taken dollars.

    Good one Chas
    Thanks Frank, you can’t decrease deficit without spending less and you certainly can’t do it by spending more and taxing more. That’s been proven over and over again.


  3. Pat Says:

    my son in laws company just them a 6 per cent pay cut

  4. Sterling Says:

    Mr. Obama is rushing his paybacks as quickly as he can, before his first 100 days are gone. He knows that the bloom will soon be off his rose, and he’s hell-bent to spend every one of our dimes before that happens. This is not going to be better for a long while. And as you’ve so eloquently said before, it’s going to be up to us to put a stop to it. Not our children, or our grandchildren. Us.
    Woe to us all that the press put all it’s eggs in Obama’s basket. I fear that it will take more than the 100 days before the bloom falls off the rose.

    It might in fact take a second administration, and by then, way and far too late.


  5. Eileen Says:

    I have heard several people say on different sites that their jobs are pretty secure—–they have had no pay cuts—-but they are too scared to spend much money. They fear the future
    The Administration, the Press and the media have created a climate of fear. This extends not only to the individual but to companies and Wall Street.

    Fear is not how I choose to live my life.


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