Where Does The Buck Stop?


Certainly I shouldn’t be correcting the President when he claims; “The buck stops with me,”  as Obama told reporters.  But I have to say, the worse that happens to him is he becomes a one-term President with a lifetime of privilege and retirement funds, and the Buck might stop with him, but we will be sending the Buck, for a long time to come.

Now, I was going to focus on why this is such a mess, but let’s review today’s fun and why these things happen.  One would think that in order to be a Congressman or a Senator you might have at least a working knowledge of the Constitution, at least I would.  But let’s look at the Senate Majority Harry Reid had to say today; Lawmakers outraged over the AIG bonuses have told the people who got the money to watch out — the government will get it back one way or the other, even if it means taxing the heck out of their paychecks.

Now I am not a Lawyer but even I understand this simple phrase; ” Article I, section 9: No Bill of Attainder or Ex Post Facto Law shall be passed.” In short that means you, (as in Congress), can’t pass a law aimed at a specific individual or group, (which opens a load of laws such as EEO or smoking bans), as a fine or punishment.

Now this is scary; Ten House Democrats introduced a bill Tuesday to tax all bonuses above $100,000 at 100 percent to recoup all the “outrageous” AIG bonuses. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said in a statement that recouping a “substantial portion” through taxation is one of several viable possibilities. Now just supposed the Fancy Nancy could get away with such a “Tax”, can you imagine the damage that would be caused.  Look at how they twist the Constitution and the law in general.  If we let this go by, I see no hope in the future happiness of this Country.

Not that I deal in fear, but this should scare the chit out of you by Chuckie;  “So let the recipients of these large and unseemly bonuses be warned. If you don’t return it on your own, we will do it for you.” Now if you aren’t worried you are brain dead.  Not a Republican I have heard so far supports this unconstitutional nonsense.  I hope it stays that way.

I often think that cause is more important the effect.  I think that mostly because if you can avoid the cause with prior knowledge, you can avoid the effects.  The so-called outrage of the AIG bonuses wouldn’t have occurred had the Congress not rushed into this Bailout package without reviewing material available.  If they had reviewed the debits of AIG, which would include due payoffs, like  bonuses.  It might have helped if they had read some background and actually read the bailout bill.

There is only one word for this mess, contempt.  The Congress of the United States holds the Constitution in contempt.  They blasted Bush for saying “bring it on” against foreign terrorist but are quiet willing to use it against fellow Americans.  They hold the law in contempt believing that the USSC would uphold such a case.  They hold the American people in contempt, believing they think that the Congress is omnipotent, that even the Constitution bars them no power and the court will still uphold what they approve.

“Our peculiar security is in the possession of a written Constitution. Let us not make it a blank paper by construction.”Thomas Jefferson

So “Bring it ON” and “We invite a Court Challenge”, when the Constitution clearly states Congress is out of line.


“Rebellion to Tyranny is Obedience to God


6 Responses to “Where Does The Buck Stop?”

  1. Get Your Ex Back Says:

    Not that I’m totally impressed, but this is a lot more than I expected for when I stumpled upon a link on Furl telling that the info here is awesome. Thanks.
    Impressing wasn’t the intent, but I’m glad you were at least glad you came. Thanks for the comment.

  2. Mary Says:

    Chas, I am angry with Congress. I am also scared about how I believe they have actually put our lives in danger. Yes I said danger. The terrorists are no doubt loving this mess in DC. Wasn’t it Bin Laden that said hit them financially where it hurts. They, the Democrats and the Liberals blamed Bush for everything.

    This however is now Obama’s economic mess. I see the Democrats on TV being upset with AIG, but it is Barney Frank, Chris Dodd, Maxine Waters that are the biggest hypocrites. They are playing to the cameras hoping when the election comes around they will be elected again for standing up for the taxpayers. Vote all the bums out.

    We have a voice, there were 56 million of us with the last election that seen where the country would head if Obama became President. It is all coming true, we are seeing the “change”. Is this what he was talking about?
    Change to a third world country wasn’t what most people voted for.


  3. Frank C Says:

    Chas, well said. But I must ask why should they pay attention to the Constitution. Today Queen Nancy said our immigration laws were unamerican and they should not be obeyed.

    The real outrage here is that the perpetrators of this travesty is Congress itself. It did things in a rush, did not take time to read the laws they were ready to enact, and blame AIG for this.

    I say look in the mirror idiots. That is where you will find the real problem creators.
    Oh they look Frank but we are the idiots they see. And we prove them right every time.


  4. Pat Says:

    chas, as usual a wonderful piece. i think we are all scared. congress has no feeling for what the people want their phone lines are overburdened and still they do as they wish. so we write and call and still no one listens

    i am wondering if in the next congress election people will vote with the anger they feel now or will it by then have abated and its back to the same old thing
    I’m thinking more of the same Pat. Most people still aren’t paying attention.


  5. Sterling Says:

    No need to thank me. We must all be vigilent. How, sir, do we ge the word out, that there are many of like mind? I fear that we’ve all been intimidated into believing that the majority doesn’t care about us.

  6. Sterling Says:

    chas. I’m speechless. And I, like you, am scared. Contempt, sir. You are correct.
    Not sure I want to either make you speechless, I’d rather you be mad. And thank you forf your comments and observations.


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