Outlaw Stupid?


Once again the Government is trying to control behavior by taxing it to death; ” Tobacco companies and public health advocates, longtime foes in the nicotine battles, are trying to turn the situation to their advantage. The major cigarette makers raised prices a couple of weeks ago, partly to offset any drop in profits once the per-pack tax climbs from 39 cents to $1.01.”

And will the tax increase actual raise revenue for the Federal Government?  If you said yes, you aren’t paying attention.  Every time the Government raises taxes on cigarettes, they lose money in tax revenue.  While I am here I want to say that this IS NOT A TAX.  This is a fine.  This is the same as going to court and having you pay for doing something illegal, even if smoking is legal, you are being fined in order to stamp out the legal use of the product.

I suspect that Alcohol will be next.  It is already taxed more than it creates profit for the makers of the product.  They tried to outlaw it and that didn’t work, so now they will just tax it to death.

Medical groups see a tax increase right in the middle of a recession as a great incentive to help persuade smokers to quit.

OK. look this is NOT the purpose of taxes.  Who’s the stupid moron that came up with the idea that taxes are supposed to control behavior?  Who’s the idiot in DC who thinks more traffic camera’s in DC should help fill the shortfall in the budget?  Since when is law enforcement part of a budget operation? I would call that a police state.

A sin tax is an unconscionable act in this country.  We fought a war for independence over a rightly just tax.  Paying to protect our western border.  Who made the legislative branch the sin police?

Are the “sin Police” going to go after Biden’s daughter for snorting coke?  I’m betting not, she has dad in a high place.

Look, it is real simple, the purpose of taxes are not that of controlling behavior, although it seems politicians seem to think so.  The purpose is to supply revenue to defend the Country.  To control the borders.  To patrol the streets and protect the public, not enrich the revenue of the State or City.

And stupid runs wild;  Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner defended his approach to fixing the country’s economic mess Sunday, saying “the market will not solve this” while disclosing a bailout fund for battered banks has $135 billion left and might need more.

Please name me a single thing that Government has solved.  Maybe the War on Drugs?  Ahh, nope, still have drugs.  The War on Poverty?.  Nope 10 trillion dollars and we still have about 10-13% of people living below the poverty level, as we did in the 60’s when the “war” was started.

Affordable Health Care?  No again, ever since medicare and medicade cost have climbed through the roof.  I keep hearing the Ad’s that 47 million people need health care because they don’t have any.  I can cut that number in half, ship the 22 million illegals home and then there will only be 25 million.  That was easy and a heck of a lot cheaper.

Government is NOT the answer.  Government is mostly the problem.  You are never going to be as concerned about another persons money like you would about your own.  It is stupid to think otherwise.  But you can’t fix stupid.


“Rebellion to Tyranny is Obedience to God”


11 Responses to “Outlaw Stupid?”

  1. lorbe103 Says:

    Hiya Chas, I am sitting in an airport on my way to paradise, so please don’t think I’ve, or will, ( be) ignoring you..;-)

    However…. I will repeat myself.. I agree with you … NO I do NOT think it is the governments place to “fine us”… Absolutely not….

    I believe you and I and Sterling, and Capmotion, want the same thing, we just disagree on who is driving the bus there faster….

    Take care and thanks for the discussion….

    have fun in paradise. Seems to me there is an old saying that “if we do not change course, we may very well up up at our destination”. The bad news is, I don’t think most people that voted for change were looking for the direction we are now heading in.


  2. capmotion Says:

    I have often opined that if you are in total agreement with someone else’s observations, then one of you is not thinking; but I totally agree with chas’s thoughtful insights in this impressive post, and we are both thinking clearly. But what is the answer? What this Republic is all about, or supposed to be, is readily available to all – the Declaration, the Constitution, the Federalist Papers, the many writings in many places, but the point is not getting across to enough people. Or they understand and choose otherwise. Can it really be said that an Obama, who was editor in chief of the Harvard Law Review and a con. law professor, does not really understand that the attempted leveling of socialism and punitive taxation to control behavior are inimical to what our intended design? He knows, and chooses otherwise. He knows that liberty, not egalitarianism, is the intent of our Framers, and he then thumbs his nose at what was thus intended. How do we attend to those Republic- and liberty-destroying choices?
    I could not have said that any better.

    Thanks Cap.

  3. Sterling Says:

    The original intent of taxes was not to control or punish the people, but that certainly seems to be the current intent. I seem to remember a bunch of tea that went overboard rather than pay the ridiculous tax imposed on those who purchased it. We may not throw our tobacco overboard, but I can only imagine what will happen when alcohol is taxed at such a rate. You are, once again, absolutely correct. This is a fine, and calling it anything but is an insult to every American. Including the ones who do not smoke.
    If we let them get away with a sin tax on just one thing, what makes it unreasonable to think that something else will not become “sinful” in the eyes of the Government. Every expansion of Governmental power comes at the expense of our liberty.


  4. lorbe103 Says:


    this was an article I read the other day.. of course there are 100’s more.. but my short term memory allowed me to find this one! LOL
    The premise is still wrong, I don’t care how you couch it Lori. Taxes are not supposed to be a weapon against people or activities. The old Kings use to punish the poor by raising their taxes. Is that something you would support? That makes no more sense than punishing the rich for creating companies that hire workers and create a thriving market.

    It was never the intent of the Founders to use taxes as a weapon against people.


  5. lorbe103 Says:

    I better make one thing clear.. Southern Baptists as a denomination can not “donate” any money, but as with every other religion the money magically gets funneled to causes they support.

  6. lorbe103 Says:

    You are welcome Chas I read you all the time and have told many of my friends to stop by and take a peek. 😉

    I am positive if you follow the money and check to see what lobbies are behind the so called “sin” taxes you will be surprised. We have all heard the phrase politics makes strange bedfellows. Sin tax supporters are certainly a good example. GENERALLY, democrats support civil relief. (trail lawyers) Republicans (after 1980) support fines. Especially when it comes to alcohol and gambling and even police check points. I do agree the no smoking zealots have roots in the “green” movement, but have joined with the Southern Baptist’s.. Told ya politics makes stange bedfellow…;-) Thanks again

  7. matt Says:

    This blog’s great!! Thanks :).
    Thanks to you.


  8. lorbe103 Says:

    Hey Chas I agree with you! Imagine that!

    I cruse the day the radical religious right took over the RNC and our nation…. (can we say Taliban? )

    You are absolutely correct it is a fine and an attempt to control the citizens lives…. ! As long as it’s legal everyone needs to stay out of it!

    Nice post !
    You might agree Lori and thanks but we disagree on one point. The religious right are actually in line with Adams who said “our Constitution is for the religious and morale people. It is wholly unsuitable for any other”. A bit paraphrased, but pretty close and on point.

    The point of Adams is that we, as human beings are supposed to have self control, in order to prevent the Government from having to pass laws controlling behavior. Failing that self control the Government will pass such laws and seeing a profit in it will pass more.

    More laws, more power. Despite what you think of the right, the left has passed far more “control laws” than the right ever thought of. You will find only RINO’s ever support smoking bans. The left loves them.

    But thanks for your comments. Always love it when you stop in and comment.


  9. Frank C Says:

    Very well said…stoopid is as stoopid does. NY state found out that increasing taxes on ciggys was counter productive. They raised the tax on them and their revenue dropped. They had to find something else to tax.
    Your wallet and anything you earn seems the most likely target Frank.


  10. Pat Says:

    oops hit the button too soon and MAKE them read it might get through their thick skulls i have never been so disgusted as i have been lately what is it going to take for these men who are supposedly watching out for us and doing our bidding to see how angry we are and we are not going to take it anymore i am sure it will have to be something drastic hope its not too late to stop it

    thanks for verbalizing all the things the rest of us (or at least me) are feeling

    DC is like the old LP’s the have a scratch and it keeps playing the same 2 seconds over and over again. Will they ever hear us? I’m not sure they will until it’s at the point of a gun, (and lots of them), or they are having to chase ambulances again.


  11. Pat Says:


    dc is stuck on stupid they dont want to listen to common sense your piece was excellent i only wish you could hand it to every senator and congressman and MAKE

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