Now That’s Change


One thing I do know about wall street is that being nervous means sell.  Today’s Dow dropped a 254 points after a pretty good rally.  Now it could rally again and continue to rise, but does anyone else think it’s mere coincidence that it happens on the heels of the President thinking he has to power to coerce a major compnay CEO into resigning?

“People are looking at the distinct possibility that one or both [auto makers] will cease to exist,” said Richard Sparks, senior equities analyst at Schaeffer’s Investment Research. “That’s enough to spook the markets.” That’s from FBN.  So it just might be that I am not so far off the mark.

GM lost one quarter of it’s value.  Think it just happen to be a bad day for them?  I think not.

How about this; President Obama said Monday his administration has “no intention” of running General Motors, even as the White House demanded the resignation of the auto maker’s CEO and called for a “better business plan” before considering lending more government money to bail out the company.

He’s not going to run the “company”, but he IS going to fire the CEO, and demand the company without a CEO come up with a better plan to improve the company.  I’m sorry, that sounds a lot like running the company to me. Now I looked a good bit through the Constitution, and I’ll be danged if I can find fire CEO’s of private companies, in the Powers of the President in Article 2.  If you find it, please let me know.

In less than 100 days this Administration has put forth it’s plan to take over the following sections of the economy: The Housing industry, The Banking industry, the Health Care industry and the Auto industry.  All that’s left for them to do is pass HR 45 so they can identify where all the guns in America are so it will be easier to collect them

This is not so far removed of what Hitler did in the 30’s.  Regardless of what you might think, Hitler was elected by a popular vote in his Country.  Consider that when liberals tell you the 60 some million people voted him into Office, (which BTW was percentage wise about the same as voted Bush into office for his second term).

“We cannot, and must not, and we will not let our auto industry simply vanish,” Obama said. “This industry is like no other, it’s an emblem of the American spirit … And we cannot continue to excuse poor decisions.The American spirit, Sir, means if you make bad decisions and your company fails, then it fails.  The Government does not come and bail you out to the tune of billions or trillions of dollars.  you statement Mr. President is mutually exclusive.  You can not have it both ways.

Either we allow the company fail as has happened in American since her beginning or we turn to the failed policies of Socialism and pad their pockets with our tax dollars.  If you can run with the big dogs, don’t get off the porch.

I’m sorry, but if you are getting scared, then you aren’t paying attention.  This is a power never before put into the hands of the Government and if that much power in the hands of people that don’t even read bills they pass…

Sorry you are brain dead.


“Rebellion to Tyranny is Obedience to God”


11 Responses to “Now That’s Change”

  1. Get Your Ex Back Says:

    My fellow on Orkut shared this link and I’m not dissapointed that I came to your blog.
    And I am happy that you did. I hope you continue to read and comment.


  2. Salvatore Says:

    You like that Chas,
    it didnt take long to come up with that one…lol
    Always glad you stop by Sal. Thanks for your support.


  3. Salvatore Says:

    there is one way that would help our government get out of this mess, cut spending, that would help,
    if the government is spending more then it takes in,
    how is that going to work out.
    if any of us spend more then we make, what do you think will happen sooner or later,
    we would have the same problem.
    Spend less than they take in? OMG Whodda thunk?…lol Certainly not Washington.


  4. Sterling Says:

    Anti American? You’re kidding, right?
    I prefer to think it was written in haste with a touch of upset. I’m not so thin skinned that I take offense with an ill-thought out phrase. Anti-government would be closer to the mark me thinks. 😉


  5. lorbe103 Says:

    Hiya Chas, I will be anxiously awaiting your answers to the economical mess our country is facing. Please while you’re making your phone calls and writing your letters, and posting your Anti American blog please copy my husband’s company. I know for a fact they will receive your solutions with open arms…..

    I have read time and time again what our president is doing wrong, I have heard numerous times what your personal opinion is of our president, I have heard where you think he is leading this country, I have read your juvenile insults, I have yet to hear you plans on what would bring our country out of this mess, or put forth a person who could do it better.

    I am POSITIVE by the time I return to this country you will have figured it out, and called in your plans, and my 401 K and my stock portfolio will once again be restored to the 7 figures it was during the Clinton years. Thanks, Chas I really will bow at your feet when you come up with some answers…I mean it really…

    I sort of doubt that being called a socialist is an insult. but if that is what you think so be it. The guy who talks out of both sides of his mouth isn’t an insult, it’s an observation. “I have no plans to take over GM and then fires the CEO and kicks back their recover plan”. Sorry that’s running the company to me.

    And your 401K was higher under Bush up to 2007 about half way through the year. Why is that Dems can’t seem to remember the 51 months of growth under Bush? A bit on the uneven side I suspect Lori, not like you at all.

    I have laid out my options often enough and in short it is do not waste our tax money on saving failing companies. Spending to recover, a rats nest of pork. It seldom works. My header lays out my governmental plan for all to see; “that which governs least, governs best.” Any other questions?

    He is supposed to be driving the carriage, Pelosi and Reid are the lead horses, so who do you want me to place the blame on? I am citing all of them. But are Dems getting the largest share, you bet, they own the carriage.

    I spent years complaining about the GOPS spending. I’m not going to give the Dems anymore of a break then I did them.

    Anti-American blog? You think Jefferson wasn’t an American? He is my mentor through his writings, and there in comes my ideas of how Government should work. If you think I am Anti-American, you’d have to consider him one also.

    I welcome your ideas Lori. I am willing to debate your idea of Government as opposed to mine any time you like. I have the Constitution behind me as well as Jefferson, Madison and Monroe, bring your best guns my friend. You’ll need them.


  6. Steve Says:

    Hey there! Love your blog! Keep up the great work!

    Oh, and I prefer to call Obama, the “alleged” President. 🙂
    It is your right Steve to give their “President” the same amount of respect they gave yours. Remember “selected not elected”?

    Thanks for your vote of confidence.


  7. matt Says:

    This blog’s great!! Thanks :).
    Thanks Matt. I will endever to maintain it’s quality.


  8. Sterling Says:

    I am more than terrified. I’m looking at this with complete horror. I can’t believe that the majority of the American people are just sitting idly by. The most perfect point that you made is that this has all happened in less than 100 days. God help us all, and fast, since we seem to be unable to help ourselves.

    Thanks for carrying the torch, my friend. Thanks for being ever vigilant.
    Everyone seems so caught up in their own survival they forget if the Country doesn’t survive either do they.


  9. βɛʈʈɥ Says:

    Obummer scares the heck out of me…..
    As I said to Frank, perhaps the correct word should be terrified.


  10. Gini Says:

    Very nicely said, and true.

    And thank you for always being one of my biggest supporters.


  11. Frank C Says:

    Obungler is screwing up almost every sector of the economy. Auto, Banking, Health Care and so on. They could not run the Moonlight Bunny Ranch with sex and booze, what makes them think they can run the others.
    I am beginning to think the word shouldn’t be scared it should be terrified.


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