Your Mother Should Know.


Last post I asked about how business and society has changed and the difference in attitude in the employer and employee.

Not that I want to belabor the topic but I firmly believe that the Nanny State has done more to wreck the basic work ethic in this Country than any other single factor or cause.  Think about it, prior to unemployment insurance, welfare and free medical care, (food stamps and other “helpful” government give-a-ways), you worked or live off of family.  You might beg on the street and possibly get by.  But charity was your best bet.  Christian Charity soup kitchens and flop houses saved many a life.

Somewhere along the line the Government figured that they could do a better job by creating a forced charity, which of course is not charity at all but legalized theft.  Robin Hood thinking, stealing from those who have to give to those who do not.  “The democracy will cease to exist when you take away from those who are willing to work and give to those who would not.” Thomas Jefferson

But we created a “support system”, what liberals like to call a safety net, that they demand we support and contribute to.  All well and good except that once you have a net and you know that you can’t hit rock bottom, where is the motivation to stick with the job?  Where is the concern that poor performance will cause you and your family damage that you can’t control?

Truth be told, I believe that having such entitlements removes the concern for failure.  My Grandfather always allowed me to fail.  And every failure came with a price I had to pay.  Now he never let me get in over my head, but I was never sure what he considered “over my head”.  So I conducted my life knowing that if I failed, it was on my tail.

There is certainly a bit of naivete if one believes that such programs are “just a hand up” not a hand out.  Generations of people are doing today what is supposed to have been changed.  Many are living off the dole.  Now there is a difference between not working and not being able to work, that is for certain.  However there are legal means and programs, (I mostly also disagree with), that are charged with such matters.

These types of safety nets just relieve children of their responsibility of caring for those who raised them.  These programs just allow kids to kick the parents to the curb because we have come to accept that the government will help take care of them.

Now we are being told that government will also take care of us with “free” health care.   Of course unlike, (or maybe not so unlike hillarycare), we will mostly use the private sector to control and administrator.  So ask yourself this, (after admitting of course that the Government can’t run anything efficiently), if these HMO’s weren’t going to make money, would they be in the business of health care?  Of course not, so what’s going to stop them from cutting cost, by limiting allowed care, (which is what they do now), in order to maximize profits?

I am all about private companies, free enterprise and all that, just not at the expense of individuals health.  We already know how this works in Socialist Countries.  We know that because when the rich and powerful get deadly ill, they come here to get treatment, not trusting their own “free” system.

Think about that next time someone tells you about “free health care”.

Last comment, The Fair Tax.  I went to this morning and found that this system would cost me even more in taxes than the present system does.  I wondered why so I looked a bit closer.  It was easy to find.  The so-called “Fair Tax” rate is 23%.  Who in their right mind thinks that 23% is fair to anyone?  In my mind 23% is a spending fine.  Much like the sin fine on tobacco and alcohol.

Want me to get on board for the Fair Tax?  Make it fair.  Lower the rate to 10 – 15%, make it a Constitutional Amendment so it is hard to change, and I’m there.


“Rebellion to Tyranny is Obedience to God”


8 Responses to “Your Mother Should Know.”

  1. Salvatore Says:

    Chas, it sounds like a good Idea,
    does that mean we dont pay any other tax period, just when we buy?
    so that means if we buy a home, we pay 23% tax and we buy a car we pay 23% tax , we go to the store and buy food we pay 23% tax,
    I could see 15% tax, I could live with that, because like you said, it will go up, one thing I like about that is, all the crooks, drug dealers,
    and people who come to America will pay that same tax,
    everyone even our leaders, congressmen, Senators, illegals, and the very rich, no more right offs,
    its something to think about.
    Like you say it has it up and down side. I am certain that what is offered now will be different than what is shown right now.


  2. William Wheatley Says:

    I agree with everything you said except about the fair tax. The fair tax is only on spending. So instead of you getting robbed by the government every check without having a choice now you get 100% of your check. No fdic, no medicare, fica etc. You only pay tax as sales tax on what you buy. And you only pay sales tax on new items to prevent double taxation. Every month a single person gets a check for $200 in a prebate form that will cover the necessities of life food and other supplies. This goes to every single person who has a SS card and is a legal citizen of the country. This way if you want to save your money you won’t be taxed. No more trips to H&R block every april becuase you have to make sure you didn’t screw up your taxes and leave yourself open to the IRS coming after you. Just like i did i somehow goofed up my taxes years ago and now after almost 10 years they tell me i messed up. But they mailed an address i havent lived for 10 years so i didn’t even know about this problem until i was 30 days away from having my wages garnished. They told me a i owe them a whopping $80,000 which is insane. I didn’t even make that much those years.

    This system has to change and the fairtax is the way to do it. I wrote letters to every single congress person in californina along with my two senators. I am going to fight to make sure this becomes law. Our income tax system is completely broken and i’m tired of us all getting screwed over by it.
    I keep repeating this over and over, I am not against the fair tax in principle. What I oppose is the rate. 23% is a fine not a tax. Thanks you for taking the time to read and comment.


  3. Sterling Says:

    Wonderful point, Robert, and I especially agree with your final thought. If taxes are paid at the point of consumption, then every consumer pays taxes, unlike now when many consumers do not earn an income and therefore are exempt from the tax.
    Providing of course that everyone plays by the rules. No blackmarket and no barter to avoid it. If enough people went that way you’d see rates increased to make up the short fall and more spending turning us into more of a police state than we have already become.


  4. Robert Says:


    Used items, in FairTax theory, have already been taxed, so their resale would not require collection of yet another tax. Only purveyors of new goods would be required to collect the NRST (National Retail Sales Tax).

    Sounds a lot better than the current system, IMHO. I guess I’m a bit of a tax scofflaw right now because I’m not reporting to the government (via a 1099) the maid I use once in a while, nor the baby sitter. Nor the handyman doing repairs on my basement. I pay them cash. Horrors!

    My point is, the whole concept of an income tax is way too difficult to enforce for it to be effective, let alone fair! So many people (such as my three examples here) operate without paying any income tax whatsoever, or significantly under-report their earnings (because the government has no way of knowing otherwise). The system is simply laden with way too many holes, like a block of swiss cheese, compounded by all the loopholes added over the years to the bloated tax code, forcing me to hire an accountant just so I can figure out what my bill to the government is.

    The only government revenue concept I’ve seen that could end this madness and broadly distribute the burden of paying taxes (so all of us paycheck-earning stiffs getting W2s and 1099s aren’t stuck with the lion’s share of the bill every April 15) is to hit consumption, not income.

    Thanks for reading and commenting. I have no problem with the Fair Tax in principle, it’s the rate. 23% is a fine, not a tax in my opinion.

  5. Eileen Says:

    hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm I wonder if they had the fair tax would it apply to yard sale type things? things we buy on Craigslist? and barter items????
    Only new items would be taxed. And black market and barter should be concerns since there is no way to tax them now let alone under this fair market system.


  6. Sterling Says:

    You’ve touched on an important point. There are families now that are two or three or more generations deep into public assistance. I’m all for charity and all for helping someone get back on their feet, and I guess cosidering all the other ridiculous things that I help pay for with my taxes, I’m okay with a few of my dollars going to help those folks, but there seems to be no regulation on how long they can receive that public assistance, and no plan for them to be productive again, and certainly no concern for them not paying taxes while receiving those public dollars. In short, they are given no incentive to again become productive citizens, yet they have more rights and privileges than tax-paying citizens.

    The fair tax plan may not be perfect, but it’s a start, and maybe some folks will start thinking about how much our government is stealing from us every payday, and on so many levels. I say give us a tax holiday. Give tax payers substantial relief and there will then be motivation to correct these ludicrous programs. Start taxing them again, and watch the tax revolution begin.
    I would rather it start at a lower rate as I said to Robert above. It’s fine in principle, but 23% is a fine, not a tax. Lower the rate and I am all in. Because you KNOW at some point the rate is going to change and not to a lower rate.


  7. Fred Says:

    Just read your paragraph about the fairtax and wanted to comment briefly. At first I felt the same until I dug a little further. You have to take into consideration the prebate part of the proposal. You have to understand that you are paying a rate higher than 23% currently when you factor in payroll taxes, social security and medicare. Additionally projections are that the current retail prices we are paying contain about 20-22% imbedded taxes….that being the taxes paid by employers during production that is passed on to the consumer already. There is a lot hidden out there…one can’t just look at a percentage…we’re already paying it …it is just hidden. The fairtax would make it much more transparent and give the individual more control over his financial decisions.

    Thanks for reading and the comment. However their own calculator says I pay more. What can I say? Besides do you honestly believe that the private sector is going to lower prices because the “hidden” taxes are removed? Please don’t tell me that you actually believe that the federal government is going to remove those “hidden” taxes. When was the last time you saw the feds remove ANY tax?


  8. Gini Says:

    I hadn’t actually researched the “fair tax” Chas, so that’s very interesting. Of course, I agree. Great piece, and I do agree with you. The idea that “we the people” can use the “government” to do more than “serve and protect”, is ridiculous. It’s pretty clear they fail at everything they do, and the cost of their failure is staggering, for sure, both monetarily and in human bondage of the spirit that built this country. Great piece. Gini
    Thanks Gini. It’s like I always say, as did Jefferson did, that wich governs least governs best.


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