Terms of Endearment


I always have to give a smile when some people take such a simple view of life, politics and people that would rather see you dead.  Let’s look at this “compromise;  “The gestures from Cuba, Syria and Iran appear a response to appeals from Obama himself. He’s presented his presidency as the mark of a new era in which adversaries can approach the U.S. with a clean slate if they drop their hostile ways.” It’s more likely that what these “leaders” see, like a wolf, is a weak and wounded animal.  An easy lunch so to speak.

Please Mr. President, read a little bit of history.  We have been doing appeasement for decades.  We give you this if you do that, but it always turns out that these people do THAT any way.  Just for you Mr. President, (even though I don’t agree with you on most anything so far), let me give you some inside baseball.

Dictators don’t really care about sanctions.  They simply don’t effect them.  They effect the people, but if they don’t have any guns, (this isn’t a joke here), then they have nothing to worry about.  The people have no means of defense.  Lifting sactions just makes the dictator wealthier, because he will get most of the benefit of our “gifts”.

People that don’t like you only offer you talks, to delay any actions you might take against them.  As Spock said in “The Mark of Gideon”, “The purpose of diplomacy is to prolong the crisis.”  Any talks that Iran wants to have is the same as the ones Iraq was trying to have to delay having inspectors go about the Country.  It gave them time to get them, (WMDs) out of the Country or bury them, or if the no longer had them, give the appearance of having them.  That got played out too long and 5 different intelligence agencies agreed that Iraq was hiding them.

Ahmadinejad reportedly gave a televised speech Wednesday in which he said his country “welcomes a hand extended to it should it really and truly be based on honesty, justice and respect.” Honesty, from a leader who said that it was only for peaceful use that he was doing nukes, until the tried to set on off.  justice from a Country that approves of beating women for violations of the Koran.  Respect, from a leader who believes that Israel should not be respected and removed from the map by force if possible.

Advocates for dropping the embargo say it would also mitigate Castro’s ability to exploit tensions between the U.S. and Cuba in his country. But it would also give the Castro brothers a victory if for nothing else propaganda saying that they wore us down.  It would also, (though I doubt the brainiacs in DC thought of), would end up sending millions or perhaps billions to Cuba, just as illegals from South America sends off dollars to their homes.

Please think this stuff through.  I’m just a simple guy, but it is pretty obvious to me.

“We could talk about what happened 50 years ago or we could talk about what’s happening today,” Richardson told FOX News Wednesday. “Having a 50-year-old embargo is not helping America. Every other country is working with Cuba except us and that should change.” On the other hand we  haven’t helped them either.  They are dirt poor and deserve to be that way since they support the Castro Brothers.  Millions or billions of our dollars would only help them.  Please pay attention.

Richardson said she observed a “tremendous amount of freedom” during her five-day stay in Cuba. And you think that in a tightly controlled Country like Cuba, where seldom is heard a discouraging word, or you are put in prison, you were going to see anything other than what they wanted to show you?  Are you simple, or just so ill-informed?

Last, Castro said; “We have never been aggressors nor do we threaten the United States,” he wrote.  I’m sure, that’s why you wanted nukes based in your Country years ago.  Fact is you just can’t be a threat so now that the USSR is dead, you have no choice in the matter.

Here is the bottom line Mr President.  It’s just fine to emulate Teddy Roosevelt and “Walk softly and carry a big stick”. Where it differs is that they, (they other foreign leaders), believed he would use the big stick.  They don’t believe you will.  Otherwise they wouldn’t be willing to “talk”.


“Rebellion to Tyranny is Obedience to God”

7 Responses to “Terms of Endearment”

  1. L0RBE Says:

    Ok, I looked, can’t find your anti liberal blog… but I’ll keep looking.. LOL I am always interested and always trying to understand…

    It has been my experience in life that talking is better than the silent treatment. If I remain silent and refuse to discuss or hold my ears and stomp around saying “I can;t hear you na na na na “… I usually end up with what I started with, but gain nothing. Talking and listening has always has gained me more…

    That has just been my life experiences… Lets hope I am correct… yes? Because after all we have an elected President that likes to talk.. 😉
    To be sure my blog is more anti big government than anti liberal. I would hope anyway. I would like to think myself more a statesman, if such a thing is possible today. Each side makes it difficult to be civil at times. I was there once, don’t want to go back. I do disagree with the President, did also on many things with Bush. For one time in my life I am in step with the majority that thinks the Congress is doing a rotten job. Feels strange. 😉


  2. Eileen Says:

    I pray every day for wisdom for our leaders.
    As do I my love.


  3. Salvatore Says:

    Great job Chas,
    Why doesnt Richardson go ask the people that left Cuba and get their take on this, if everything is so nice in Cuba like they say it is.
    and for Iran if the people take their country back,
    then we could go help the people, but Amadinejad has to go,
    Obama is no match for that person,
    when will Obama learn that they want us to go down,
    they want to destroy America.
    Remake America I think is more accurate, however in that restructuring the basics of what made America will indeed me destroyed.


  4. Sterling Says:

    Your first paragraph sums it up very accurately. We are at the edge of a dangerous precipice, and I fear that the pied piper is about to blindly lead the sheep right over it.
    Conservatives have never been very active in protest, but perhaps this tea party idea will spill over into other areas of concern.


  5. Frank C Says:

    Great piece Chas. You failed to mention the fact that Amadinejad might have been one of the leaders of the Iranians who took the Embassy. Let us not forget that he has a very short memory. Did he not say the Holocoust never happened. With this history, our President wants to sit down and negotiate. Given Amadinejad’s record he will win the negotiations 99-1.
    Thanks Frank. See, with you around I have all the backup I need. Anything I forget you remind us.


  6. Pat Says:

    excellent piece chas and oh so true you cannot trust these people they talk out of both sides of their mouth

    they will be shaking your hand while stabbing you in the back we should not trust any of these dictators like you say if the sanctions are lifted the people of the country will not be helped only the governments will

    and are our politicians so stupid as to believe they would be shown the dark side of cuba i am sure everyone is on their best behavior it amazes me how dumb they make themselves look

    good job as usual chas

    Thanks Pat. Saw no problem in Cuba. Ha Ha, Bet they can’t see the nose on theier face either.


  7. Gini Says:

    It’s unfortunate our prez isn’t reading any of the opinions on your page Chas. Mr., I must have my blackberry, could learn a lot, one thinks. Of course, we do realize he thinks he already does know exactly what he needs to know, and need not be concerned with any “more” information. I do remember feeling that way, actually, but thankfully OUT GREW that juvenile attitude, hum? It’s a huge burden to think you might “know it all”, and of course, “arrogant and elitist” to the maximum…a flaw this man who is prez, seems to suffer from. Sad, I think….but, so it goes. Good piece..Gini
    Thanks Gini. It just seems to me that if talking and giving things away hasn’t worked for but against us in the past, we should more than likely avoid repeating the same action.


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