Another Day


Yep, just as the President says, firm action is needed, and response should be swift.

“Key Security Council nations reached agreement Saturday on a statement that would condemn North Korea’s rocket launch and toughen sanctions against the reclusive communist nation, council diplomats said.” I’ve  started to fold my 1,000 nasty notes into paper airplanes to toss at the N. K., knowing full well that this will so damage their self-esteem that they will totally dismantle their nuke and rocket projects that there is no reason to fear them any more.

“The statement calls for freezing the assets of companies or organizations involved in transactions related to the import or export of missiles, nuclear weapons and other weapons of mass destruction, the diplomats said. They spoke on condition of anonymity because the negotiations took place behind closed doors” Let’s review History, do sanctions work when there is a dictatorship in charge.  Hmm,  I’m thinking not, but I believe we already covered that in another post.

And then you get this idiot who obviously hasn’t ever read a newspaper or a history book to say; “We think the text sends a clear message,” Rice said, without disclosing details. Well it’s a clear message of course, but it’s from the N. K. who says screw you.  What are you gonna do about it?  We already gave them the answer, which they knew before they asked the question.

Again I must say that walking softly and carrying a big stick, is OK with me as a foreign policy.  However, in order to make the policy effective, requires that they, those to whom you are speaking, believe that you will beat the crap out of you with that big stick.

No one in the world does more than laugh when the UN talks about a big stick, and doesn’t seem, for good reason, to believe that the President will use it either.  While he won’t be willing to take the hit for being the guy who lost the war that was won, he won’t be the guy to jump in and open another military front.    Jefferson started and Madison finished this same type of action over 200 years ago.   Read a history book Mr. President.

I guess that you could ask other euros to help, oh wait, you couldn’t do that for Afghanistan so I doubt that you could for Pirates either.  I’m thinking the teaching the world to sing in perfect harmony isn’t quite as easy as actually drinking the Coke. Given my age, I’d much rather talk my way through things than toss a punch, but hey, win or lose I’m still willing.  I’d just rather bring a gun to a knife fight, given the choice.

I’m willing to bet that a couple of bombing runs in the area would kind of slow things down a bit and perhaps put an end to this foolishness.  I know you hate the thought of using the greatest, strongest military in the world against people that hate us or want to ransom us, but even Jefferson, who thought peace and logic should rule the world, sent military might against these idiots.

I know you aren’t a Jefferson, but please at least learn from his wisdom.


“Rebellion to Tyranny is Obedience to God”


7 Responses to “Another Day”

  1. SaveOurPets Says:

    LOL kinda sneaky but I’m happy to be here all the same.
    I will look around even more.
    Thanks for the welcome 🙂
    I hope you find some items that will keep your interest. Thanks for reading.


  2. Gini Says:

    Saveourpets…wish I was this smart!!! But, Chas is, and his pieces are WONDERFUL!! He is amazing, insightful, and informed. I am privileged to know him, and love it that people come to this space when my name is clicked. Gini
    Thank you Gini. You are far too kind.


  3. Salvatore Says:

    I always said that the UN is a joke, they should move them overseas where they belong anyways,
    we have the most powerful Military in the world and we get pushed around by Pirates? they send the FBI over there?,
    the Navy Seals took care of the problem,
    we should blow them pirates out of the water,
    its about time they let our Military do what they have to do.
    I couldn’t agree more Sal.


  4. Sterling Says:

    This is chas’ blog. Welcome. Please read over his past work. His insight is amazing.
    Thank you Sterling. You are way more then kind.


  5. SaveOurPets Says:

    Gini,This is your Blog ,correct?
    Love the ” That who Governs least Governers best”
    Thank you, but Gini advertises this blog for me.


  6. Eileen Says:

    Maybe they need a boot in the ass as Toby Keith would say.
    Steel toed boots. Or would it be better to say Steal Toed Boots. 😉


  7. Gini Says:

    Now Chas…not a rant at all. Good questions all, and no answers from anyone with authority, and not likely to happen either. The big stick? Right, again. If unwilling to use it, then it serves no one at all. We plod thru it all, unwilling to be schooled ever, by history, would seem. How many more former great men will $44 claim, but have no intention of learning from, one wonders. Sounds good, read off the prompter, but holds little weight in this wicked and dangerous world we live in. Good piece Chas. Gini
    Thanks Gini. Those who refuse to learn from history…..

    Your support is always appreciated.


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