What Goes On?


Little known Beatles Song that goes, What goes on in your heart, what goes on in your mind?  You are tearing me apart, when you treat me so unkind, What goes on in your mind?

Even though the majority of Americans seem to be asleep at the wheel, most have problems with the President’s left turn, but still approve of his policies.  I think in a great part it’s because the left wing press isn’t really reporting this as straight News.  More of a human interest stories.  Let’s look at some of his policies shifts that polls show the American people don’t actually believe in, yet he has signed them anyway.

Overturned George W. Bush’s restriction on embryonic stem cell research last month when he signed an executive order authorizing expanded federal funding — a decision he described as moral because it pursues research that will “ease human suffering.” All this does is spend YOUR tax dollars on something that was already legal and was being privately funded.  No research thus far has shown any advances towards “easing human suffering”.  Most Americans have no problem with some of the research, but oppose creating embryo to use for research.  That will be next.

Has proposed reversing additions to the “conscience clause” enacted by the Bush administration that allow physicians and other health care providers to refuse to provide medical services that conflict with their faith or conscience. So know the guy who thinks some things are above his pay grade believes he and the Government have the authority to tell YOU, as a medical professional what you are allowed to believe and order you to participate in procedures you do not believe in.

Attorney General Eric Holder said the Obama administration will reinstate the federal ban on assault weapons and impose additional restrictions.  The fight against the 2nd Amendment is rejoined.  H.R. 45 is already floating around in Congress which intends to “consolidate” firearms registration.  In other words, the Federal Government is going to know where EVERY gun in EVERY household, (well almost.  it will be only the legal guns.  The crooks will still have theirs), is.  Which will help when the move to take them comes along.  That move will follow the plan to tax ammo 500% so no one will be able to afford it.  Laugh if you will, he already tried this bill in his home state.

Obama has said he opposes gay marriage, he has made clear that he supports full civil unions that give same-sex couples legal rights and privileges equal to those of married couples.  Then comes multi marriages, animal marriages and one wonders where the line is drawn?  I don’t care if you want to be outside the norm, you pretty much have that right in this Country, but stop the requirement of special privileges for being different.  That’s your problem not ours.

I know, boo hoo, boo hoo, I am mean.  Tough.  In order for a society to be viable you must have some standards of conduct.  Not something that you just change because a few people don’t like it.  I don’t demand special treatment because liberals are destroying the Country.  I don’t demand they change their ways or demand they be sent elsewhere, though I can think of a place or two to send them, it’s just an election cycle, things will change again.

What annoys me is that the GOP, seems to be just sitting back and saying nothing, not that they would be heard by the MSM, but some noise is in order.  They are tearing at some of the basic fabric of this Country.  At least pretend you care about that.

Last item:

Behold, America: the taxman cometh.

Even as taxpayers are struggling to make ends meet in a crumbling, tumbling economy, your friendly neighborhood (and state and federal) government is having a hard time making do with the meager trillions you’re throwing its way, so it’s relying on an old maxim:

If it exists, it can be taxed.  http://tinyurl.com/d6ncun

Some 190% increase in tax on Beer in Oregon.  Government has gone nuts.  But in all the Articles I read, talking about the lack of finds various governments are having, nary a word about cutting back spending to meet the expected revenue.

Oh sure they are talking about cutting little things.  The President wants to cut $100,000,000 from the budget, which is like me giving up a coke for today.

When you can’t afford things, and if you are a reasonable and responsible individual, you change you life to survive on the pay you recieve.

Remember, it’s all fun, until someone gets hurt.


“Rebellion to Tyranny is Obedience to God”


8 Responses to “What Goes On?”

  1. Gini Says:

    Chas….when Clinton sent the troops to fight “across the pond”, and we began hearing abt the horrible things that were happening, dad said, “…. guess if the citizens were armed, this couldn’t have happened.” Of course, there have always been those who just couldn’t understand what the heck anyone needed a gun for, and those prob can’t be persuaded otherwise. For all the rest, a good look at history should make it quite clear why the right to have and bear arms, is clearly written down in our Constitution. I weep for our country, now in the throes of a fight w/destiny, and the idea that I should be shot in the street by some fool w/a gun, because I wasn’t allowed that right, therefore, unable to protect and defend myself. Talk about imposing a “religious” view on us all!!!! Of course, after “they” shoot me, those bad guys are going after “them”, hum??? Wonder if “they” might wish they had a pistol then?
    We are horrified to discover that EVERYTHING is above this man’s pay grade, and he needs to just stop it, right now! Fools and scoundrels all, I say!!! Hope they are having a good time on AFI, because their day is coming to an end, either by the vote of the citizen or the sword of the enemy that lurks at our borders, one might think? Yep…indeed. Good piece, as always Chas. YIKES!!! Tax hike on beer! Now…maybe the citizen, after all, hum???? what? where’s that gun I have anyway!!! I’ve put it “away in a safe place”, ya know? Away fr the children…OH! could prob ask them…they prob know EXACTLY where it is! Oh my…but life is a comedy, isn’t it? or is it a drama? must ponder…
    Perhaps a “dark comedy” if we are to be kind, however the joke is on us.


  2. carolynro Says:

    I suggested that Rush keep a hypocrisy watch on his site. But, I have been too busy to even go to his site lately. But, you touch on it right here. Are we overly sensitive? No, we want consistent application of laws and ideas and analysis. Keep on truckin the truth.
    I do as I can Ma’am.


  3. carolynro Says:

    Well said Gini my dear. McCain ran because it was “his turn” and look how that turned out!

  4. Salvatore Says:

    Great job Chas,
    The people that work at CNN,NBC,CBS,ABC,MSNBC, and so on,
    when the government starts picking their pockets maybe then they will start asking some questions,
    because someone has to pay for this out of control spending,
    and then they just might start to talk about his policies,
    and see that we are headed in the wrong direction.
    Combined polls already say we are heading in the wrong direction. It’s not even slowing them down.


  5. Eileen Says:

    This is why I registered as an independant.
    Which is fine, except you have no say what-so-ever about who gets put up to run. Then again if you have no Party, then you aren’t trying to change it anyway.


  6. Pat Says:

    hi chas

    of course as usual a great piece

    thats always been the problem with the GOPs they dont fight back if they ever want to get back in power they need to get a backbone and stand up and fight for us but i guess that will be never somethings never change and thats too bad
    That’s because if they do fight back they are mean and that’s the way the MSM presents it.


  7. Sterling Says:

    And, all joking aside, I for one am infuriated with the GOP. For the first time in my life, I’m seriously considering changing parties. These “parties” are becoming seriously overrated.
    Infuriated doesn’t even begin to cover it with me.


  8. Sterling Says:

    Yeah, that comment about some things being above his paygrade really got buried, didn’t it? Haven’t heard another word about it. I’ve been thinking, (scary, I admit) that since the mainstream media would have us believe that the president’s approval ratings are astronomical, we conservatives would then be considered the minority, correct? Shouldn’t we start a movement? Isn’t there federal protection available for such? Should we be organizing parades and sit-ins? Aren’t the liberals all about supporting minorities? 😉
    I thought some outrage was expressed with the Tea Parties, though the MSM blew it off and made fun of it. More will come I believe.


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