Just Biden Their Time


One thing you have to give the Administration credit for is keeping a lid on gaffs for the first 100 days, at least as far as the gaff prone VP is concerned.  Saying that people shouldn’t allow themselves to be caught in a confined space with other people wasn’t exactly what the Administration wanted to put out to the people.

They of course had 25 explanations for what he “really” meant, but since the Oteleprompter in Chief commits many of his own if the prompter goes out, they are getting lots of practice on rearranging the mis-message.  Here is the one that got lost in the sauce and seemingly not picked up by anyone.

The President said the other day that unnecessary travel to Mexico should be avoided, but saw no reason to “close” the border.  First off, we can’t even protect the border, we sure as heck aren’t going to be able to seal it.  And second, on that note, it’s better to let them bring it to us than it is for us to go get it there?  What the heck is the difference?  Oh yea, number three is the difference.  If we could close the border that would cut down on the number of new voters the President will have when he makes them all citizens.

I was going to talk about Specter, but to what end?  He has always been more in the Dems camp than in the GOPs, let him be their problem.  Besides, just being a Dem isn’t likely to save his seat next election.  The people of PA are fairly well fed up with this individual.  Get a new job Arlen, your days are numbered.  Perhaps you can start on a book?

Judge Souter looks likely to step down after this session of the USSC.  This is something not talked about much in the election last year, but it is always one should consider when electing a President.  Seeing Souter was a forever left leaning, never read the Constitution, waste of a judgeship, he won’t be missed.  The only downside is that when the President does pick he is likely to place a similar left wing fruit cake in his place who will be around for a long time, if he is smart.

A younger liberal means that much more time they, likely a she, will be there to make more unconstitutional decisions.  Ginsberg would be the next to go.  But the balance of power in the Court, slightly left of center, will be unaffected.  With a bullet-proof Senate, the President could very easily change the balance of power if he so desired.

The Constitution does not call for any certain number of Justices sitting on the bench at any given time.  That the number has mostly been 9 for the last century means nothing.  In fact FDR coercied the USCC to go along with his unconstitutional social agenda by threatening to “pack the court” with enough Judges that would go along with it, making the sitting nine impotent.

There is nothing to stop the President from doing this except public outrage or the sensibility of the Senate and blue dog Dems.

Speaking of outrage, North Korea’s leader Kim Jong Il seems poised to place his long time friend O Kuk Ryol as his clear choice to take over after he is gone.  This is a poor choice for South Korea because O is a military man and even more of a hard liner the Il was.  It’s not odd, but worth noting that Il could have picked any of the upper Communist Party Members, but did not.

I am certain this raises concern in South Korea because we haven’t exactly been able to do much with Il.  The President gave no response to the test firing of the missile of recent and I doubt the we’ll talk to anyone type of Diplomacy will do any good.  Sanctions, as I have pointed out in the past, will also do no good so long as a dictator is in charge.  As Spock pointed out once; “The purpose of diplomacy is to prolong the crisis”.

So don’t expect anything but more noise and challenge from North Korea in the years to come.


“Rebellion to Tyranny is Obedience to God”


6 Responses to “Just Biden Their Time”

  1. Gini Says:

    Chas…I wish I had gotten the job of White House spinner, hum? Now, I could have done this so much better than anyone so far, up thar!!! I am an excellent tail spinner, and can do it quite beautifully with no notice at all ever. Yep…a comedic talent, one might think, and would fit in quite well with this new admin, don’t you think??? Not tootin’ my own horn at all, just, I can do useless ramblings w/no truth at all and it would be very nice to GET PAID FOR IT!!!! ha ha! YES!
    I don’t think I knew that abt the Supreme Court, or FDR.
    Great piece, yet again, Chas. Gini
    Thanks Gini. I think it is almost scary that you could make anyone laugh at any situation. Please don’t get into politics..lol


  2. Salvatore Says:

    Morning Chas
    No need to close the border?, like he could anyways, and for Judge Souter, when he steps down it wont change anything,
    he was not a good choice to start off with and I hope the same thing happens to this President.
    It’s much easier for liberals, esp when they have a liberal Senate. As a conservative you have to seem like a moderate. A liberal can just be a liberal.


  3. Eileen Says:

    I surely thought Biden would be like a calendar–the a joke a day one.
    Him and his boss are a joke, but the joke is on us. 😉


  4. Sterling Says:

    Wow, I didn’t know that, about the number of justices that the Constitution allows. THAT’S scary. It’s especially scary that OImthekingoftheworld is the current commander in chief, and favors himself a new FDR. Good God Almighty!
    I hate to say it, but that is the reality. Remember when the Constitution was written it was considered to be a civic duty to serve, if called. It was never thought that it would become a career. Therefore there would have been no need to be concerned about such matters.


  5. Pat Says:

    “public outrage” ❓ would that make a darn bit of difference i think not the tea party was public outrage and you see how he maligned them and made fun of them in his speech in missouri

    when the next attack comes chas things might change but then again who knows i dont know if there are many sane people up there in washington

    good piece as usual chas
    If the affronts keep coming and the protest keep going and growing, at some point they will have to listen or face an open revolt.


  6. carolynro Says:

    You got it…the more things “change” the more they stay the same. Well written and right again.
    Thank you, as was yours. I was tired of seeing the President before he even took office. It’s even worse now.


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