Charging a Dead Battery


Republican leaders launched on Saturday the first of a series of forums and town hall meetings to engage the American public in policy discussion.  I have a hint for Karl Rove and all those of leadership in the Republican Party.  It is a simple message, doesn’t require much thought or planning.  How about instead of trying to sway republicans to engage you, how about you listen to us for a change?

“Republicans, who have suffered two consecutive electoral beatings in Congress and a Senate defection this week, launched on Saturday the first of a series of forums and town hall meetings to engage the American public in policy discussion.” Problem is you don’t listen, otherwise you wouldn’t be in the position you are in.  You are never going to beat a Democrat trying to be a democrat light.

Why would people vote for people that will not stand on their beilefs?  Think about that.  Republicans are supposed to be the party of Jefferson.  We are supposed to stand for less government.  That which governs least…

The Republican Party is just a slower version of going over the socialist cliff at a slightly slower speed.  Once off the edge, it doesn’t matter how slow the arrival was, the decent is just as fast.  We call it the law of gravity.  What you should be doing is promoting doing away with, what is in actuality unconstitutional programs, cutting foreign aid, putting an end to the Dept of Education, (and give it back to the local authorities), end the tax system that awards cheats and punishes success.

You need to read the Constitution and stand for the ideas behind it.  Article 1 Section 8 and no more unless an Amendment is passed.  This is the reason the system was put in place.  To make it hard to expand the power of the Federal Government.  What does it matter if you elect a tyrant or he takes power by force?  Are not the end results the same?

Is there any difference if there is but one tyrant or 635?  Are they still not tyrants?  Are they not imposing the unreasonable, the restrictions of freedom without regard to the ones they govern?  All power of the Federal Government, or any legitimate Government lays with the people.  No Government should have any more power than the people allow.  No Government should permit itself to overrule the will of the people.

This is not to say mob rule is a good thing.  Jefferson called democracy “mobocracy”, for that reason.  This is why the Senate was appointed as opposed to elected.  To allow the mob to rule creates chaos and/or knee jerk reactions to given circumstances.  This becomes really dangerous in this day of 24/7 News.

So let’s get the GOP back to being the Party of Jefferson and win or lose elections based upon the gearing down of Government.  Cutting back the intrusion into the life of the every day citizen, allowing him to keep what they earn, instead of giving it to those who won’t.  Jefferson was a generous man to a fault, but he gave away only his own wealth.  Not yours.

Before he left office the Louisiana Purchase was paid for and the War debt was resolved.  He felt it immoral to pass on debt to the next generations.  Let’s get back to that.  We fought that war to be free of high taxes, let’s charge up that hill again, GOP, and say enough is too much.  Let’s lose the election on being different from Dems, more than being the less left choice.  Or let’s win because it is what the people believe in.  If we are no longer a party that believes in what we proclaim, if we lose because no one believes in what we are supposed to be, then so be it.  Disband the Party and start a new.  Don’t change the message, change the thinking.


“Rebellion to Tyranny is Obedience to God”


9 Responses to “Charging a Dead Battery”

  1. Gini Says:

    Oh, what ever Lori. 🙂
    Great piece, again Chas. To your great relief, I have absolutely NOTHING to add. If the conservatives continue to let the libs run the train, I guess we are in for another HUGE crash, hum?? Gini {I’m practicing for twitter, ya know? points made w/few words, I hear? oh dear!!!}
    Can’t see you and Twitter. But good luck with


  2. lori Says:

    PS, I don’t necessarily think “soft landing” is a good or bad thing. I just think in the world of politics its all in the numbers. You win elections by including not excluding voters.
    Not anymore. Now you win elections by buying favor. Promising some people the money that other people have earned. Backing many different groups favor no matter the harm to the stability of the Nation.


  3. lori Says:

    Chas the trends are clear in the polls you just cited as well. Since October 08 the RD WD has increased 30 points, and is the higest since 2006. (real clear politics) The same goes for the democrats and congress while still a dismal number, it has had a steady increase since the 09 elections. (again real clear politics) The latter is not as important as the RD WD poll. People, when polled on congress, have notriously skewed low. We are suppose to dislike our government, and “congress” usually reads “government” in a poll.

    However I was not referring to polls numbers in my above post, I was referring to the numerous studies and papers that have come out recently concerning the demographics and the American culture.

    Not to be a bore, but merely citing such things without linking them, gives them no credence in my book.

    There’s a good reason why people “confuse” Congress with Government, because Congress IS the power in Government. So they aren’t actually confused.


  4. lori Says:

    Hiya Chas!

    I admire the commitment you have concerning strict constitutionalist’s candidates Chas (and Cap’s too). I wish you well on the quest to find your candidate. I can give ya a little hint it won’t be coming from the “new” (chuckle chuckle) faces you see on the listening tour.

    Capmotion is correct, the person you describe in your post, already ran. His name was Ron Paul… He didn’t get many votes. And the reason he didn’t get many votes wasn’t because he didn’t speak well, it is because he did not pander to the oil companies and to the so called neo cons (I call them war mongers). Ron also made the religious right very nervous. He is a little too open minded and free thinking for that crowd. If you want to win a repub primary you need the trifecta…

    I have to tell ya my friend, the numbers aren’t in your favor any time soon. The nation is trending left, want more government not less, and don’t mind paying taxes. But as I’ve always said, one thing for certain in politics is nothing is certain.

    Good luck..xoxoxo
    So you may think Lori, and I certainly stand with your right to say so. But I truly believe that if you look at the accumulated polls 50% of this Country still believe that we are headed in the wrong direction. A full 60% disapprove of Congress. It is only a matter of time and it has to start to effect the course of action, as it did with Clinton in ’94.

    The media has so far been able to help the Dems paint the GOP as the no party, but not so long from now the “no” party is where people will look when the $13 tax decrease sinks in and find that isn’t actually a tax break.

    I do believe that there are actual constitutionalists out there. Problem is that people have soft landed for too long. I know you think that a good thing, but in a large part that is what is wrong. But I still believe that any Party should win or lose based upon principle. I say put it out there and say you don’t get to soft land any more.

    If the people want the end of the Republic and become Euroweenies with no growth rate or personal freedom, so be it. But they, (GOP), needs to stop being socialist lite like the Democrats.


  5. DogOnCrack Says:

    Here’s the problem.

    Click the “National Leaders” tab at this site and see who’s missing.
    Any actual leaders? 😉


  6. Salvatore Says:

    Morning Chas
    I think that these town hall meeting just might help if they listen to the public and what we have to say,
    and I think that Jeb Bush and Mitt Romney just might have the answers we are looking for, and I would like to hear from Rudy and Palin as well,
    but I think Jeb Bush might be the right candidate we need,
    just a thought.
    I don’t agree Sal. I think all the major players in the GOP are nothing but liberal lite. They are talking about presenting the same package in other words. That’s what the President is doing, i.e. taxes = investment.

    For the last decade the GOP has been nothing more than less democrat than actual Democrat. You might as well just vote for the real thing.


  7. capmotion Says:

    Reagan had the right-sounding talking points, especially pre-election and at inauguration, just like our Schwarzenegger had the right-sounding talking point prior to election to return us to a part-time legislature, but once elected, much of the stuff promised was forgotten and never again mentioned. Instead of trumpeting “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down that wall!,” he should have regularly shaken his fist at the Capitol building and trumpeted “Mr. Congress, disassemble that bloated, porcine, unconstitutional Nanny-State!” But he did not.

    I agree that Paul had problems in the rhetoric department, but far less so than W who got elected, so the fault lies with the electorate, which wants more from the government than the Framers intended, and not with the candidate, whose message was clear, correct, and not garbled.

  8. capmotion Says:

    Naturally, I agree with you, because we are generally on the same wave length about the Republic and originalism. The regrettable thing about the Republican Party is that it has really never been a “conservative” party, if by conservative we mean hewing close to the intent of the Framers about the scope and size and purpose of the national government. Even Reagan, erroneously touted as a small government kind of guy, allowed the government to grow, and he never rolled back anything, including the dismantlement of the Education Department, which he had promised to do.

    The closest candidate to originalism we have had on the national scene, like him or not, was Ron Paul, and most thoughtless people scoffed at his candidacy and the limitations he sought to impose on the national government, limitations which perfectly matched the Framers’ scheme.
    cap, I believe that Reagan had the intent, what he did not have was a willing Congress. Most of the “growth” of Government during his terms were a result of a trade off.

    Ron Paul, while having great ideas, sadly couldn’t sell a used car. Like Jefferson he doesn’t have any type of speaking voice. Such things seem petty, but the package does matter, which is a shame. Because like I said he does have the right idea.


    We talk, talk, talk about the Constitution, the Framers, the Declaration, yet there is little sincerity or knowledge accompanying all of that feel-good blather.

    And why our “fair and balanced” [purposely in quotes] Fox continues to listen to anything Karl Rove says is a real curiosity. He was a glorified draft dodger, leaping from one college deferment to another, and then dropping out of college when it was clear that the draft was coming to an end. And then he got caught in a phony identity scam wherein he stole campaign letterhead of a person running for state office and published phony stuff to disrupt the campaign. That is not the sort I want to rebuild the party of Jefferson.

    I think our people have become so accustomed to nanny state-ism that a return to founding principles is virtually impossible.

  9. Sterling Says:

    One of your best, chas. We are sadly a nation of career politicians. If only they would return to the endeavor of statesman, our nation could once again be prosperous, and perhaps the people would be represented. If we would only realize that that power lies within us, we the people.
    In order to establish a more perfect Union…..

    Thank you for your praise.


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