Insufficient Tribute


On Thanksgiving we thank God for what we have. On Memorial Day we should thank the Armed Services for keeping what God gave us.

We can, of course, thank our members of the Armed Services for their service, those who lived through it. But certainly there is no way to do enough thanks or enough honor to those who paid the total fee for freedom. No expression of thanks or even love can replace the son or daughter for those who waited at home for their return.

But while you are enjoying the day off, while you are outside cooking up that steak or hamburger, think not only of that service person but of the parents who raised such a special American. How does a parent raise a son that gets to think so much more of his fellows and his Country than he does of his self that he is willing to throw his body on a grenade to save the life of his comrades?

How do these fine men and women come to be? I can tell you at least in the Army, life is no picnic even in peacetime. So just how do you thank someone who resigns their self to a hard life giving up many of the rights you enjoy so you can keep and enjoy them? How do you thank their parents?

I’d be one hell of a wordsmith if I were able to answer that. Truth be told, I cannot. Fact is there is no way to really honor the gift we are given by these special Americans or those who raised them. From Valley Forge to Iraq Americans have risen to the call of their Country. Not always in popular efforts, but always in time when needed.

In Star Trek Vulcans have a saying that the “Honor is in the Service”. Perhaps that is all the honor they need and we merely need to say thank you, feel the pride, and more importantly show them the pride.

To those from Concord to Baghdad, From Trenton to Iwo Jima, your lives and your service shall not have been in vain.

Thank You.



6 Responses to “Insufficient Tribute”

  1. Frank C Says:

    Remember the saying:


    While we remember our servicemen and women on this Memorial Day, let us not forget their unsung heroes…their spouses.

    If you see a service member, thank him and don’t forget his spouse.

    Thanks for your service my friend….
    That bites both ways my friend. 😉


  2. Salvatore Says:

    Well said Chas,
    Chas, its people like you that make this country great,
    Thank you for your service to our great country.
    It is I who should be honored that this great Country allowed me to server Her.


  3. Liz K Says:

    Amen, Chas.


  4. Eileen Says:

    Let’s hope we always remember and never again allow anything like the Vietnam fiasco happen to our military men and women. So far so good with this war. Not easy with media and all the fighting that goes on between the 2 parties.
    From your lips to God’s ear.


  5. carolynro Says:

    Chas well said and once again, thank you for your service to our country.
    Thank you, but there are so many who have done so much more. I am unworthy of the gratitude.


  6. Gini Says:

    Chas…very nice. And we add to those, the wives, like my mom, who held the family together, while the soldier did “his” job. Today that includes, of course, the men left to hold the fort, as well. We are indeed, an amazing country with amazing citizens, aren’t we? Thank you for your service to country, and I am personally happy to be able to say that, to you. Gini
    Very true Gini, I did not mean to leave them out.


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