Accidental Discharge


I’m always worried when “one of the greatest…” becomes the nominee for anything in the Government.  That generally indicates that there are many things wrong with the selection.  But by making this sort of claim those who refuse to think, but react instead will pick sides and then the thrashing about begins.

The first thing I know about Judge Sotomayor is that the President sure came to her selection rather quickly didn’t he?   Seems just a few weeks ago it was June or July before the selection was to be made so as to make the best choice.  Isn’t odd to you that with this hurry up of selection another big story just drops off the face of the front page? All of a sudden the Speaker of the House is no longer under fire for calling the CIA liars.  How good is that timing?  We’ve gone from kick her out of office to Judge Who?

The next thing I know about Judge Sotomayor is that she is most certainly a liberal of the far left type.  How do I know that?  Because the AbA says she is a moderate.  They also thought Ginsberg was a moderate, so it doesn’t take much to figure out where this is leading.

The next thing I know about Judge Sotomayor is that she is anti-gun.  She has ruled or is to have said the 2nd Amendment doesn’t apply to the States.  A ruling like that would mean that gun laws would be in the power of the States and they could deny ownership to any law abiding individual at whim.  Other than this has already been determined by the USSC as incorrect, gun ownership is an individual right not a collective right, it shows she is not in command of the Constitution.

Then of course there is this:  “I would hope that a wise Latina woman with the richness of her experiences would more often than not reach a better conclusion than a white male who hasn’t lived that life.” Some have tried to claim that Judge Sotomayor is taken out of context on this quote.  Ever wonder why such quotes “taken out of context” always come from the left?  Let’s do this and say Judge Napalitanio was up for the post and he said:  “I would hope that a wise Italian man with the richness of his experiences would more often than not reach a better conclusion than a Latino female who hasn’t lived that life.”

Now is you think for a single second that the left wouldn’t be calling for the withdraw of his nomination is less than 10 seconds, then you aren’t drinking kool-aid, you are swimming in it.  That, no matter how out of context, unless it was pasted together from different speeches, would any person of any sex that was white still be under consideration.

But expect that like Turbo-tax Timmy this nomination to sail through the Senate with little uproar from either the PC MSM or the Senate.  Because that is how we roll these days.  Minorities can make racist statements without fear of being called a racist, yet I will be called a racist for pointing this out.

Isn’t this a great Country or what?  You can not pay your taxes and still get the job of running the IRS.  You can get a criminal who ran out of the Country a pardon and put him back on the streets and still be the head of Law Enforcement for the Country as AG.  You can make racist statements and still be considered for a job that determines how the Constitution applies to individuals of race.  And most importantly you can bury your birth certificate when questioned about your citizenship and still become President.

The Media has allowed the left to define the Country in socialist terms.  Increasingly the press has securred the election of the President and unless people take a better look at what is going on, do their own research this will continue.  We know where the road ends, tyranny.


“Rebellion to Tyranny is Obedience to God”


14 Responses to “Accidental Discharge”

  1. Seaddycreargy Says:

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  2. lori Says:

    sorry for the typos.. dang little keyboard! lol at least that’s my story and I’m sticking to it!
    I fixed the typo’s I saw on a quick read.

    It’s your post spin it anyway you want to. Perhaps you should read the summary, didn’t have anything to do with race? You should re-read why the case was brought forth.

    Anyway, The short side is you know I am right that NO individual could have said what she said and still be in the running unless they get a break for being a “minority”, (which includes you by the stupid PC definition), racist remarks are racist no matter who says them.


  3. lori Says:

    Good morning Chas, I was pointing out that Italian men (white) are not considered a minority, and certainly not out of power since one sits on the court.

    One of the luxuries of winning the office of POTUS is you get to choose SCJ when the openings present themselves. Lord knows there have been recent picks that have made me want to barf but in the dark of the night I had to ask myself two questions… 1. Is he qualified to sit on the court, and both were, and 2. Was there anything in their rulings that was unlawful, and the answer was no. They certainly had opinions I didn’t like bu they were not unlawful. Any rhetoric after that is politics.. plain and simple.

    Not to be flippant but isn’t that one of the MOST important reasons we HAVE to vote our party of choice? If we don’t there is a good chance we will be living with the consequences of the victor long after he/she is out of office.

    Is she liberal? probably, lord knows I hope so, but the truth of the matter is she is more than qualified and I have seen nothing in her rulings that suggest she is a racist, in fact the case you site, (Ricci) she didn’t even write the ruling, and it had nothing to do with race but rather that precedent in interpreting an employment discrimination statute compelled the decision. Have you read the ruling?

    I know in recent years it has been the GOP’s MO to call any person of color a racist. It is a rallying cry that resonates with white males as they look around and see their world changing. As they see the majority becoming the minority. Well my suggestion is wait, your turn is coming. All projections point to 2030/40. By then the minority will become the majority and we will see just who is racist and who isn’t.

  4. Salvatore Says:

    Thanks Chas, I will do a great job I
    You’d be better at most positions than most of the Presidents men to date.


  5. Gini Says:

    Ok Chas….I’ll behave, I promise. After all, I have important issues to think abt today. What color nail polish to put on, hum??? lol Gini

  6. Salvatore Says:

    Great job Chas,
    The timing was great for the President to get Pelosi off the front page, this nomination will sail through the senate because the Republicans will sit on their hands and say nothing because of the Hispanic vote,
    which is wrong in my opinion, she is not qualified for this position, and the Hispanic people know it,
    but they will get one of their own in a top position,
    just like with Obama, they knew he wasnt qualified to be President,
    but it didnt matter to them,
    I dont see it that way, if there was a Italian-American that was up for a position and that person wasnt qualified for that position,
    I wouldnt want that person in that position just because that person was like myself, at the end of the day we are Americans first,
    but some other groups of people dont see it that way,
    I hope you understand what Im trying to say,
    just like Pelsoi has no business being the speaker of the house,
    shes not qualified for that position.
    You are elected Speaker Sal. Qualifications has nothing to do with it. 😉


  7. Gini Says:

    I see you have a “troll” of your very own, right here! Excellent response, as always. Gini {not persuaded tho, as is usually the case.}
    Now now Gini.


  8. Gini Says:

    Ah Chas! A wonderful and informative piece, yet again. The “trolls” continue to try and drive the train, but America is waking to the facts, I hope, and tho these people will not be persuaded by facts, they can be marginalized, one hopes. Like “Carol” 🙂 I grow tired of conservative views being constantly demonized, w/impunity, while “liberal speak” is heralded as something “new and wonderful”, when indeed, it’s the same old tired message which would not stand for a second, if we had a real press. I wonder what will happen, when their toes get stepped on, because of course, they are in the cross hairs too….just further down the list, hum?? Nancy P? I think she’ll be “out of country” for a while….the huge question is, will “the people” forget her very bad behavior and hold her to account? or will she dodge another bullet. Her “legacy” is marked, regardless, with treasonous acts and will be recorded in the history of this nation. Gini
    I doubt the Speaker will face any more press on this matter.


  9. lori Says:

    Hey Chas! Who was it that said tyranny will come wrapped in a flag carrying a cross?? Or was it Fascism.. I always get those two mixed up. LOL

    on a serious note…. I looked up the definition of ” minority group ” and this is what I found.

    A subordinate group whose members have significantly less control or power over their lives than members of a dominant or majority group

    I suppose if you were to use this definition of a minority, Italian men (as in your example) wouldn’t fit the category of a minority group, therefore it would be tough to make the case you can substitute Italian men for Latino women in your analogy since Italian men are represented on the highest court.

    Being a leftie, I am not saying that quote was taken out of context, as you suggest, just that the full context is not show in your post or any far right posts, because of course you will try and and play whatever race card or dirty card you can find to discredit the nominee… I don’t blame ya.. that’s politics…. plain and simple, straight out of the play book and talking points… I’d do the same thing… Unless something comes out that we don’t already know, it’s gonna be tough to railroad this one though… From what I’ve read she is as solid as a rock….so far… we shall see.. namaste’
    Lori, Minority is less than. Women have minority status because of your definition, not the numerical count, which is the actual definition of minority.

    There is nothing dirty or racist about what I posted. I stand by what I wrote, and had anyone else made that comment you know what would happen. Now if you want to call that just politics, then it is one sided and certainly dirty.

    I don’t have to discredit her, her 2nd Amendment stance does that for me.


  10. Frank C Says:

    It is a shame that the media has lost it purpose for existing. In J-School they taught us to ask the tough questions and when we did not get an answer keep asking until they finally answer. Our media has lost its way as evidenced by the way it has covered the first few months of this Presidents appointments and activities.
    I wouldn’t even call it coverage, let’s call ikt what it is, promotion of the President.


  11. carolynro Says:

    I am always emotional, Chas. There is a difference between being emotional and upset. But, I am also clever so I decided to “become” her. It may have worked. We will see. I have to remind myself that one of my best arrows in my quiver is my sense of humor and ability to be ironic!
    Actually, your best weapon is the fact that you have “right” on your side.

    But I keep telling you guys, if you stop feeding the troll, it will have to forage for food elsewhere.


  12. Sterling Says:

    Wow. Once again, excellent work. Every point outlines a valid observation of the road guarded by the media, paved with socialism, leading to tyranny. The peoples’ lackadaisical attitude will be the nail in the coffin that contains what was once America.

    My voice grows hoarse. We can not be the only ones shouting.
    I try not to shout, hurts my throat. 😉 Speak strongly but not so loud. If you speak softly, people have to stop shouting in order to hear you. 😉


  13. Eileen Says:

    And so another person to keep an eye on.
    How do you keep you eye on them when the MSM quits covering them, ie The House Speaker?


  14. carolynro Says:

    I heard about the gun thing today. And why did not anyone glorify conservative minority nominees. I am exhausted by the rank hypocrasy which is why we were all messing with Evil Liz. I think she may be gone now. I can only speak for myself but I have had it with being polite and contrite with these posers- no matter where they show up.

    You have a gift and an interest in the Constitution and you articulate things so well. I write from a more emotional place and it has been too rainy for me to work outside which may have been a better use of my time! LOL. Thank you for sharing your “poetry”.
    You are way too kind Ma’am. Here is the thing with being emotional, you can’t argue with them. There is no defined way to measure them as there is with facts.

    Once you let a liberal control the argument by getting you emotional, you will lose the argument because you are fighting on their soil. They aren’t logical because there is no way to support what they do from that line of thinking, thus the emotional approach.


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