Another Friends List


Our first “friend: of the day is newly nominated Judge Sotomayor who brings empathy to the USSC, according to President Obama, (She also got the House Speaker off the Front Page).  But here is what empathy gets you in a Court.

You probably Don’t remember Frank Ricci.  I didn’t until I was reminded of his case.  Seems this man, who should have been a darling of Dems), was disabled.  He was dyslexic.  You would think that empathy would flow for such an individual.

Ahh, but there is more.  You see, with his own hard work Frank managed to pass the Lt test for the New Haven Fire Department.  He placed sixth, but still high enough to get promoted.  Hey give the guy a break, 6 with a learning disability, if he had had Government assistance they would love this guy.  Not Judge Sotomayor.

You see the promotions were taken to court and the results tossed out because there were no blacks that had scored high enough to pass.  Ricci and 19 others fought the dismal but guess who was on the 3 member panel that upheld the results dismisal?    No it wasn’t Obama, but it was his feeling of empathy apointee.

This is why Justice wears a blindfold.  Empathy has no place in the USSC, the only thing that there is room for is the Constitution.  PERIOD.

President Obama makes the list again as we get ready to change the name of General Motors to Government Motors.  We now own 70% of a Company that shares aren’t enough to tip a bar dancer.  Don’t be trying to shove a GM share in the panty of one, she might slap you.  The Union seems to get a fair share, if a profit can ever be made, guess who gets squat?  That’s right, the people that have their money tied up in the stock.  The investors get next to nothing.

Why does the Union, who really helped cause this mess, get more than the people who invested in the Company in the first place?  Oh yea, they gave money to the Dems.  Silly me.

Last “friend” for today is the GOP.  Seems they are split on how to oppose a racist, gun hating, anti-Constitutional Judge.  Their fear is that it will cause a Hispanic backlash.  This is why the GOP can’t win elections.  It’s all they worry about is winning.  They are more concerned about not losing a segment vote or a block vote than standing on principle.  That’s how Dems win, pandering to anyone, and saying anything they need to so they win.  I’m becoming an Independent the first chance I get.

When a former strategist for the GOP tells me “he’d rather win”, then I take it the alternative, having principles, is off the table.  And so am I.


“Rebellion to Tyranny is Obedience to God”


5 Responses to “Another Friends List”

  1. Frank C Says:

    The only good news about her appointment is that she is replacing another liberal on the USSC. The bad news is that he could appoint 2-3 more in the balance of his first (hopefully only) term.
    Could, but I doubt he will get that chance. Like Souter the leaning right of the court will wait until there is a Republican in the WH until they retire. Death, however is always uncertain at best.


  2. Mary Says:

    I keep wondering what will happen to Ford, since I work for a Ford dealership. I keep thinking that since now govt has taken over gm and Chrysler that Ford will have the squeeze put on them to file for bankruptcy or to take bail out money?

    Regarding the Republicans, why not ask the tough questions of the new nominee? They are afraid of losing their next election and losing the party as a whole. That is what it boils down to. Look at Specter, for an example. I am sure she will be a shoe in, so to speak with Specter.
    To quote Rich Galen, “I’d rather win” when questioned on why not stand on principle? Win or lose on what we believe?

    Which is why I plan to change to Independent.


  3. Eileen Says:

    I always feel so bad for the workers in this auto mess. Having been on the end of a a plant closing it is just devastating.
    And it’s always the little guy who gets hit the hardest.


  4. Gini Says:

    I certainly must agree, yet again, Chas. Of course, you are right. It’s frustrating that the GOP can’t get tuit, and of course, they will continue to loose if they can’t get on the same page with their constituents, and stop the pandering to the left, regardless of who it is. Conservatives win, of course, every time when the message isn’t muddied w/stupid, hum? It seems so clear to me, one always wonders how that message gets lost w/those who are “in the driver’s seat”.
    Our Constitution was written by men who wished there to be little confusion. One cannot hope to please all the people all the time, after all. This document when interpreted as written, protects the citizen fr an over zealous government, and protects everyone fr the heavy boot of government encroaching on our lives. Anyone sitting on the Supreme Court of the United States of America, who decides this should not be the case, is of course, in grave danger of making everything worse, rather than better. It would seem the judicial system as a whole, has lost track of that one and only responsibility. Gini
    So long as we allow them to drive the message and control the definition of words we have nothing with left to fight. Their policies hamper the good progress of people and kill incentive to do better. We must kill the argument that more is better.


  5. Sterling Says:

    A mutual friend refers to them as Generous Motors. That’s as applicable as Government Motors, don’t you think? And yes sir, you are correct: The union always gets theirs first. I mean, after all, what is their purpose, if not to see to that?

    It seems that they’re getting their money’s worth. So far.
    Very much so. I wonder how many union officers will be laid off? Yea, right.


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