You Might Be An Ideologue…



…your facts might not be my facts.

…that Clinton wasn’t impeached.

…The GOP is for smaller Government.

…The Democrats are looking out for you.

…There is a vast right wing anything.

… Laws actually control criminal behavior.

…That Gun control works.

…That Nationalized Health Care will work.

…That CNN is neutral.

…that Fox News is far right.

…that Limbaugh is an idiot, though you never listened to him.

…That killing murders is cruel, but killing babies is a “choice”.

…That there is common ground between you must die and let’s make peace.

… that Communism hasn’t worked because it has never been tried.

…That socialism is a better economic system than Capitalism.

…that you “know” more than people with more experience and knowledge than you.

…that Bush is at fault for all the problem’s we now face.

…that Obama will destroy this Country.

You can’t talk rationally to insane and steadfast  ideologues.

Which is why I don’t.


“Rebellion to Tyranny is Obedience to God”


6 Responses to “You Might Be An Ideologue…”

  1. Frank C Says:

    What if you believe all of the above are true… 😆

    You cannot debate ideologues…they don’t listen and can’t reason things out.

    Sounds like someone we both know….lol


  2. Salvatore Says:

    Morning Chas,
    I agree with the other comments,
    the only thing one can do is, to get the other person to think about what you are saying, to listen to your opinion, if they agree or not that depends on what you are talking about.
    Some you couldn’t change or even get their attention with a baseball bat Sal. As recent experience has just shown that in Ali’s.


  3. Gini Says:

    One doesn’t hope to persuade, one hopes to continue to enjoy the free speech provided to us by the constitution. When trying to converse with “ideologues” the conversation becomes impossible always, usually disintegrating into juvenile immature behavior one might expect from an angry child who didn’t get their way…and every parent knows those circumstances are difficult, at best, and further conversation is not engaged in at all. You have mentioned that several times! 🙂 We do continue to try, however, to persuade. I would not like it any other way, actually…nope, I would not. Loved your prose, again. A very good read, as always. lol I hope we will continue to shout out loud, that which is noble and good. We are not alone…there are many of “us” out there in “flyover” country, hum? lol
    Lots more than the press would have us believe, just many are too busy to serve their Country by having their voice heard.

    Stop sending these fools to DC.


  4. Jimmy Says:

    a novel, simplistic idea???? maybe I am naive? but it seems it’s never really been tired?
    You are fine, it’s them that are the problem.


  5. Jimmy Says:

    Chas, I think Eileen said it perfectly….we can’t often change someone’s mind….but opening up that peek inside….might make them think…..
    what if everyone thought before they spoke?
    what if no one yelled, lambasted, or accused?
    what if everyone just talked?
    Doesn’t that sound so nice? Sadly ideologues have no such capacity.


  6. Eileen Says:

    Wise words there. Neither side can often change the mind of the other. It may open up a peek hole and make someone think. We get stuck in our own camp too much.
    And my camp seems to get smaller all the time. 😉


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