Nothing political about this


baby 1


Pictures can be worth more than a thousand words, but in this case, it leaves me wordless.  The grownups are:  Rosemary, the new Mom laying in bed.  Ellynn, the new Aunt.  Then there is the new Granddaughter Haley Rose.

Thanks be to God for his plan and the safe delivery of this little bundle of joy.



4 Responses to “Nothing political about this”

  1. Gini Says:

    She’s just gorgeous Chas. Fun times ahead, I think, or so has been my experience so far. lol Thanks for letting us celebrate this moment with you…I feel definitely blessed to have such a nice friend. Gini
    Thanks Gini.


  2. PAT Says:

    congratulations to you and your lovely daughter it truly amazing when your child gives birth to another child life goes on and on and on i hope she brings you tons of smiles and lots of love that’s what their job is much happiness
    Thanks Pat. Seems like yesterday that I would rock her to sleep while listening to Billy Joel and singing to her.


  3. Salvatore Says:

    Very nice Chas,
    what a beautiful baby and Beautiful daughters,
    Congratulations My friend.
    Thank you my friend.


  4. Mary Says:

    Chas, what a blessing that you received yesterday. Both daughters and grandchild are beautiful!

    I see a child that is going to be spoiled………but it is ok, because my mother in law said it was written in the Bible somewhere. I have yet to find that passage……… I think we grandparents just do it, no matter what!

    Enjoy her.
    Thank you Mary.


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