Why Dems Like Moderates


I hear a lot of people, almost always from the left, telling everyone that will listen that the Republican Party needs to move closer to the center and ignore it’s hard right base.  Never mind that they don’t ignore their hard left base, this, in their thinking is the only way anything will ever get done.  (Anyone that believes that BTW hasn’t read the Constitutional Debates.  Parties couldn’t be more apart, but yet they did find a middle ground.  But that is because they were Statesmen, not politicians.)

There are a couple of reasons I believe for the desire for conservatives to shift.  For one thing, moderates are moderates because they don’t take a real stand on anything.  By not having a real principle to stand on those from the left know they can get a slight movement left from them in so-called cooperation.  Cooperation to a Democrat is they get 50% of what they want, which is generally 100% more than a conservative wants to give.

Which is why this was observed by Madison; “I believe there are more instances of the abridgement of the freedom of the people by gradual and silent encroachments of those in power than by violent and sudden usurpations.”

In other words they slip it in under the radar, mostly under the guise of compromise.  Let’s take 2 such examples.  When FDR told the Nation, not to worry, a Social Security Number would never be used for anything other than Social Security.  Obviously I can’t blame FDR that it is now required on dang near everything and it has become just what those opposed to it said it would become.  Nothing less than the branding like the Nazi’s were doing to the Jews.

Another favorite of mine is FDR telling us that Social Security would never be taxed.  Well, you know what happened to that promise.  Again, I am not blaming FDR for the changes, I do blame him for not seeing the course of history and knowing what power does to individuals.

And this is where moderates come in.  No one in their right mind believes that Social Security is Constitutional, it just “sounded” like a good idea at the time.  A bit of help to supplement your retirement, pushed through during a tough economical time.  But then things began to change.  Wouldn’t it be reasonable to also give some to those who can’t work?  How about kids who have ADHD?  How about immigrants who haven’t put anything into the system?

Bill at a time, slowly but surely the entitlements grew while the contributions dwindled.  Less workers supporting more retirees as we start to live longer.  Borrow a bit to cover some “extra” expenses, stick it in the general fund to make it look like we have or are getting a surplus instead of a debt, and guess what?  Moderation, compromise and bipartisanship has pretty much sunk the fund into red ink which our children will be paying for.

“Sounds” good at the time gives you slow but steady steps into socialism.  Further and further we walk away from the Constitution and more trouble seems to become us.  Social Security was nothing more than a savings account for heavens sake.  Congress couldn’t even run that.

These are the reasons that we need the strong right.  Someone to stand up and say the line is drawn here.  If you want to divert from the Constitution, then put in an Amendment and let it pass through the Congress and the States.  Because little things like this start happening:

Under a ruling from the Census Bureau you may have to answer personal questions, including income and numerous other questions that most find personal.  Under the guise of Federal Funding Dispersal it is being made mandatory that you answer these questions.  According to Bob Coats, the  N.C. governor’s census liaison the fines can amount to a $100 fine for skipping out on the forms. A $500 fine is the penalty for providing false information.

According to Article 1, Section 2, clause 3 the census is a enumeration of the population.  That’s numbers my friends.  Not your income, not your job, not anything else even your address.  It’s a head count.  Which also happens to fall under the Legislative Branch, in particular The House of Representatives.  The new Administration would like to change that also, of course without the necessary change in the Constitution.

Liberals couldn’t ruin this Country they way they have without the help of moderates, who can’t take a real stand on anything.  So basically the 10% or so who can’t stand on principle actually run the Country.  That should be a scary thought.


“Rebellion to Tyranny is Obedience to God”


4 Responses to “Why Dems Like Moderates”

  1. Gini Says:

    I am catching up on my reading Chas…great piece on the “moderates” who stand for nothing at all. And yes, pretty scary for sure. Gini 🙂

  2. Frank C Says:

    U are so right about the census. It is a headcount period! When I worked for them they had us using a GPS device and we had to put a spot on the map from the front door of the house…why I asked and the only answer I got was that is the way they wanted it. Could it be they are going to sell the map spots and addresses? I can understand it for very very rural areas in the middle of nowhere. But where I live there are 125 houses on the street and they are all right next to each other.
    And in a case like that there isn’t much you can do about it. But I can refuse to answer questions, I hope.


  3. Sterling Says:

    I’m so glad that you wrote on this subject. I’ve been saying the same thing myself. The only folks who are calling for moderation are the ones who elected a president who couldn’t be accused of being moderate in Europe. They stand on the far left and tell the people on the right that in order to find bipartisanship, they are the ones who need to move to the middle. Funny how conservatives are always the ones who need to compromise their principles.
    I would say that is because conservatives are the only ones that actually have principles to begin with. You cannot compromise something you do not have.


  4. Merle Says:

    Hope you can help me Thanks so much……
    No problem. This will be easier than trying to follow on Ali’s with all the post going by. I will e-mail you.


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