A Low and Away Screwball.


Let’s harken back to the days of the Campaign when Joe Biden was selected to be the VP assuring the questions of his obvious lack of foreign policy experience of the President were never asked.  Any gaps that the President might have, Mr. Biden would surely fill in the space.  Hello Shirley has called and thinks you jest.

The VP is running around promoting the not be issued, and not really working Stimulus Plan while the President, with all his lack of experience handles the new problems as they crop up.  And a fine job he is doing.  In response to North Korea firing rockets that could reach Hawaii, he cuts missile defense spending.  To answer the nuke program of Iran, he promises to stay out of their internal affairs and give gays working for the Government some bennies that normal people have.

You just can’t beat that response can you?  Even the United Nitwits couldn’t have had a worse response.  And where the heck is Jimmy Carter?  Isn’t he the lead Democrat Diplomat when it comes to crying about elections gone wrong?  Oh Wait, that’s right, their guy won.  While he might be a insane brutal maniac, he’s their maniac.  So let’s not give at least vocal support to those who feel their election was stolen.  Meanwhile, the “expert” of foreign affairs is trying to sell iceboxes to Eskimo’s.

And who came up with the plan that thinks that the Country that is subsidizing North Korea, China, is going to think it is in their best interest to tell them to listen to us?  One of the best thing’s in the World for China would be for North Korea to cause a lot of problems.  You know the UN can’t do anything about it, that is unless of course we supply the bulk of the assistance and force.

That would involve more spending, more debt and guess who gets to collect on that debt some day?  OR, we do nothing and let the Commies take over the South, something Democrats wouldn’t be all that upset about, and we again look weak in the eyes of the World especially you know who.  Some day soon I hope people will get it through their head that not every Nation on this planet has the same regard for life as we do.  Giving the past record of Communist in taking over other Countries, I hope we can generate more than a weak or non-response.

On the home front:

In his desire to get more people back to work, and the rate of unemployment continues to rise as his job rating falls, the President fires The Inspector General Gerald Walpin, an appointee of G.W. Bush.  Now under a law, as I understand it, this is perfectally fine, he should be serving under or at the pleasure of the President.  But according to a bill, one of the few he was there for, the President signed states that the IG must be given 30 days notice.

This is to allow time for rebuttal and to make the IG Office a little less political. So not only does the President not follow the law, he doesn’t follow a law he helped put in place.  This must be one of those “It sounded like a good idea at the time” type of votes.  The people liked it, but now that it applies to me, maybe it’s not so good an idea.

What this really goes to show is how much things change and what happens when you don’t think things through.  Some Democrats are calling for an explination from the Administration on this firing.  These people put this into place, well let’s be honest,  just to get at Bush.  Now they have caught one of their own in the net they have set.

Think about it, these are the people you are trusting to run the Country.  They can’t even run their Party.  I keep hearing the the GOP is out of power for 50 years or more.  Looking now at the results of the Dem run house, it’s looking more like 6 years.

I just hope there is still some recoverable free market left to rebuild the Country on.


“Rebellion to Tyranny is Obedience to God”


4 Responses to “A Low and Away Screwball.”

  1. Gini Says:

    Great read Chas…I agree, once again. Gini

  2. Frank C Says:

    Good piece Chas…Not only did Opresentvote vote for the bill, he was one of the sponsors of the 30 day wait before an IG can be fired. And I totally agree that as a political appointee he serves at the pleasure of the President, so Obillsponsor does not need a reason to fire him. It is strange that he was fired after raising questions about Kevin Johnson’s handling of government money. KJ was an Ospendthrift supporter.

  3. Sterling Says:

    It seems that a big portion of the country is starting to voice their concerns about the road the president is taking. Maybe folks are starting to come out of their stupor and get over their infatuation with the celebrity president. Or more likely, maybe we’re just starting to hear more of that dissent in the media. Either way, I’m encouraged that America is finding her voice.

    Good stuff, as always.
    Let’s hope she finds it by 2010 and sends a message. Otherwise it just might be hard to reverse the damage.


  4. Eileen Says:

    Another good read.

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