I’m getting pretty tired of the Administration calling everything a crisis.  Take Healthcare, the doom and gloom reports about how 46 million people are without health care.  I’ll even be nice and leave out the fact that who does and does not have health care isn’t a responsibility of the Federal Government. Let’s look at some real numbers of who is without health care.

There is a real difference in language here, so you have to be careful.  How many are without health care, the answer is zero.  By Federal Law anyone that walks into a hospital must be treated.  Which is a far cry from not having health insurance to be sure, but you will get health care.  But let’s look at the numbers the Administration tosses about.

70% of uninsured children are eligible for Medicaid, SCHIP, or both programs, a 2008 study by the Georgetown University Health Policy Institute shows and at least 14 million were eligible for either SCHIP or Medicaid.

Somewhere around those 46 million, 20 million are immigrants, and half of them are here illegally.  And then there is those, who much like myself years ago, simply don’t believe it is worth the cost and decline to have it.  The number could be as high as 18 million.

Now you are going to say; “wait a minute.  That is a lot more than 46 million.” And I say you are correct, because the Government in order to make it sound like a crisis tosses numbers around and actually having some counted two or three times because they fall into those three different categories.  Thus, they get counted all three times, or twice if that is the case.

But many can’t afford health insurance, you say.  That’s what they’d like you to believe.  Estimates say that almost 18 million people made over $50,000 a year and do not have health insurance.  Ten Million of them made over $75,000.  And please don’t tell me $50,000 isn’t enough, because I was paying for health insurance making a lot less than that.

So the quick score is with 18 million just not buying it, 10 million here illegally and lastly 14 million more who are able to receive either Medicaid or SCHIP, we are left with a grand crisis total of……….. 5 million.  OK that makes a crisis 0.01% of the population, (that’s 5 million people out of 365 million).  So we are going to saddle our children with 1.6 trillion to start, (because you know it is going to cost more than that), for 5 million people.

What people seem to forget is that the Government doesn’t have to make a profit.  So they can give some people give a-way’s like this because they just raise taxes to cover the loss.  The Postal Service for example.  What very well may happen is the Private sector will start failing, the Government provided insurance will increasingly gain more people and cost will skyrocket, just as they did back in the late 60’s.

This I believe is the plan.  Ruin the HMO’s and health insurance companies so the Government has the monopoly on the 17% of the economy related to healthcare.  Next will come control of the drug companies, forcing them to supply medicine at the Governments “approved” cost.

SIDE BAR:  Even if we accepted that all 46 million were without health care, that would still only be .1% of the population.  Hardly a crisis by any sane standard.  END SIDE BAR

Much of this information can be located in “The Top Ten Myths of American Health Care: A Citizen’s Guide” by Sally Pipes and the very partisan, (chuckle) CBO.

While people will say that Canada has a system that works, (which it really doesn’t), we have more people in the aforementioned example without than they have in population, (Canada’s last census was 33 million).  They can’t make a system that works with 33 million and some expect the US to do it for 365 million.  Good luck with that.

Don’t let the euroweenie syndrome suck you in.  No matter what they say, we still have the best health care system in the world.  And the proof of that is just about every world leader comes here when they need the best care.  They don’t rely on their socialized medicine plan, THEY COME HERE. And if you can’t grasp why that is, you should ave your voter registration card revoked.


“Rebellion to Tyranny is Obedience to God”


3 Responses to “HealthScare”

  1. Gini Says:

    Chas…another great read!!! I am almost caught up! lol Yes…illegal equals voting block, for sure. Maybe they might be surprised however, since those who come, do wish to realize the American dream, which is NOT socialism, after all? lol Perhaps? Your view of the health insurance/care is spot on, of course, and one would have to be woefully lacking any info, to not realize whatsup. Gini

  2. Eileen Says:

    Some times the problems seem overwhelming. I think the definition of “illegal” has been changed to deserving.
    I think the definition of illegal has been changed to voting block.


  3. Frank C Says:

    It is just “FUZZY MATH” my friend. You are right as usual everyone in this country gets medical attention when needed and Medicade is a big portion of the states yearly budget. Why is it that under Bush 43 the CBO numbers were the Platinum Standard, but not they are stilted and present a worst case scenario? Good job.

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