Take 5


It’s about that time of year again when I take my summer vacation.  This year it will be a staycation, but I will be taking the break from blogging just the same.  That is unless something really comes along and I can’t help myself.  So this will be my last blog until 6 July.

There are some worrisome poll numbers out there for the President.  “A New York Times/CBS News poll shows 60 percent of Americans do not believe the president has a strategy to reduce the deficit.” In itself not too much of a surprise.  I never thought the President had much of a plan for anything other than large power grabs into the States and Private Sectors.

What is slightly surprising is that the NYT/CBS News released those findings.  They aren’t exactly Pro-GOP sources.

“A Wall Street Journal/NBC poll says 58 percent of Americans want the president to make controlling the deficit a higher priority than a speedy economic recovery.” Which shows some smarts.  The economy will/would recover with or without the help of Congress or the President.  In fact just as in the Great Depression, the Government is more likely to impede a recovery.

“A Pew Research Center poll indicates 55 percent of Americans are optimistic the president will eventually reduce the budget deficit, but that’s a smaller number than the 61 percent of people who approve of him generally.” Now this makes one suspect the questing and the poll.  You can’t have 60% thinking he has no plan and 55% thinking he will get us out of this.  Unless of course dead Democrats are also responding so you can reach 115%.  😉

In any case RCP has the President still at 60% and 53.7% still disapprove of the job Congress is doing and 51.6% believe we are on the wrong track.

Next Topic:

Striking a “monuments to me” from an Appropriations Bill, Dave Obey had to defend himself against the altercation presented by Maxine Waters.  Seems she earmarked funds for an institute named after her.  Perhaps she has the Byrd Fever which makes him name every WV project after him.  In any event she then attempt to have the same money redirected through a school that would shift the funds to the institute, which was also shot down.  Obey was “accosted” by Waters who made quite the scene.

These are the “adults” that are supposed to represent you.  They are also going to show restraint and fix the economy.  Yea, Right.

Fly With Me:

You remember the Bridge to Nowhere?  How about an Airport in the middle of Nowhere?  The Federal Government has approved the spending of $12million dollars to build a new airport, they already have an airport, in Tokotna, Alaska.  So what you say?  OK, thee is a slight hitch, the town only has 46 residents.  The Federal Government is providing 95% of the funding of this project with the state providing the rest.  The DOT spends an average of about $140 million per year on rural airport projects and most is funded with federal money.  Rural airports, read backwater, tiny low use airports.

Remember economic discipline is the new rule for Congress.

Last Item, Serving Justice:

Jane Harman is not under investigation for bribery.  She has been dodging this allegation since 2005.

Jury selection is about to begin for William Jefferson now that he has run out of appeals in his attempt dodge the charges against him.  Jefferson you might recall in under indictment for bribery.  Some $90,000 was found in his freezer, wrapped in aluminum foil.  For over 2 years now Jefferson has attempted to block the evidence, part of which is a videotape of him accepting the bribe.  The serial numbers on the bills matched the bills given to the FBI informant.

I hope he gets the max sentance allowed by law.


“Rebellion to Tyranny is Obedience to God”


3 Responses to “Take 5”

  1. Visitor Says:

    You once invited me to your website. Thank you sir. I was honored. Although I disagree with much of what you say, it is interesting reading.
    I never ask you, or anyone, to agree with me Vis, I’m just giving my opinion based upon my experience and years of study of American Histroy.

    I, sir, am honored that you did come by and find my post interesting.


  2. flash-player Says:


  3. Gini Says:

    That would be nice, if he got the max, wouldn’t it. We’ll see what happens. Another great read Chas…a break? IF nothing happens??? YIKES! Well..ok then. Everyday is an adventure into what’s next, so enjoy the second you have off. hahaha! lol 🙂
    Thank you for all your comments Gini. And of course your support.


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