Not Mourning….


Robert McNamara, has died, but I do not mourn.  I am sorry that anyone dies, but we all do.  It is called the cycle of life.

The reason that I do not mourn his death, he handed America a defeat in War, that was avoidable.  We simply had to fight a War they way we have always fought wars.  We “lost” Vietnam not because we couldn’t win, we lost because we wouldn’t win.  We lost because Robert McNamara never believed we could win.  He set the tone for defeat and did everything to fulfill his outlook on the outcome.

The evidence is there.  When Richard Nixon took office the war turned a corner.  By the time we pulled out of South Vietnam, the North was beaten back to their own border.  We pulled out troops, and security remained.  The South managed to hold their own.  Then the Democrats in Congress put a hold on their funding for defense.  Time moved quick and the South fell and all because they had no beans and bullets.

We gave them victory.  I’ll not mourn for the man who placed the Country in such a state the our own treasures were spit at and despised because in part of his actions.  My prayers do go to those he left behind.

Michael Jackson…I can think of over 4,000 brave individuals who deserve a lot more attention than a drug dependant, child molesting, bubble gum singing self-absorbed idiot.  No average American would have even been walking the streets given the charges against MJ, and yet fools are lining up at the door to be seen at his circus.

I hope his kids fare better.


“Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid on Tuesday slammed the door on the idea of a second economic stimulus plan.” His reasoning is supposed to be that 90% of the first stimulus isn’t spent yet.  Actually the stimulus isn’t working so it makes no difference how much of it they spend.  It doesn’t stimulate but just spends.

Any other concerns for Harry?  You bet.  All of a sudden the 51% who think we are heading in the wrong direction as well as have an unfavorable opinion of Congress, might effect his thinking.  Especially since he is up for reelection next year!

I hope we are not being side tracked by a sick-o.

Look, we are running into tyranny and that’s the truth.  Read the Constitutional Debates.  They talked about this over 200 years ago.  Excessive Government ALWAYS leads to tranny.  Democracy is 51% of the voters taking away the rights, (or the money) of the other 49%.


“Rebellion to Tyranny is Obedience to God”


6 Responses to “Not Mourning….”

  1. Gini Says:

    Oh Chas…I was SO angry w/McNamara! and am still, even in his death. A disingenuous man, who pandered at the end, and tried to dissociate himself from allllllllllll responsibility. Oh my my my! I can’t even speak to this, w/o becoming enraged allllllll over again!!!! YIKES! Reid? I sure hope he does loose his seat. We’ll see if anyone is paying attn at all, very soon. His constituents should be just furious with him abt now, one might think. And, lastly, we were sidetracked by a tortured soul, for sure. lol Toooo sad, but we are a compassionate society, so this is no surprise at all. lol Even for this man, whose music may have been worthy of comment, however his life was certainly not at all. Gini…your biggest fan!!!! lol 🙂
    But having a fan such as you is so much more than I deserve. I am humbled by the honor Ma’am.


  2. Frank C Says:

    Right on about Harry R…he is worried about his future. Maybe he could be the second Senate Majority Leader defeated.

    Wacko Jacko got so much more play than he deserved
    It could only improve things if Harry got the boot.


  3. Salvatore Says:

    Morning Chas
    The people in Ohio are starting to wake up and I hope the people all over the country do the same….we hope and pray.
    I have hope Sal, just not a lot of confidence.


  4. Sterling Says:

    In a just world, Mr. Reid would most definitely be unseated, but our world seems to be more than a little unjust lately. However, the pendulum seems to be swinging back a bit, and hopefully it will correct itself in 2010.

    I won’t hold my breath, either, but I will keep my fingers crossed. 🙂
    How little attention the majority pays, or how little they care.


  5. Liz K Says:

    After visiting with several people in Vegas, Harry Reid might actually have a battle this time depending on who runs against him of course. If that person can avoid the “blame Bush” rhetoric, and focus on the lack of jobs in spite of Obama’s stimulus, there is a chance to unseat Reid.

    McNamara….one more example of why bureaucrats shouldn’t run wars.
    I’m not holding my breath. Once entrenched the odds of unseating an incumbent is very low.


  6. Eileen Says:

    We live in interesting times—forgot who said that.
    It’s a Chinese Curse. “May you live in interesting times”.


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