Socialism or Bust


Congress is selling your health care down the drain here.  Those who failed to read previous post of mine, I’ll point out that the last time the Federal Government got this deeply involved in the health care system cost shot through the roof.  Some 400% over 4 years, (Healthscare, was the title).

Undaunted by the facts, Congress presses ahead with a bill that, in my mind, will not only ruin health care in this Country, it will also put many people out of work as it will drive HMO’s and PPO’s out of business in a few very short years.  Once they are gone, then the Government becomes the final arbitrator  of medical treatment,  just as it is in Countries like Canada where people can wait for months to be seen.

People that actually earn a living in this Country will be footing the bill and those income brackets will continue to be lowered because you can only steal so much from the rich.  In other words $250,000 is only the upper end starting paoint.  One day it will be $50,000 and even lower.

Because there is one thing I know from years of watching Government programs that is the only certainty, the cost and the size of the program will grow in accordance with the expansion of the abuse it recieves.  This abuse is what has caused HMO’s to cost so much more.  People go to the Doctor  now for things your parents would have never even considered taking you for.

Next:  Up Goes the Market

Never ceases to amaze me that when Bush was President a 250 point rally was a “recovery gain” but with Obama it is a rally.  Bush no big deal, Obama huge advance.  This is how the market works.  Stop playing it as something it is not.

Nothing the Federal Government has done has made any change to what is happening right now, as far as the market goes.  This would have all happened if nothing had been done.  Maybe a month later down the road, but it would have happened.  Spending a Trillion did nothing but drive us deeper in debt.

Next:  Left  Hand, Right Hand.

I can’t be the only one who sees that Pelosi is getting some cover.  I know it is being said the the CIA did with hold information, but once again the Dems have moved the goal post and changed the original accusation.  Remember, the original charge revolved around waterboarding.  They, (the CIA), lied about it’s use or plans to use it.

New topic, a plan to spy that was never used wasn’t told to her.  In other words, there never was a pea under the shell people.  She lied and now the entire topic has been moved and you didn’t even notice did you?

Next:  Easy Sleigh Ride.

For 3 days now new Justice Sotomayor has been given the kid gloves treatment for her appointment to the USSC.

No surprise since there was never anything the GOP could do to stop if.  Having no backbone any longer, they are fearful of any real challenge because of the minority status of the nominee.

Just to review what the are afraid to really challenge:  Doesn’t believe that the 2nd Amendment applies to the States.  Doesn’t believe that white people can be the victim of discrimination.  Has no problem believing that being Latino she can arrive at a better decision than some white dude.  Lastly, she refuses to reveal her opinion on abortion.

She has used the new ploy, used by both sides, that I can’t answer because the case is not before me.

Last:  New now, shots fired in DC.

I live not that far from the murder capital of the Country and can tell you this is a daily thing.  The only difference  is it happened closer to the Capital than normal.


“Rebellion to Tyranny is Obedience to God”

3 Responses to “Socialism or Bust”

  1. Gini Says:

    Well Chas…the health care is such a huge money proposition, they just can’t help themselves as they are greedy, you see, and the health of the citizen is not the consideration here…the power and money is what is the consideration. No surprise at all, as the world turns on “power and money”.
    Sotomayor? Hummm..anyone voting for her, that does not agree with her, but is “afraid” to vote NO, I consider a coward! I am sure we allllllllllll agree on that, so no further comment is necessary. We continue to be sooooooo disappointed, when those who claim to be conservative, waver at the moment of actually standing firm, hum? Yep! Pelosi? She’s a liar and a thief, and a traitor on top, so no one should wonder that she would change it all up, hum? Of course she would!!!! NOTHING she does surprises me ever, as she is, again, “a liar, a thief, and a traitor”…..
    “a liar, a thief, and a traitor” On my. 😉

    I hope she finds the yellow brick road home.


  2. Eileen Says:

    I am glad I got out of the stock market when I did. Rocky times are ahead.
    It will only be a mistake if we survive this Administration, and that’s not looking so good.


  3. Frank C Says:

    Great topics Chas…everyone gets seen at the ER of a hospital, no matter what. Too bad the Capitol Cops wasted a bullet on that guy. There are others who would have been better off shot.

    CIA…what amazes me is that an agency that lies for a living would lie to a leaky sieve like Congress. It was secret for 8 years, but it took only 3 weeks to leak it after Congress was briefed.
    It is the misdirection that bothers me Frank.
    She was complaining about being lied to about waterboarding, not a potential spy project that was never put in place.


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