Dr. Roberts


I’m not as certain as the President is, that Healthcare is going to pass this year.  I do hope I am more in touch than he is, because this is an horrible idea.

How can ANY sane person think it is a good idea to give 17% of the economy over to the people who failed to watch over it to begin with?  Did Medicare help lower cost of healthcare?  Hell no, it increased it.  Did Medicaide lower the cost of healthcare?  Again, certainly not.

In fact from ’68 – ’72 the cost skyrocketed some 400%.  Hasn’t anyone ever read any history?  You want, or so the media would have us believe, to have the same people that can’t even run Social Security, which is nothing more than a savings account, and keep it from going broke, to “fix” healthcare.

However ,looking at the Presidents shrinking approval numbers, the Congress’s dismal approval and the direction is wrong heading, people may have started to understand smooth talk is one thing, getting the job done takes experience.

I’m not big on polls but:  A new Rasmussen Reports poll shows that most Americans – 50 percent – say it would not be a good idea to set up a government health insurance company to compete with private health insurance companies.

However, from the clueless sector:  Thirty-five percent of respondents said it would be a good idea.  I bet most of those 35% are just tired of sitting in the ER waiting to have a splinter removed.  I have no problem with the Government helping you to buy your own, but stop asking me to pay for it with tax increases.

On one key question, the poll found Americans split over the benefits of being able to buy insurance from a new government program. While 40 percent said they thought it would lower the quality of their care, 21 percent said it would improve the quality and 36 percent said it wouldn’t make any difference. The rest had no opinion.

Let’s dump 47 million new people into the laps of the private Doctors we now have and tell me how that is going to improve healthcare?  Does supply and demand ring a bell?  With no thought of improving the number of Doctors, there is no chance of care improving if the Private Doctors are forced to take care of these people.

I also want to point out that the oft used term of this Administration is Hurry.  Hurry this Bill through, (don’t bother to read it), hurry that bill through and now it is urgent that they pass the 1,000+ page bill without actually reading it.  What’s the rush?  Easy, look at the poll numbers.  His are sinking and people are concerned about the Government taking over the healthcare system.

The President claims he wants a bi-partisian bill, but both floors of Congress have ignored the GOP.   This bi-partisianship talk is smoke.  He, The President, is still in the “I won” after all mode.  So he could really care less now that ACORN had given him the Office and the Majority in Congress.

In 2010 let’s remember the words of Harry Reid when the Dems took control of the Houses of Congress:  We should never again allow one party to control both the White House and the Legislative Branches of Government.


“Rebellion to Tyranny is Obedience to God”


2 Responses to “Dr. Roberts”

  1. Gini Says:

    ~~sigh~~ Let’s hope, indeed, Chas.”Hope”fully “the rash” will have been contained, and Mary Jo will have been rescued, and sanity will again be the theme of the day!!!!!!!!! That may be the ONLY intelligent thing Harry Reid ever said! In fact, I’m sure it’s the only intelligent thing he ever said. lol Oh…by the way. The prez isn’t interested in bi-partisan anything. He is interested in riding on AFI, and having beer parties at the White House, when he’s home, of course, which isn’t often would seem? YIKES! lol 🙂
    Well…what a GREAT read sir!!! I am alllllllll caught up now! for a sec anyway, until you put thought to “pen” again, anyway. lol Gini
    I write mostly for you Ma;am 😉


  2. olinl Says:

    Well spoken. On point. Sums things up quite well.
    Thank you Olin. Nice to have you around.


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