Free Range Kids


This is the new phrase for what most of us consider a normal childhood.  I’m sure I am not so far from many when I say I left the house early in the morning and returned for lunch, dinner and the Street Lights coming on.

Today we are afraid to allow our kids to venture outside, to walk, let alone ride, their bike down the block, to be without a cell phone in case they need us, at any given time.  Many think this is because crime has gotten so much worse.  I’m not so sure about that.

I believe that there were always the same basic number of creeps out there.  No, it also isn’t because we have more News.  What has changed is the fact that we now treat criminals, like they are victims of their desires.  These are sick people, some of which don’t deserve to walk on the streets of society.

Why would you hold back from your desire to “do what feels good” if there is no real punishment?  Combine that with the low risk of getting caught before you do it multiple times before getting caught, it’s called a recipe for failure .  The trend of rehibilitation as opposed to punishment.  Faking getting better is easy, seems it happens all the time.  I believe that if criminals were to have to spend longer time in harsher conditions, it might not be so easy.

This might sound cruel, but I believe that the system has let those who have been put in it down.  When the inside looks better than that which awaits you on the outside, you are doing something wrong.  You are given those who break the law a better place to go.  Where is the incentive to reform yourself?

So back to Free Range Kids.  How does this apply?

It’s pretty easy to draw the line, but you never know who is reading.  In the yesteryear when men were men and women were moms and cops were something to worry about, kids behaved.  Talk about Occum’s Razor, see any direct correlation?  This isn’t really rocket surgery, no big brains needed.  When on the edge people, (might or might not engage in a criminal act), are put in jail and it sucks to be there, they are not all that thrilled with the opportunity of returning to that place.

These things are necessary to ensure the way of life this Country has enjoyed.  John Adams once pointed out that our Constitution is for only the moral and religious and unsuitable for any other.  What he meant by that is that we set our Constitution with the thought in mind that the people of America were able to control their own self.  That they would need little from a Government.  Barring that, then putting them away from society, so they could do no harm.  Them being those who were not able to control their desire to violate the laws of God and man.

Bottom line?   If you want your kids to be able to run the streets, (like kids leave the house these days), first thing you need to do is clean the streets.


“Rebellion to Tyranny is Obedience to God”


2 Responses to “Free Range Kids”

  1. Gini Says:

    Yep…nicely said Chas, and true, of course. As the streets are “not clean” and the “prosecutors” are sometimes on a trip w/o reason, parents are indeed responsible for keeping their children safe. Free Range kiddo’s? Prob not a good idea these days. IF they get caught, they could just be the “next example” law enforcement is looking for, hum? Just something to consider, as we consider it all, the chging times, the tolerance of the country for anything at all….prosecutors, whose job description is to CONVICT, if they wish to keep their job….just some points to ponder, in a society which says, you may murder them in the womb, but you will pay big if you touch them at all and we find out! Children’s services, which isn’t abt helping fam’s or children at all….yep! Much to consider. I suggest you keep your children close, and pray hard! They and you just might survive it all, just maybe! lol
    I am thankful that I have adults now. I wouldn’t want to raise kids now.

    Short story. My oldest came home one day after getting into some small trouble. I swatted her tail and she said I’m calling 9-11. I gave her the phone and said knock yourself out. But you will go to jail, she said.

    I said, maybe, but I’ll get home before you will. Think on this. Once you call they take both of us away, but you don’t get to come home. I do. You go to child services. Needless to say, she didn’t make the call.


  2. Eileen Says:

    Some excellent points. And the greatest threat to our children is the ” family member or friend”. Most molestations occur from them. Teach your children well, let them know they have a voice and USE IT.
    And that is a good point I overlooked. Just because they are family is no reason to ignore the crime.


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