Slip Sliding Away


It would seem that the Administrations big game platform has taken a toll on the Presidents popularity.  Many polls show him at or below  55%.  This at a time when he needs all the political capital he can muster to pass his socialized medicine bill.  Many of his own Party are bailing out faster than paratroopers on D-Day as people see what is actually in this bill.

Henry Waxman is so flustered he is saying he is going to ignore House rules and take the bill directly to the floor for a vote.  Rules meaning little to just about any politician.  I can’t even imagine the uproar from the media if the GOP had even suggested such a move.

The President sensing defeat is now saying he hopes it will be passed by years end instead of before the Congressional break.  Just like GITMO closing is on stand-by once he figured out NIMBY was a rule of law in Congress.

Is it just me or has anyone else noticed that The Presidents nominee for Surgeon General Regina Benjamin is at least 30 pounds overweight?  Now there’s a role model for a Nation with an epidemic weight problem.  This is as good as his naming a tax cheat as Treasury Secretary.  Maybe he can get a felon to be AG?  He has Holder, but he only gets pardons for felons, not sure that makes him one.

Who’s Sorry Now?

Peter Orszag who wsa once chairman of the CBO and is now the WH Budget Director all of a sudden thinks the CBO doesn’t know what it is talking about.  The said that the President’s health care plan doesn’t even come close to the savings he promises.  Now that’s a surprise.  NOT!

Obiden speaks

In what is a complete piece of spin without facts the VP tells us the “Recovery” is working.  Somehow we are expected to believe that  The stimulus is working because unemployment is at 9.5%.  The VP claims that one third of the stimulus is tax cuts.  Did you get a Tax Cut?  I don’t think $13 every other week is much of a cut.  It doesn’t even cover the increase in prices I am seeing because we stopped talking about drilling off shore.  Gas prices are on the rise again.

The so-called stimulus has done nothing.  The calming down of the stock market was a natural occurrence and one I said would happen when Bush was still in office and opposed the stimulus package as offered.  We all knew it was going to be nothing but pork because the Dems wrote it.

Last Thought.

The more I listen the more I am convinced that the Clueless-in-Chief has no idea of how capitalism works and knows even less about economics.

An extra tax on people that make over a million a year?  Pardon me but aren’t those people the ones who build businesses and hire people?  You want to take money away from people who hire people and what give it to people that don’t work?  Wouldn’t it make more sense to let …oh wait, making sense.  Sorry I brought it up.


“Rebellion to Tyranny is Obedience to God”


3 Responses to “Slip Sliding Away”

  1. Gini Says:

    Well..almost caught up, that is!!!! ha! The prez will say whatever pops into his head. That has been established, so nothing to add at all.
    Waxman looks like a cartoon characature, and acts like one too, so ‘nough said there also…a man who is not relevant, who would like very much to be relevant, but will prob not succeed ever.
    Regina is just a nice comfy weight, hum???? YIKES!!!!! lol 🙂 :mrgreen: Obiden is not relevant, tho he would REALLY like to be, for certain! YIKES, again! lol
    We did suspect the senator had no sense or experience for the job of prez, and much to our collective HORROR, we are being proved correct on a DAILY basis…not just a few miss steps, mind you, but daily acts of pure buffoonery! A dangerous man, in a dangerous time, for sure!
    Intelligence Chas? Not celebrated these days. In fact, it is condemned, would seem. You are a bright light in a contentious time, when stupid seems to permeate every part of our life! lol Gini~avid fan!!!!! :mrgreen: {I’m soooo glad the smiley faces are working again..small comforts, ya know.}
    I’m sooooooooo glad you bring your own special light into my blog Ms Virginia. Long live the cookie Czar


  2. James Gafney Says:

    Interesting points. We are dumping money into Iraq, Afghanistan, and now our own country…but in our own country, it’s being dumped into gigantic private corporations.

    Here’s an idea. Let’s get out of Iraq and Afghanistan today because they are bad investments on our time, money and more importantly lives, put the money into our country’s borders, infrastructure and green energy solutions and bring it all back in to ourselves until we are truly a super-power again!
    I will not suppose to disagree with you sir. My only thought would be that is it ever a waste of resources to grant freedom? I think not except to a people who still think it is the 4th Century. 😉

    Thanks for your service and thank you for reading and leaving a comment. I look forward to your return. I am going to have to plan a trip out there just to see you and the family again.


  3. Eileen Says:

    There are so many people who feel they are above the common folk.
    I heard on the radio that Wall Street Execs. are back to taking bonuses while other people’s pensions are in shambles. The elected in Washington must have had their commonsense removed when they crossed the line into the District.

    But when we all climb into that pine box or mahogany at the end of our journey and face our maker—there will be some “splaining” to do about how we treated others and used the gifts God gave us including our money.
    It just isn’t the business of politicians to determine who and how much of a bonus any citizen gets. The very thought of bailouts and public funds going to the private makes Jefferson turn over in his grave.


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