The First Step, is the Two Step


A week of being flown around the Country and giving Town Halls on Health Care has gained President Obama, less than nothing.  Not only has he wasted a tremendous amount of money, but all he did was drive the support numbers down.  In his defense the Congress hasn’t done any better.

That’s mostly because “No We Can’t” and no we shouldn’t has won.  The ploy failed.  This Administration tried to push this down out throats with a call for fast action, haste, my friends, makes waste.  And nobody does waste better than the Government.

Now, in an attempt to salvage some part of his dignity, the Administration is now saying that the Government run part of the plan wasn’t the key to it.  Fellow Democrats disagree and the House claims that without the Government plan in it, they will in no manner pass this Bill.  This means that no take over of the health care system is likely to happen in the near future.  Even if they pass part of it, it will have no teeth.

If you listen to what they are saying, it’s never been health care reform, it’s always been health insurance reform. Get those evil insurance companie they make money and employ people, uh, they cheat people, yea that’s it.

Well, on second thought, the President says I don’t want to make the insurance companies the bad guys.  The 2 minute waltz has less dance moves than this guy does…lol

On a closing thought, they have Brainacs like Dean that make comments like this;  “You can’t really do health reform without it,” Dean told NBC’s “Today Show.” “We shouldn’t spend $60 billion a year subsidizing the insurance industry.” Instead Dean thinks it’s great to spend $1.5 trillion dollars on health care.  Remember these people with math skills like this are running this Country.  Any questions on why we are in Debt?

But just because it looks as if we’ve beaten back the tide, it is only for the moment.  Liberals and Progressives, (Socialist too), have been trying to get this shoved down out throat since the early part of the 20th Century and Teddy Roosevelt.  Every time they try, they gain a little bit of ground.   A smart guy named Bismark is credited with saying that politics was the art of the possible.  If it is possible to move the Country a little left, then next time you can move it a little left again, and on and on.

Look at Socialist Security.  It started out as just a savings account to supplement your retirement income, (BTW FDR said your Social Security Number would NEVER be used for any other purpose.).  Today Socialist Security out spends it’s revenue by a large margin because it now goes to people that have never paid in to the system.

Just to let you know what a Ponzi scam Socialist Security really was from the beginning, the retirement age was set at 65 for a reason.  The average life span of a white working male….was 59 at the time of passage.

The bottom line here is the President over reached with his plan to change health care.  Just as Hillary did back in 92.  He, in other words, thought his election meant more than it actually meant.  It happens, you win, you win fairly big and think you can do whatever you want.  This is even easier to believe if the press seems to not actually talk about your plans.

The President won the elections by fewer States than President Bush did in 2004.  He had more votes, sure, more dead people and fraud more than likely with ACORN involved, but less backing from individual States.  That’s not a mandate, not by any means.  “I won”, isn’t a good enough reason Mr. President.  Not when so few States follow you.

Cap & Enslave:

The Australian Senate has just defeated that country’s version of cap-and-trade by a vote of 42-30.  The idea to drive ones economy into the ground seems to be getting bad reviews even down under.

It would seem that Ian Plimer who authored the book “Heaven and Earth”, (Global Warming the missing science ) has a good deal to do with that.  His book, it seems, points out all the mis-information and junk science used to dream up this Global Warming lunacy.  I remember reading an Article of his some years ago.  He is not an easy read, he he does lay out more facts, almost TMI, than most Authors.


“Rebellion to Tyranny is Obedience to God”


3 Responses to “The First Step, is the Two Step”

  1. Gini Says:

    Good read, as usual Chas. I do agree, this is a battle which must be fought over and over again. I hope it is staved off for a bit, anyway, while everyone gets a breath. Of course, we will see in 2010, and 2012, if the citizen was really REALLY paying attn, won’t we. And the battle is not ever actually won, as you have said so well, several times. Gini
    The more they push, the more it looks like a repeat of 1994. We can only hope.


  2. Eileen Says:

    And so many doctors and medical people were against it.
    Many hate the Medicare and Medicad thing because the Gov. keeps cost low by refusing to pay a fair price for the service. They know this is what will happen with National Health Care.


  3. Frank C Says:

    Another fine piece CHAS…His numbers are dropping like a sea anchor on an aircraft carrier…I loved his line in the “Town Hall Campaign Trip” where he said it was great to be out of DC…how would he know he has not been there long enough. I wonder how much his kids sightseeing and whitewater rafting trip cost us for these “Toxic Hall Meetings” cost the taxpayers.
    I was wondering the same thing Frank. More days on the road than in DC and it’s great to be out of it? Why run then, I would ask.

    But for now, be happy that the tide has been stalled. But let’s not give up the fight, they will be back.


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