Table For Two?


Barney Frank, (of easiest path to the single payer system fame), tells “crazy” nut job who questions health care and calls Obama “Hitler” that he’d rather debate a dinning room table.  Thinking he was dealing with a right wing nut job, he lashes out at her.  Problem is that she was a left wing nut job.  I wonder if Boxer will call her a plant?

I’m getting pretty tired of writing about health care.  Disapproval to the handling of the whole mess by the President is now at 50%.  The Presidents approval rating overall is down to 51%.  Health care is beginning to drag him down to earth, free liberal press not withstanding.

Speaking of which, have you noticed that the news seems to have forgotten the “real” war on Terror?  Afghanistan has heated up, troops are dying more now than before and it’s strangely silent out there in the media.  Where is the outrage over troops deaths now?  Why was every Serviceman’s death blood on Bush’s hands but somehow Obama is spared any responsibility?

Not having learned anything from the first time around, cash for clunkers is about out of money again.  The Feds said this additional $2 Billion dollars of our tax money was supposed to fund the program until Labor Day.  It’s not going to make it.  Showing once again the Gov’t has no clue as how to estimate the cost of anything.

So what else have we learned from cash for clunkers?  We learn that if you give people money they will spend it.  Guess what happens with Tax Breaks?  This is how the GOP tends to want to handle the problem.  Trouble is that when you cut revenue, you have to cut spending.  Neither Party has been willing to follow that simple line of thinking.

The Democrats tend to “target” who gets help.  Instead of helping all, they target those who would tend to vote for them.  Buying votes is the nicest way to put it.  How many of these people wouldn’t been able to afford a new car if not for this program?  More importantly, how many could and just took advantage of free money.

I work with a person who did just that. He  had no need for a new vehicle, he had 2 fairly new vehicles.  But he had an old pick up that he he almost never drove.  He has a large home and makes a good dollar and could have bought a new vehicle any time he wanted.  He opted to take the free money, that comes from you and me, and purchase another vehicle, one that he doesn’t actually need.

There should have been an income test to qualify for the program.  No reason why someone who could really afford a vehicle should get money just to bolster the Gov’t run Car Company, with our tax dollars.

Lastly, a$$wipes let a killer go free because he’s dying?  Who cares if he’s dying?  He sure didn’t care about the 270 people he killed.  And to top it all off, he gets a hero’s welcome when he gets home.  Why don’t you just spit n the face of those who were left behind while you are at it.


“Rebellion to Tyranny is Obedience to God”


5 Responses to “Table For Two?”

  1. Salvatore Says:

    Morning Chas
    We have troops dying and the MSM don’t even talk about it,
    but under the Bush Administration we heard about everyday,
    and for this cash for clunkers they say its a success,
    not for the taxpayer.
    Great post Chas.
    Thanks Sal. Nothing like a good old obvious double standard is there?


  2. olinl Says:

    For those who took advantage of Cash for Clunkers, thank your grandchildren. They are the ones that will pay if the US does not declare bankruptcy first How would that play in the world economy? Me thinks we are no longer the super-power in charge, because we are beholden to our creditors.
    Let me get this straight, we pay 20% of the cost of a new car with our tax dollars, to a company we already own a majority share, and call this a success. Then we don’t pay the dealership and force them to make the car unusable so even the parts of the engine are no good.

    Sounds like a plan to me…NOT


  3. Gini Says:

    There prob should have been some sort of something put on the cash for clunkers Chas. Don’t know how on earth someone with, however, could have been excluded, actually. A mere 4500, or so, seems a small bit, when the car is so expensive to begin with, so was not interested to begin with. Don’t want a car payment at all, thanks anyway. Would rather drive what I have for a while, and then find another “deal” when I need another vehicle. It’s a mess for sure, and a lesson on government intervention, and just how well they CAN’T do anything, I agree.
    Of course, Barney is just the very worst of the worst. I can’t hardly stand to even read his name, much less type it! Creepy “fellow” for sure. Hopefully they will vote his arse out of office!!
    I too wonder why they are letting the fellow out to “die at home”. huh? Compassionate? No…a$$wipes, is an accurate description, for sure. None of those people got to go “home” to their fam’s, so what makes him so special? Could it be the “cost” of his meds while in custody, that drove them to release him? Why spend the money, if he’s going to die anyway? Of course, he could live for yrs yet, as we all know. How easily one forgets the horror of that news day, hum? lol
    Oh my Chas…the war? What war? Is there a war? YIKES! This is the “war” he promised to get us out of, isn’t it? The “legitimate” war? Oh my…don’t tell, he lied? LIED??? Our soldiers continue to fight bravely and heroically, despite our prez and his agenda to destroy all that is America. Gini
    True $4,500 seems small, until it becomes $3 Billion. Didn’t someone once say if you talk enough millions you end up with billions? Of course now that is Trillions.

    Always a pleasure to have you visit Gini. Thank you so much for your support.


  4. Jim Says:

    I am so with you on this one brother! I have been tracking the news when I can from over here and every time I read it, I wonder what the hell I’m going to return home to.
    The first thought that came to mind was “Larson”. 😉 Seriously, we are stronger than any group of Washingtonians they can throw at us. I have to believe that or the direction we are heading would be too depressing.


  5. Frank C Says:

    Yep. there are a lot of good topics out there for us.

    Cash for Clunkers as of today has only paid 8% of the claims. The dealers are stopping the program before it ends. One of our local dealers has been paid for only 2 of 45 deals. That translates to $172k out of his line of credit…

    And they want to run healthcare!
    As I have said, if you believe that the Gov’t can help Amtrack run in the black, then you might believe they can run health care.


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