You Can’t Get There From Here


It does actually seem that you can.

In a matter of just over 200 years we went from a small Government to one that tells you how to raise your kids.

We went from people who wrote things like; “We find these truth’s to be self-evident…” To “the press gets sort of wee weed this time of year”

From “All men are created equal…” to welfare and hate crime along with special advantages for minorities.

We gone from Government by the people, for the people, to so-called Representatives complaining about the voters challenging his view.  What’s more hearing one claim he had no responsibility other than voting for what HE feels is best for the people.

We now have so-called Representatives that despite 68% of the public being against a Bailout Bill, pass it anyway, because “we don’t understand”.  What understanding something and voicing and voting the desires of those who vote you into office escapes me.  I would think a representative would be just that, a representative for those who vote him/her into office.  Am I wrong there?

The majority increasingly doesn’t want a Government run Health Care option, yet the Administration seem determined, along with the Congress, to force it upon us regardless of the voters desire.  This isn’t Government “by the people’, this is tyranny, plain, simple and pure.

Some might think tyranny is a rather extreme term, but what else do you call a Government that ignores its citizens?  What do you call a Government that ignore the cry of the people for lower taxes, less spending and less invasive laws?   What do you call a Government that issue laws for the populace, yet exempts its self?

If, as Jefferson claimed, all power to Government emanates from the wish of the governed, why are we the people ignored?  More importantly, why do we tolerate it?  This is no longer a Party issue.  It isn’t just Democrats, though right now they seem bent on moving us further along the left road.  The GOP isn’t a heck of a lot better.

I don’t advocate violence or violent rebellion, but we have to band together and get these people, who make a living lying to us in order to get elected, so they can  ignore us once there, out of office.  Then, like the short term memory people we tend to be, we vote them back in later.

One of the truth’s of the Declaration of Independence is that the people have the right and DUTY to ensure the prosperity of future generations to toss off the yoke of tyranny when the rulers fail to reflect the desires and needs of its people.  Is this present two-party system doing that for you?

Are you still voting because some liar is listed as a D or R?  Acorn thrived on getting people to vote for “change” without understanding what they were voting for.  Now, that his chickens are sitting on the fence, many who fell for that line are now sorry.  That is obvious but the falling support numbers.  We, the common man, knows America isn’t the world’s problem, it is the world’s answer.  Stop apologizing because we are great.  People aren’t fleeing to other Countries like they do here.  When world leaders are sick, they don’t settle for socialized health care like the regular citizen, they come here.

If you have a problem voting for a Democrat because he is a Democrat, think of it as voting against the guy who hasn’t been representing you.  The converse is true.  If you aren’t getting representation from your Democrat, don’t vote for the Republican, vote against the Democrat.

Last Item: The next crisis.

As the Health care socialization continues to lose support, is it just a chance that the next crisis is the Swine Flu, (again), and estimates of as many as 90,000 people needing hospitalization?   Last scare fizzled, it turned out to be a tempest in a teapot.  Me thinks this will also.  But it does help with the feeble minded to move them towards the plan I would think.


“Rebellion to Tyranny is Obedience to God”


6 Responses to “You Can’t Get There From Here”

  1. Gini Says:

    He’s rather wonderful, isn’t he Colleen. You won’t be able to stay away, once you’ve been here, of course. Gini
    Not sure I am all that Gini, but thank you.


  2. Colleen Says:

    Chas,finally I got to read some of your posts Chas. You speak from the heart & what one would call a ” Ole Soul”, I mean that it a good way. I will be back to keep reading them.
    As for the Flu & Swine Flu, I pray that it falls way short of the Governments dire threats.
    Although it not going to stop me from putting up a Sign to all who enter ” Wash Hands ” & Please use Kleenex when & if you cough! In this home I have a lot of people in & out including the dreaded petri dishes ( kids ) !!! LOL
    Thank you ever so much for coming by and reading Colleen. I enjoy hearing from new readers. I always try and respond to post here so check back. There are some very good and some not as good entries here, I by no means bat 1.000, but I do try.

    Best to you and your petri dishes. 😉


  3. Gini Says:

    One hopes that this time around, each voter does a bit of research on just who they might be voting to represent them. We do here, but I know many who push their party button, w/o pause. We continue to wait for 2010, and hope to stem the tide at that point, of the socialist agenda continuing to inch itself into our lives. Citizens sure do need to pay attn, and they need to vote! Staying home solves nothing at all. I am still chagrined that was the tool used last time, by some. At any rate…good read as always, and we are resolved to not get too tired with it all, and there sure is a lot being thrown out there for everyone to consider. This is the time for people to listen carefully, think abt what they have been told, and discern what is true and what is not true….using the Constitution as their guide, they should be able to actually do this. With your great pieces, it is made easier…thanks, again, Chas, for your considerable research on the “news of the day”, and your historical prospective on it all, as it relates to our Constitution. Gini.
    Thank you Gini. I am hopeful that we are looking at 1994 all over again. History does tend to repeat its self when the movers and shakers fail to learn from it.


  4. Salvatore Says:

    Morning Chas,
    We have to stand together and defend our country,
    I cant believe whats going on here, if this was happening in another country, what would we think? we cant say it , but we think it.
    Great post Chas.
    It is far past time we forced Washington to understand the reality of our system of Government. The Government is for the convenience of the people, not the other way around.


  5. Heather k Says:

    Chas, first I want to tell u that I am very impressed with the eloquence in which you speak. We both want the truth. ; growing up in a political background, I wanted no part of it, I didn’t trust politicians then or now. When I go into the voting booth, I usually say a prayer after I make my selection; I agree with most of your outlook. Keep up the good work; we as patriotic Americans and free speech have the right to voice our opinions particuarly to those that we select in office as we cross our fingers and more importantly, that we made the right decision. I never thought I would live long enough to see this mess, yes I am concern for my healthcare but I am even more concern for the kids in my family and of the world, the future looks dismal, I don’t wack anyone in the head with the Bible, but God is left out of all of this, and I don’t think our forefathers would approve of decisions that are being made; I would like to read that bill, but I don’t know if I have the stamina to read something as huge as War and Peace. We can only pray, trust and speak up if we don’t like what we hear. I listen to both sides, than I make a decision.
    Heather, thank you for stopping by and reading. And thank you for your more than kind words. I remember that Jefferson said something like; “If God is just, then I tremble for my Country”.

    I think today Jefferson would more than tremble, he’d be hinding under his desk.


  6. βɛʈʈɥ Says:

    Good morning chas ~

    Yesterday the headline on Drudge was Virus Poses Serious Threat to Nation in reference to the swine flu, actually they had swine flu in the headline, yesterday morning seems so long ago, a lot of sheet happening in between then and now.

    At least here I get to say hi to you and I know you’ll read it, ha! 😎
    I’m happy you did Betty. I just keep recalling all the crisis’s we’ve had so far this year. And this one is recycled. They were wrong the last time.


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