Was Marx Correct?


In June of 1982, then, President Ronald Reagan spoke before the British Parliament and made a remarkable statement.  What I find remarkable about it will be made clear when I change to this Country involved.  Let’s first see what the President had to say.

In an ironic sense Karl Mark was right.  We are witnessing today a great revolutionary crisis, a crisis where the demands of the economic order are colliding directly with the political order.  But the crisis is happening not in the free, non-Marxist West but in the home of Marxism-Leninism, the Soviet Union”. (ref: “Dutch by Edmund Morris, pg 461)

Though I would never claim to have the abilities of President Reagan, let me re-write this to apply to today.

“In an realistic sense Karl Marx was correct.  We are witnessing a great revolutionary crisis, a crisis where the demands of the Government are colliding directly with the demands of the people.  But this crisis is not happening in the Soviet Union or in another Communist State, but in the Home of free economy and self-government.”

When the elected representatives decide that they no longer actually represent us.  When they can feel free and safe to say “we don’t care what you want, we vote what we feel is best for you”, then there is time for change.

No truer words were ever spoken than Th. Jefferson when he said; “Dependence begets subservience and venality, suffocates the germ of virtue, and prepares fit tools for the designs of ambition.” If you need a perfect example, look at Socialist Security.  No one will call it what it rightfully should be called, a bad idea, a Ponzi plot to steal money from those who have.  Remember, the retirement age was set at 65 at a time when the average life span was 59.  If that doesn’t shout out to you I don’t know what will.

What Marx counted on was the laziness of man.  Those who would not, living a life of comfort on the backs of those who would.  Number three of the communist manifesto is a PROGRESSIVE TAX. He also counted upon controlling the press.  I remember hearing one time that you should never pick a fight with people that purchase ink by the barrel.

Which should make you think we would hear more about the downside of Socialized Medicine, yet 2 networks refuse to air paid opposition to the Nationalization of Health care.    So I will argue with Mr. Jefferson when he said; No government ought to be without censors; and where the press is free no one ever will.” Because when the majority of the “press” is in the “tank” with trial lawyers and socialist, then it is only a free press in as much as they can spill out their comments and opinions, without regard to truth or fact.

Today the “press” is free, but to the detriment of society because they want to only push their agenda.  Facts be damned, history be damned, the majority be damned, we are the “press” and this is what you should want.  Once the Government controlled education, (Dept of Education), once the “press” jumped on the socialist band wagon and once we decided to relegate or advocate to the Government to take control of our problems, we become the children of the Government.   Our country is now taking so steady a course as to show by what road it will pass to destruction, to wit: by consolidation of power first, and then corruption, its necessary consequence.” Th. Jefferson

Th. Jefferson also remarked that Democracies are the shortest of lived in the pages of History.  It isn’t even mob rule, it’s the loudest minority rule that is killing us.


“Rebellion to Tyranny is Obedience to God”

9 Responses to “Was Marx Correct?”

  1. Colleen Says:

    I fear this Great Country of ours will implode right on top of us if the soft’ies who want to hold the hands of terrorist & minority comes to be the only voice that Washington hears.
    Great post Chas as always, Colleen
    Thank you Ma’am. If Senators were not elected, they could actually do the job they were supposed to do and defend the rights of the State. They are now subject to the same election pressure as a Representative, which since the Large cities tend have have the most minority votes and the most votes, end the idea of State rights.

    We should hear the voice of minorities, they should not however be the majority voice. A Republic doesn’t run this way.


  2. Eileen Says:

    Lots on interesting thoughts.
    Thank you dear.


  3. Gini Says:

    I am happy to PUSH you along Chas! ha hahaha ha ha ha! It’s like the closet…always needing tending, hum? YIKES! lol You do keep me on my toes, for sure, as well as informed abt the “news of the day” and what it might mean to us all, fr a Constitutional view point. All that info! YIKES! You will NEVER be able to stop, now that you have started. lol Continuing to be an avid fan, Gini…
    I’ll write as long as you read. A great person to write to is better than a room full of idiots.


  4. Gini Says:

    Another great blog Chas…I thought I was caught up, but not! and shouldn’t expect to be, as the ‘news of the day’ becomes more alarming by the moment. I didn’t know either, until I read it here, that the age was set, with the expectation of not having to pay, hum? Shouldn’t be surprised, at all, of course. Spectacular piece, as always. I continue to be an avid fan. Gini
    I write another as soon as you catch up just to keep you on your toes my dear…lol


  5. alfresco Says:

    Your site has been a great inspiration and the knowledge gained has gotten me past the obstacle blocking my way.
    I am most happy to hear you have enjoyed my little blog and that it has been of benefit to you.

    I hope you continue to come by and comment.


  6. Sterling Says:

    I must admit that I have always been suspicious and skeptical of government, but I did not know that SS was implemented at a time when average life expectancy was only 59. Geeze, why would I be surprised by that?

    Thanks, as always, for your insight and good work, chas.
    And yours was excellent also Sterling. I use to have the whole story on how SS got started and the illegal things FDR did to get it passed. I’m sure you could find it if you looked.


  7. Salvatore Says:

    What we think is going on…is going on,
    and its not in another country…..its here at home.
    Great post Chas.
    Thank you Sal. Even the founders knew the greatest danger we faced was our self. We can’t be conquered from without, we are dying from within.


  8. Frank C Says:

    The words of TJ certainly are appropriate for OIlovemyself with the consolidation of power (Czars) in the White House…you make some excellent points, as always.
    TY. Strange how he saw all this over 200 years ago.


  9. carolynro Says:

    Loved it, Chas. Minority rule will kill us.
    TY. It is the reason we had a Republic and not a Democracy.


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