Kicking and Screaming


Seems the President has to try yet again to come up with a speech that will move the poll numbers from the against his take over of the health care industry.  The President has not read Jefferson who said “Delay is preferable to error.

The majority now think the plans of the Administration are NOT what they voted for, but the Congress and the Administration seem determined to push it through regardless.  Do so at the risk of your seat and occupation.  If you haven’t figured out why it is such a priority, something that has been here for decades, it’s because the longer it is out there the more support is lost.  The closer it comes to next year, when the voters will remember who voted for it against their will.

Speaker Pelosi is now even calling for a vote on a single payer health care system.  How out of touch is that?  She can’t get a Government options passed in the Senate, (which Barney Frank said was the first step to a single payer system), and she wants to push the envelope and go right to the single care system, which is Canada and England’s system of standing in line and rationed care.  Unless you have the money like Paul McCartney and you can fly your wife to the USA for the BEST care available.

So, no matter what the President says, no matter what the Media tries to spin, this is a move by the Democrats to push a single payer health care system on us,  if not by inches then yards and in the end miles, that has been overwhelming rejected for almost 100 years.  Think about that, these progressives, liberals, socialist, communist, call them what you will, but have tried to force this on America and have been rejected.

These people just don’t get it.  We the people of the United States, in order to form a more perfect Union, say get the heck out of our lives, take your socialized medicine and put it where the sun don’t shine, and I don’t mean Portland.  What part of almost 100 years of NO don’t you seem to get?

But screw the people, even when the second in line Sten Hoyer gets booed in his very blue State of Maryland, let’s get this done.  I don’t care, said the President, if I am a one term President, as long as I get this passed.  Wait, even at the expense of another term, against the wishes of the American people, who, BTW, you are sworn to represent and protect, you don’t care?

How can the President of the United States not care what the people think?  For certain people said they wanted a reform of the Health care system, but they have demonstrated, that taking it over or changing it to a single payer system was NOT what they had in mind.  You are touted to be a smart man, prove it by starting over.  Find ways to lower cost, like tort reform, for starters.  Give up this unconstitutional program that will force everyone to be a part of it.  Force everyone to contribute to it regardless of how much they oppose it.

“To compel a man to subsidize with his taxes the propagation of ideas which He disbelieves and abhors is sinful and tyrannical.” Th. Jefferson

Drag us there if you want, just be ready to be unemployed, we will go kicking and screaming all the way.  The force against is so strong even blue states are against it, you may go back to actually earning a living.  Now if we could just get rid of your lifetime pensions for so few years of service, we could get some real work done.


“Rebellion to Tyranny is Obedience to God”


7 Responses to “Kicking and Screaming”

  1. Liz K Says:

    I totally agree that the “plan” is to force a single payer system by hook or by crook….mostly by crook it would seem in this administration. As I’ve mentioned to you before, my belief is that their goal is control, and what is more effective than control of our health? I sincerely pray that the sleeping giant that is the American people has awakened and will not fall asleep again.
    Both Pelosi and Frank have stated as much. I can’t see how you can make it any more obvious than that.


  2. Mary Says:

    Great blog Chas, as always. One thing I have noticed in the two years that we have had to endure his constant presence on TV, is that this man does not know what he is doing. He has surrounded himself with the radicals, (of which we were all warned) but the MSM didn’t care and as a result did not do their job.This is a prime example of how the media, while enabling and facilitating the Democrat’s agenda, are also hurting them.

    Democrats no longer have to struggle to get their ideas out there. The media practically writes the script for them. That’s why it’s easier than ever for a dangerously empty suit with an ever-present TelePrompTer can win an election. And have no clue how to lead.

    So I won’t listen to his speech once again on TV, but will listen to people pick it apart. I do not think he will draw the people to the tube this time, he is losing the independents and those people that did vote in Nov.08 are now having voter’s remorse. The POTUS are taking a stand, and it is showing all across America Chas. There is a light at the end of that dark tunnel.
    They never had to struggle to get their ideas out there but it isn’t media that writes the script, the Dems Write they report. It’s the reason they so hate Fox News, the Dems can’t write their script for them.

    I did of course gave a line up of his “usual suspects”, prior to the election. Many did, but were ignore. It has, as his Reverend said, now come home to roost.

    As always, thank you for reading and commenting.


  3. Gini Says:

    Wow…well, of course, I agree. He doesn’t care? He may not care, actually. Is his plan to be prez of the USA, or RULER of the world. An arrogant man, of little faith, whose agenda IS his primary goal, and no, he doesn’t give a fig how he gets it, as long as it is got! We continue to pray for our country, and actively fight against those who THINK they are in control of it all…..Gini {oops! Their first mistake, perhaps?}
    I don’t really believe he wants to be Ruler of the World, at least not if he is actually living on this planet, he isn’t maintaining his popularity overseas anymore than he is here in the USA.

    But he is dedicated to the idea that Government is the answer instead of the problem. He like many of our elected officials are concerned more about Party than their constituents, or the Country.


  4. Frank C Says:

    Great post Chas…now he is making an address to a Joint Session of Congress to “reframe his” health care plan. Unless I am mistaken he has been riding in the back seat while Nazi Pelosi and Hardhead Reid drive this bus.
    He is being forced to re-articulate yet another version of the same idea, single payer health care, which we keep rejecting. As I said it’s all about what he and they want, no longer about what we demand or want.


  5. Salvatore Says:

    Great post Chas.
    Thank You Sal. It always gives me inspiration to keep writing knowing people like you keep coming.


  6. Salvatore Says:

    Morning Chas,
    Just make me think that there are people in our government,
    and we all know who they are,
    that just want to change America as we know it,
    at our expense…..they just dont like our country,
    then they wonder why we think the way that we do.
    I’m not convinced that they don’t like our Country, they just want to see it run in a different form. I don’t agree that it is possible to run it they way they want to and still be the Republic we are.

    There lies the bones of contention.


  7. James Gafney Says:

    You always give me something to think about!
    I would think, given where you are and what you are doing you’d have more than enough to think about. 😉

    Stay safe my friend.


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