When History Repeats


I know not so many people these days think history is really worth thinking about, let alone learning.  Sadly, the President is in that class or group of people who believe that history is in the past.

In the mid 60’s through the late 60’s LBJ tried to fight a major War and at the same time tried to revamp the healthcare system in this Country.  The eventual results were the increase, by some 400% in the cost of medical treatment and the loss of support of the War which cost the lives of over a million people.  It also sent over 2 million people to “re-education” camps.

The President has said; “You have to learn lessons from history. On the other hand, each historical moment is different. You never step into the same river twice. And so Afghanistan is not Vietnam.” Not in geography maybe, but in actual historical position, very much so.  Only the numbers have changed, less Americans dying, but the cost is higher.  Healthcare now is already costly, want to see another 400% increase?

We are looking at people who underestimated “cash for clunkers” by 300%.  They are saying that healthcare will cost $1 trillion.  Care to do the math for what that will cost?

What I really want to talk about the “Good War” in Afghanistan.  The so-called good war is where the candidate Obama said President Bush took his “eye off the ball” in the War on Terror, which is now the overseas contingency or something like that.    What up with that?

Now all of a sudden, a person with NO military background, wants to think about the recommendations of his top military officers.   Now Afghanistan can wait for the minute, while he thinks about it, but we have to rush into something that will cost 300 times or more that isn’t really a crisis.  Are the American people really this stupid?  I would like to think not.

How many more back offs are his far left base going to stand and how many more lies are the American people going to take?  If you haven’t read any history or aren’t old enough to remember this period of history under LBJ, you seriously have to be dumb, blind or just plain stupid not to see how closely they mimic each other.

LBJ said Vietnam was also a good War, he also thought revamping the healthcare system was necessary and believed that the memory and personality of JFK  would carry his agenda and would be enough to get him re-elected.  In case you missed the live show, LBJ’s popularity dropped, not as fast as Obama’s has thus far, but so much so that he knew that a dog catcher from Bucks County, Pa, would have beaten him.

The President says that if the same happens to him it will be worth it if he gets his agenda gets passed.  Is that realistic if that means you ignore the wishes of the majority of the voters?  I’m sorry if this sounds like something out of the past, but it is.  This is a re-do of the 60’s.  We know it took a great man to restore the faith and love of America, we don’t seem to have a great person in the wings to fill those shoes to correct the errors of this Administration as there was in the past couple of error prone Administrations.


“Rebellion to Tyranny is Obedience to God”


3 Responses to “When History Repeats”

  1. Gini Says:

    I do recall, as well, Chas. NOW, I do think there is a great ‘man’ in the wings, tho we haven’t gotten to see ‘him’ yet. Could be why the lib left are having such a fit, hum? They know the American spirit is pretty awesome, and generous as well, but will not be bent over too far, b/4 saying, Hey! Enough now. I await 2010 and an opportunity to vote again…and I am confident we will have a noble soul come forth for the 2012 election. I pray our country stays safe fr harm in the mean time. I know that prayer is echoed by us all every day………..excellent read, as always. {Am I caught up yet? YIKES!}
    Not sure if you are caught up, but I’m getting tired of trying to respond.,…lol

    Not really, I do love your comments.


  2. Frank C Says:

    Great analogy CHAS, shades of LBJ for sure. He needs to stop racing and allow people to take their time and get things right. His fears are that the more we study things, the less we like them. His “interviews” Sunday was the same answers played over and over again, and he may be changing the Objective and Goals in Afghanistan…
    “Delay is preferable to error. “ Th Jefferson.

    That pretty much sums it up.


  3. Dave Says:

    Great analysis, Chas. Situation sounds like one of those old record player needles, that gets stuck in a groove and keeps playing the same thing over and over again.
    Yes it does. I feel like I’m living the same thing all over again, but seeing it through my Grandfather’s eyes.


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