Leave With the One You Came With


A couple of interesting polls from RCP. It seems that the Approval ratings between Parties is; Dems: 44% Rep: 39.8%. That is almost a non-difference. The Wrong direction of Country: 58.8%. So I have to wonder why. We know, it’s the present direction of the Democratic Party. People no longer trusting them or the Republicans. It is time to find a way to make some drastic changes to our system. I happen to think we need to step back and return to the basics of the Constitution, and review what the Federal Government is doing and how much of it is actually is Constitutional.

When the representatives of this Country carry a Disapproval rating of 63.3% somewhere you have to think that this is some serious chit. How do these people get to remain in office if we so disapprove of them? It seems that the saying that all politics are local is to blame. The people seem to dislike everyone’s else Representative but think that there’s is fine. There is a disconnect here and let me show you one more to help explain it.

President Obama approval: 53.2%. So let’s look at the disparity. The smoothness of the President and his personality has thus far managed to keep his rating high regardless of the disapproval of some of his policies. Combine that with mine is OK, it’s yours that is the problem, in regard to Representatives, let’s the Dems sit in a void, because the media isn’t going to really look into it.

But the Honeymoon might be coming to an end. Even the Washington Post is starting to wonder about some of this Administrations Policies. Today they printed this little tidbit: “the Competitive Enterprise Institute, which questions whether human and industrial activity is linked to global warming, released a one-page internal Treasury Department memo from March estimating potential government revenue from a cap-and-trade climate bill at $100 billion to $200 billion a year.

Operative word here being REVENUE which we all knows means money from your pocket into the Government’s which later, after a small, or not so small, transfer fees, to give to someone else. That is only the surface of the discontent here. Make no mistake, Cap & Trade is serious. This will cost us more than ANY Country can afford.

The Federal Government wants to demand you purchase health care insurance, but then will tax you if you buy a coverage that they think is high end. So because I can afford good coverage, I get taxed. If I don’t need coverage because I can afford to pay for anything I need, not good enough for you, I get fined.

I know I am not the only one paying attention here.

Next: “Let’s not defend our friends in Europe”, it’s not in our best interest. Russia is overjoyed with this choice. Do you think I need to explain why they are happy? What are these people thinking? Is this being played up by the media? Heck no, they are still surprised that ACORN is corrupt. They still don’t think that the President use to be a lawyer for ACORN is News. Does the media even consider this? You Betcha…NOT.

Let’s ignore Iran, we have their word. Then again; The hard-line Iranian newspaper Javan noted the dramatic US shift on September 14: “One day after the hasty response to Iran’s updated package of proposals, America made a U-turn and announced that because these proposals could become a basis for direct talks with Iran, it accepts the talks over this package.” Indicating Iranian understanding of the new US policy, the article was entitled: “The inevitable acceptance of nuclear Iran.”

Do you think this is sound thinking? A policy that is to our benefit? Let me ask you this, how many people in the middle east, including Jews, are we willing to see irradiated? Is any rational person thinking that an Iran with Nukes is OK? I understand that we have them, I understand that we are the only Country to use them in war. I also understand that every Country has a preservation right, but we are not attacking anyone for land. We are not Empire building, we are not taking over Countries to posses their land or their resources.

We might not always be correct in our choices, but as a rule I feel we are always in the attempt of doing what is right. Right now, the majority of us no longer believe that.  Sane people can’t think that idiots like Iran should be allowed to have Nukes.


“Rebellion to Tyranny is Obedience to God”


9 Responses to “Leave With the One You Came With”

  1. Gini Says:

    I think this admin will not do so much damage, that we cannot retrieve our country. As far as the world goes, they don’t like us, and they never did, and they aren’t going to. They will really not like us, if we can’t protect and defend their arses, because we are out of money!!!!! It would seem we have confused ‘like’ w/respect, and of the two, I’ll take ‘respect’ every time. They can ‘like’ us, after they ‘respect’ us…not the other way around. Our new prez doesn’t seem to understand that, and those that would do us harm, are laughing themselves silly, while strategizing how to destroy the USA, both economically and physically. Our history might suggest they are playing w/fire, despite our uninformed and clumsy new prez.
    I use to tell my kids I don’t care if you like me, I have either your respect or your fear. Either way is good by me, but you will do as I say….lol


  2. Frank C Says:

    Very well said CHAS…I think everyone in Congress should be looking over their shoulders with such low approval ratings. I just hope that they all get the boot and we start over. My fear is that the Pelosis, Dodds, Rangles of Congress will get reelected again.
    I believe that your fears are well founded my friend. If the past is any indication of how things work, people always think it’s someone else who has the bad Congressman.


  3. Allen Says:

    Very well said chas. I know that the good people of N. Mississippi are rising up in opposition to our 1st term Congressman. I am waiting on his reply to a letter sent to him last week regarding his party line votes and his not representing the majority of people, who are conservative, in N. Mississippi. You may read that letter in conservatink.ning.com

    Continue the good work here.,

    Very kind words Sir. I would say “don’t hold your breath” for an actual letter. I think mine have blacklisted me for responding after telling them, that I don’t want a canned letter.

    I’m pretty easy to understand, “is it in Article 1, Section 8”?, then we shouldn’t allow the Government to do it.

    I will search out your letter.


  4. Sterling Says:

    Oh my gosh, thank you so much, chas. I’m truly honored that you’d mention me. And right back atcha!
    I just write more, you do better.


  5. Sterling Says:

    I always say stay vigilant, good people. I sure hope they will. We are in for a world of hurt if we lose the current momentum before 2010.

    Great stuff, as usual.
    And though you don’t post as often, http://sterlingblue.wordpress.com/ is highly recommended. A highly intelligent person with great insight.


  6. Salvatore Says:

    In 2010 we should have a huge turn around,
    we need to keep talking… and let your voices be heard,
    speak up America and don’t stop until we get our country back on the right track.
    Great post Chas.
    We need 1994 all over again. Thanks for reading Sal.


  7. Liz K Says:

    My fear is that so much damage will have been done by the time that this administration is voted out that it will be impossible to repair it. That makes the upcoming congressional elections even more important.
    Nothing that is done cannot be undone. All this liberal nonsense could be undone, what stops it is the people become use to having it.

    “Experience hath shewn, that even under the best forms of government those entrusted with power have, in time, and by slow operations, perverted it into tyranny. Th Jefferson

    We need to turn back some of the power of Government.


  8. Eileen Says:

    Get it right or get out—-decisions already made–you did NOT get it right. NEXT
    Don’t hold back. Tell us how you really feel. 😉


  9. RoseAnne Shaw Says:

    Everything you have said makes sense, but the only way we can get rid of them is the voting booths next year. The ones there now are not representing anyone except themselves and that includes the ones from NC, therefore they will not demand investigation of anyone or anything. I get the feeling they are not only listening to the special interests, but there is something else going on that for some reason they are afraid to listen to us.
    The wife says; “if they are in, they are out.” Sounds good, it would for sure change the balance of power and send a strong message.


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