None So Blind…


The President is getting real good at tossing things under the bus.  Must be the practice he is getting.  First was his Grandmother, (you remember the “typical white woman”), his Reverend, (God Damn America), never heard a word he said though he was mentor and pastor for 20 years.

Now he is trying to toss Israel under the bus and in real and basic terms condemns them for protecting their borders and providing needed Governmental Services, hospitals, Schools, etc., to the settlements they have in place already.  Pardon me for a second while I cry….Boo Hoo.  The Palist… check that, Humas is tossing missiles and human bombs   but the major changes must come from Israel.

Words Mean Something:

At the United Nations today; “No longer do we have the luxury of indulging our differences to the exclusion of the work that we must do together,” Obama told the assembly of world leaders in New York City.  He seems unable to apply that in his own Country.  Not only is he ignoring the GOP on his Health Care Bill, he is ignoring 50% of the American People.  In fact his own party has suggested  that there remains the possibility that the nuclear option is still on the table to shut off debate on the bill.

He, (The President), expects people to talk, when the one parties starting point is “you must die”, and says; “We must embrace a new era of engagement based on mutual interests and mutual respect, and our work must begin now.”

He can’t even get his Party to talk to the other party and they aren’t trying to kill each other.  One Party is trying to kill the Country, but not members of the other Party.

That Will Leave A Mark:

Seems the Administrations attempt to change established Law in MA has worked…well almost.

Seems in order to protect their seat, they dropped the ball in the Governor’s side of the court.  Lawmakers declined to allow the law to go into effect immediately, meaning Patrick (D) will either have to declare an emergency situation or wait 90 days to name Kennedy’s (D) successor.

What this means is that the Governor takes all the heat if the public remembers that they passed a law in order to stop this sort of thing from happening.  If no emergency is declared a month later a special election is held in accordance with the Law passed by these same people.

The reason for the delay, some Democrats were concerned for their seats and joined Republicans to avoid the 2/3 majority to cause the bill to go into effect right away.  I know this sounds rather parliamentary, but most of politics are.  It’s the finer points of those parliamentary procedures  which is what we need to understand.

The Good War:

Gen. McChrystal has expressed the need for additional troops to fight, what the President called the  good war in Afghanistan, in order to save the operational theater from failure.  What does this Administration come up with a reply?  “I want to make it perfectly clear that, once he has it, he intends to hold onto it until such time as the president and his national security team are ready to consider it,” Morrell said during a Pentagon briefing.

Sounds a lot to me like what I was saying while the President was a candidate.  Far left, Code Pink of the Democrat’s Party will rule and you can’t trust him to follow through on war.  Democrats haven’t done that since WW II.  Since then they have been, let’s be kind and say, wussies on anything that requires long term obligation, except in terms of socializing America.

They claim the GOP is done, I say we have just begun to reclaim the intent of the Founders, IF we are willing to get representatives in office that read and understand what the Constitution is and means.


“Rebellion to Tyranny is Obedience to God”


6 Responses to “None So Blind…”

  1. Gini Says:

    Oh…Israel WILL defend itself, oh yes! Of that I am positive! They have been more compliant than I would have thought, but yes, they will not be run into the sea, or massacred w/o a fight…nope! They will not. IF our congress and prez don’t know that, they are in for a HUGE surprise..oops!
    I don’t think they would be surprised, but they would be amazed that the one didn’t have a better handle on the situation.


  2. Gini Says:

    Chas.. 🙂 We remain diligent! 😐

  3. Salvatore Says:

    Good Morning Chas
    Israel has the right to defend themselves and should do so,
    I dont understand why the president has not answered Gen McChryatals request for additional troops, whats he waiting for?
    if you’re not there to win… bring our troops home… please,
    and it looks like the president is more worried about what the rest of world thinks about him, than the American people think about him,
    just makes you wonder whats going on here.
    Great post Chas.
    Thanks Sal. There certainly does seem to be some sort of disconnect here. But I believe this Nation is greater than any one individual, so we will survive this President as we have with other bad President’s such as Carter.


  4. Frank C Says:

    Chas, another fine piece of writting…it is sure getting crowded under that bus. He deflects everything and blames everyone else for the problems…As for talking the most important part of a dialogue is the listening, his party is long on talking but short on listening and comprehending what the PEOPLE are saying…as for the War, if he declines Gen McCrystal’s recommendations I hope the General has the guts to RESIGN….
    That would be the courageous thing to do, but a great loss for the Country.


  5. RoseAnne Shaw Says:

    We are gradually (not slowly, but quickly) being robbed of every freedom or right that our fore fathers gave us when they drafted the constitution. The current administration and their sheep think that society has changed so much that the constitution is no longer applicable and is just an unimportant piece of paper. This is not a sudden development, but has been happening for a long time and the process gained momentum when they allowed a few atheists and the ACLU to change if from freedom of religion to freedom from religion. I do think to a certain extent we are responsible because we allowed it to happen. By we I do not mean just the current generation, but previous generations who just went along with Washington because “it doesn’t seem so bad” and not worth fighting for. Well, now we are seeing the results and decided it is worth fighting for.
    The actual change began in the late 1800’s with the progressive movement. That hit it’s height with Teddy Roosevelt. It began to lose favor, evidenced by Teddy’s failed bid as a third party candidate.

    It gain more movement with the socialist FDR, who managed to intimidate the USSC into accepting his New Deal, which I call the raw deal. After he left things slowed down again until LBJ, and we’ve been going downhill ever since.

    Reagan, moved things back to a center point, but that was short lived.


  6. Sterling Says:

    Constitutional integrity, constitutional integrity, constitutional integrity. Where is it? We can’t be the only ones who believe it, trust it, cherish it, and practice it. Or are we? I heard that Massachusetts just approved that ridiculous bill of theirs that gives the police the right to come into your home and administer a flu vaccination to you and your family, against your will if they have to, if the governor declares a state emergency.

    Where have all the heroes gone?
    MA has been on the liberal end of the Constitution since the days of it’s conception. Some things never change.


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