(not) Bringing Home The Gold


In addition to the other numerous failures of this Administration, the “star power” of the President showed it didn’t have enough shine to even get Chicago past the first round for the 2016 Olympics.  So it seems the “master” of diplomacy isn’t so much a master after all.

Even knowing he only had 150 days or so in Federal Office, despite the fact the America Voter was told and shown he was an empty suit with no experience, the chickens, as his Reverend would say, have come home to roost.   Just to recap:  Got nowhere with Iran, nowhere with N. Korea, tossed 2 former eastern block Countries, now allies, under the bus to please Russia.   Now, can’t secure the Olympics for his home city despite being the ONLY President to make a personal appeal for his Country.

In fact he can’t even get his Party, which has a 60 vote majority, to pass his socialized health care plan.  The leader of the free world can’t even lead his own Party.  We got a long 3 years ahead of us I am certain.

But I do love this remark:  “How do we win Afghanistan if we can’t even get good intelligence about the Olympic vote?” one angry and baffled Democratic strategist said.

Who’s Going To Pay?

House Democratic leaders next week are expected to wade into the treacherous waters of how to pay for the House healthcare bill as they continue to negotiate the shape of the bill behind closed doors. This is why you can’t have dumb people in charge.  How in the hell are you going to figure out how much something cost, if you don’t know what you are paying for to begin with?  This is done all the time and this is why cash for clunkers cost 300% more than the envisioned.  They had no clue on what they were paying for.

But we all know who is going to pay for this health care scam, everyone, in one way or another.  The rich and the middle class are going to get a tax increase.  Please don’t feed me the 95% tax cut bullchit.  In 2010 the Bush tax cuts expire and the Dems have already said they are dead with no possibility of being carried on.  So YOUR taxes ARE going up.  If you don’t cooperate you are going to be fined, which is about the same as a direct tax.  Those who it doesn’t cost more in money will pay more in terms of health and time since care will be rationed and face it, 50 million new people with bennies is going to clog the system.

Regrettably, the 16th Amendment made it impossible to argue the taxes in regard to apportionment or without regard to census or enumeration, because progressives screwed the Republic with the 16th Amendment.  We all know and can see how the power to tax is the power to destroy.  We saw that through the Depression, where the rich paid 90% tax rates and where unable to expand business to create jobs.  It is part of the reason the Depression lasted so long.

We saw it happening under all Presidents since then until Kennedy who lowered rates, only to have that kicked to the curb by LBJ.  Rates remained high until Reagan.  Like magic, jobs were had and the economy expanded.  Given the current line of economic thought, we’d be lucky to see a 2% expansion of the GDP in the next year.  We need 3.5% just to keep up with the population and the need for new jobs.

So this health care boondoggle is going to hurt, pretty much no matter what version of it is passed.  Lucky for us the most expensive part, Government option, seems dead as a doornail.

The Mouth That Roared :

Rep. Alan Grayson (D-Fla.) now has not only said the GOP wants people to die fast, he now says, in public, that the GOP is a lie machine.  All of which just goes to show the hypocrisy of the Democrats.  It’s one thing for a person like James Cueball or Rush to call names and make such statements, but when elected officials state such, it’s sad.

Of course only the left can do this, a simple “you lie” got Wilson sanctioned.  Nothing of the like in the wind for Grayson however.

“We’ve got to get past this point where everything is stalled; where the Republicans are winning just through inertia,” he said. “We have a majority, we have to use it.” A full 48% of the people  oppose Government intervention, a Government option, but Grayson wants to ram it down your throat anyway.

Good people, that isn’t a democratic republic.  That’s a dictatorship, a rule of the privileged, who have a better everything than we do.  Better retirement, better health care, better pay and lots of special perks.  All of that and none of the responsibility.


“Rebellion to Tyranny is Obedience to God”

8 Responses to “(not) Bringing Home The Gold”

  1. Gini Says:

    Still catching up Chas…another great read. 2010…we are holding our breath for 2010, and I sure hope people are paying attn this time around, and don’t sit home ‘in protest’.
    Attention span is not a hallmark of the American Voter Gini.


  2. Salvatore Says:

    Morning Chas,
    I don’t think Obama know what his job is,
    the President of the United States of America,
    has no business going to Copenhagen to try to bring the Olympics home,
    the first lady was there, that should of been enough,
    we have problems in Afghanistan,
    we have problems with the Economy,
    we have problems with unemployment at 9.8% its more like 15% ,
    this is what happens when you elect a person,
    with No experience what so ever,
    to run the most Powerful Nation in the World,
    and he is making the Presidency look weak,
    Great post Chas.
    Thanks Sal and again thanks for taking the time to read.


  3. Merle Says:

    Good people, that isn’t a democratic republic. That’s a dictatorship, a rule of the privileged, who have a better everything than we do. Better retirement, better health care, better pay and lots of special perks. All of that and none of the responsibility.

    Chas, this says it all!!!!

    It seems like we don’t matter… Thank God the right has finally decided to speak out… Also, can you give me Gini’s email address????

    I had it because we used to talk about her dad and my mom. My desktop computer crashed… I lost her addy 😦 You can ask her if it’s ok …. I am sure she will say yes … Have a great night….ThankYou

    I hate it when I hit the nail on the head. Because it bodes badly for us.


  4. capmotion Says:

    I really don’t think that we should be tut-tutting about Obama not being able to get the Olympics here – I think the plan to give it to Brazil was established long before Obama made his tardy commitment to go to Copenhagen. Brazil has a great claim: it is the 10th strongest economy in the world, and yet all of the other 10 have had the Olympics, some more than once. The “failure” here is not that Obama did not bring the show home, but instead that he does not understand his role, if he thinks it is appropriate for the President of the United States to go expensively globe-trotting for such a banal purposes. He is flailing out of his depth, and he is poised to pull us all down.
    I did think that was my point there cap. If the fix was in, then he wasted the trip, and he should had known better. Or if, as you said, he just doesn’t understand the rules it goes back to what I said before the election, he lacks experience. Either way it does not bode well for us.

    Always an honor to have you drop by cap. Thanks.


  5. Colleen Says:

    But I do love this remark: “How do we win Afghanistan if we can’t even get good intelligence about the Olympic vote?” one angry and baffled Democratic strategist said
    That sounds just like the O group, there so worried over this Olympic deal while our Soldiers our being killed! Makes me sick!

    Hey friend I heard from Gini, she lost her Dad ( Old Soldier ). I loved to meet Gini, takes a special kind of person to take care of ones parents & not put them into a home. My prayers go out to her & the family.

    Yes the old solider passed on. I talked to her last night and she is doing as well as one can expect. She is a special person. Thanks for reading.


  6. Frank C Says:

    Chas, three great topics…BTW did you hear that Sen Burris, of the Chicago Burris’s, said it was Bush’s fault Corrupt CIty did not get the Olympics. Guess they paid off the wrong people.

    We will all pay for the Progressives’ largess with Healthcare. That is if the Democrats get their act together, which I hope they don’t.
    Frank, EVERYTHING is Bush’s fault. When are you going to learn that? 🙄


  7. Eileen Says:

    Are these people in kindergarten?????
    I was going to say home day care, but those kids are more advanced.


  8. Amberausten Says:

    Amber was here,…. Lol .
    And I am honored that she was. Shirley she has much more important things to do.


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