Come Together, well not quite


The DNC and the President seemingly got caught taking some liberties in announcing that “even many Republicans are now backing his health care plan”.  Well the fact is they back reform, not the take over of our system as he plans.  Just another lie, just like this will reduce the cost, everyone wants it, we have to insure these 50 million people, (half of who are here illegally), etc.

And does it really matter if Doctors, nurses, hospitals or even insurance companies are in favor of his plan?  No, because like the bailout money and the “stimulus” plan the majority of Americans are against it.  Right now 50% of Americans are against what this Administration is offering, but that doesn’t seem to stop the President from lying about it and saying we all want it.

A study by PricewaterhouseCoopers finds that the cost of health coverage will increase by as much as $1,700 a year for a couple by the year 2013.  If that isn’t bad enough in 10 years it would increase by $4,000 a year for couples.  Now if you haven’t been paying attention to this blog you might have missed it when I explained that the start of medicare and medicade, ’68 to ’72, caused an increase of 400% in the cost of health care.  All you have to do is look at history sometimes to find out what is going to happen when you do things.  And we know what happens when you don’t learn from history.

Now I have been asked by some moderate and some left leaning friends, (I don’t talk politics to liberals I like to have conversations that make some sense), you complain enough about this, what would you do about it.  Certainly what is going on now is unacceptable.

I always say, actually not, since the Government isn’t supposed to be in the health care business, but we can lay aside the Constitution for the moment.  What can you do about the cost at the Government level?

First, before anything is done we need tort reform.  A cap of those law suits like the kind that made John Edwards rich.  By reform I mean a cap on awards and second the loser pays cost.  Let’s see how many lawyers are going to jump in if they find they have to pony up 50% of cost for a stupid law suit.

Second, waste.  I keep hearing how Congress is going to eliminate waste in the system.  That alone will save millions if not billions.  Fine, do that first.  Show us you can cut down or cut out fraud and waste, that BTW would go a long way in cutting cost without a Government program of insurance.

Third, end the strangle hold the States have on commerce in regards to insurance.  That’s a no brainer since it will create competition, which always lowers the price.

Lastly, don’t jump into a pile that you have no idea of what’s at the bottom of it.  You people aren’t experts on the way things run, or about money or budgets for that matter.  In the words of Th Jefferson “Delay is preferable to error.” take it slow.  It’s not like we are going to lose the war or the Country is going to fall apart if you take your time.

Here’s the plan to follow.  Take 2 States, Calif. and Tennessee as an example.  I pick them because their health care system is in serious trouble, it is driving the States to the poor house.  Set up a 3 year program there, identical to the one you want to shove down our throats.  If at the end of 3 years they are no longer broke because of the health care program and you have saved money while insuring all, you might then have a viable argument.

And don’t come back with the “well it won’t work if we don’t do everyone”, because that argument just doesn’t fly.  If you can’t do it in 2 States you can’t do it in 50, or 57 if you’re the President.  I am not in favor of anything the Government does when it is not one of the enumerated powers in the Constitution.  However I understand that such thinking died decades ago.  Although I would like to see a return to it, it’s just not going to happen in my lifetime.  So I am willing to ratchet back such things and meet somewhere away from total take over.

Pass tort reform and write laws to cut out waste, abuse and fraud.  Show us the savings,  then we can talk.  I know you can’t do it because you’ve complained about it for decades and still those problems are there.  They can’t even clean their own house let alone the house of health care.


“Rebellion to Tyranny is Obedience to God”


7 Responses to “Come Together, well not quite”

  1. Eileen Says:

    🙂 nice
    Not as nice as having you home.


  2. Salvatore Says:

    Good Morning Chas, yes that’s a great idea,
    do it in two states and see how it works out,
    but they wont do that, that’s just common sense,
    to tell you the truth….they could care less about healthcare,
    a government taker over of our healthcare system is all about control.
    Great post Chas.
    Thanks Sal. You are correct. It almost always comes down to power and control, money they can take at will through various taxes.


  3. Sterling Says:

    A great read, my friend. I back your idea to test the plan in two states and see if it works first. It makes so much sense, though, that I can guarantee that it would never be considered this Congress.

    The most fearful aspect of this ridiculous mess is the hurry in which they want to implement total control. In just ten months, the liberties that have been or are slated to be taken away from each American is staggering.
    With every day of change, I’m losing more hope.
    It’s always by slow operations that tyranny gains a foothold, Jefferson said. Seems someone increased the speed limit.


  4. Mary Says:

    Tort Reform and also being able to purchase health insurance across state lines, you know competition. I do not like the way this is being pushed down our throats so fast, with no thought to what the people want. Republicans are being barred from committee meetings and you know they will pass this bill regardless of what we think. Once that happens we will never be able to go back and fix it, just look at Social Security.

    Your blog is spot on, and I enjoyed reading it.
    If it passes on just the Dems vote, they still won’t own it. The press will have a field day with all manner of excuses why it didn’t work. Trouble is it’s tough to get the toothpaste back in the tube. Once passed we will be stuck with it.


  5. Gini Says:

    I sure agree Chas. Now, I always agreed with your points, but after this sojourn with dad, I am adamant abt the tort reform, and the fraud!!! Yep..excellent read, as always, and like you, I want to see the proof of their folly, then we can talk abt it alllllllllllllllllllll. Tort reform first! for sure…I actually think if they did that first, they prob could ‘sell’ anything to the citizen. Kind of scary, hum? YIKES!
    They get too much money from trial lawyers to support tort reform. Yes, give us proof first because we all know once you let the Genni out of the bottle you can’t get her back in.


  6. Frank C Says:

    Great thoughts Chas…however TN will not take the bait to be a test bed. Their system is loosing money left and right and it is a Government Option, like MA.

    If Congress is serious they should be the first ones, with their staffs, to sign up for this “new improved system.”

    If people want Congress to have the same plan they are trying to jam down our throats visit Congressman Fleming’s web site and take his survey. It will only take 10-15 seconds.
    We know there is no way that they will take the option they give us Frank. Why would they settle for less?


  7. Liz K Says:

    Excellent points Chas. They could also study states that have TORT reform like Texas and Minnesota and see how it is working there. I believe I read CA also has that and that individual premiums have dropped there. Of course, you and I have discussed before that what the Dems and this administration really want is control of our lives. This whole thing has nothing to do with actual health care reform.
    Very true. What hasn’t worked in the past is certain to not work in the future.


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