A Rush(bo) To Judgment


Politics have entered the NFL it seems.  It really is a sorry State of the Union when racist like Sharpton and Jackson can stand, with a straight face and call anything Rush Limbaugh has said as racially divisive.   This becomes especially true since not one person, or organization can produce a single sound byte of the comments they accuse Rush of saying.

Now why is that?  I would think that it is because there never were any such statements.  A typical liberal tacit where you smear someone with false accusations, never have back up your claims.  This way the media can play the charges over and over again and by the time it is discovered that the charges are false, people already believe them.  Not only are they believed, the liberals give some half-assed “I might have been mistaken” but never retract the accusations nor do they apologize.

If, as I believe, these accusations are indeed false, I hope Rush sues the arse off these people.  Don’t settle for a retraction or apology, demand both and large amounts of money.  It can be based upon profits lost by getting cut out of the deal for buying the Rams.

Let It Snowe…

True to her liberal leanings, Snowe was the only Republican that voted to send the health care take over plan to the Senate floor.  Keep in mind that Bangor ran a poll that well over 60% don’t want Government to take over the health care system.

Now if you think that this will cause Snowe, or for that matter Collins a problem for re-election, keep your wallets closed when you start getting pleas for money from the GOP to go against Snowe.  She won the State last election with almost 75% of the vote.  You aren’t going to get her out of office.  If you don’t back her and run someone else, she will just do a Lieberman and run and win as an Independent.

You can take that to the bank.

Let ’em Eat Cat Food...

Remember the years of lambasting the GOP received for trying to curtail increase in Social Security?

Why isn’t the media all up in arms when Democrats announce that next year there will be no cost of living increase?

They claim the cost of living doesn’t reflect the need for an increase.  It didn’t during many of the last 20 years, but can you imagine if a Bush had not raised payments?  What this does do however, is increase the amount of money Congress can steal to pay for things like socialized medicine.  What they don’t pay back to those who put in, they can spend.  Not that it matters that much, they do it anyway.  But now they can claim they saved money on Social Security next year.

So the President try’s to buy you off with $250.  Sounds a lot like his $13 a week tax rebate.  Just as much, but less so, of a joke.  Do you think people are really stupid enough to buy into that?

Justice Hospitalized After Fall From Stool...

If it had been a more conservative Judge the headline might even read bar stool.  USSC Justice Ginsburg fell out of her seat after mixing a common cold medicine with a prescription sleep aid.

I am glad she is physically OK.  But please, this is her idea of good judgment?  No wonder she’s on the left.

Et tu, Brute?

If the IRS wasn’t enough trouble for Charlie Rangel and his forgotten earnings,his one-time aide and campaign manager, Vince Morgan is challenging him for his seat.

Unless there is actually a real investigation, which I doubt, and some real charges are brought against him, his seat is more than likely safe.

I don’t see much difference between the Parties anymore, save that the GOP seems to pay for their mistakes.  The Dems tend to protect their own.

Behind Closed Doors…

Anyone else remember the last person that tried to take over the health care system behind closed doors?  Wasn’t that the now Sec. of State?  Yep it was.

I thought we were supposed to be able to watch the process in this so-called debate over the health care take over?

Don’t these people EVER learn anything from history?  Just stuck on stupid I suppose.


“Rebellion to Tyranny is Obedience to God”


14 Responses to “A Rush(bo) To Judgment”

  1. Gini Says:

    It is because we have allowed them to control the tone of conversation and set the guidelines and rules.

    Why did ‘we’ let them do that anyway? Allllll those smart people, and they are wont to defend their position. AND they allow others to be maligned, and agree they should be. What’s up with ‘them thar folks’ anyway? Cowards, scoundrels, and knaves, all, I say!!!!!! lol Yes…
    It’s hard to argue with people that buy ink by the barrel Gini. And that is where the tone has been set. In the media.


  2. Gini Says:

    Oh…and I hope Rush sues their arse too, and wins huge!!! lol Yep…would be such a relief to have a “good guy” win, for once, hum? lol ha! lol ~~sigh~~
    It won’t stop the liberals, after all it’s only money and generally not thiers.


  3. Gini Says:

    Wow! When is my 250 coming? Soon, I hope!!!! lol ha! Beautiful piece Chas, and you certainly got it alllll down. I voted today…early, as we will be gone. I am so provoked, I just voted NO NO NO NO!!! Figured if the ‘city’ wanted it, I PROB didn’t, hum??? ha hahahah ha ha ha! I really didn’t do that, but that may be what we should all do, actually!!! JUST SAY NO NO NO NO! Stop, NOW!! ❗ OH! That is what we are saying! YIKES…and ‘they’ are ignoring us. Go figure! I guess “it is what it is’, hum? ~~sigh~~ Just hard to believe. 😦
    Saying NO is not always a negative thing. 😉


  4. Salvatore Says:

    Good Morning Chas,
    I totally agree with you,
    Rush lost bid for NFL team because of Al Sharpton on Racist remarks
    from Rush……show me…. I want to hear them… or see them,
    maybe all Conservatives should BOYCOTT football?,
    I hope Rush Sues Al Sharpy and Jackson and the NFL on these false accusations,
    Great Post Chas.
    Typical liberal tacit to make accusations and fail to back them up, (see Lizard).

    Thanks for taking the time to read Sal. I am grateful for your support.


  5. Eileen Says:

    What is 5 days of quilting with friends in NC and NO NEWS—priceless.

    Nice piece.
    But I missed you, nice to have you home. 🙂


  6. Colleen Says:

    See I knew you’d do it once again Chas! I do hope Rush sues all involved! What’s good for Peter is good for Paul! Iams, Rush & pretty sure there have others that have to pay $ out for the words they said! Heck like Wright,Jones there is tape on them playing the race card. Freedom of Speech , is sadly going the way off the page.
    $250.00, Give me a break! Ever notice a senior citizens grocery cart in a store! I find it Disgusting! Course his Mother In law has it good!
    O should be finding Jobs for this Country, unemployment is up to 15% here in MI.
    Thanks for another right on blog Chas.
    Thanks Colleen.


  7. Merle Says:

    Great post Chas…

    There is such a double standard… And I am Pissed off….
    The libs say what they want…. Heaven help us if we can express our views without being called names…. Libs have freedom of speech BUT we don’t>>>>>>>>
    Although all rights come with some restrictions, necessary because your rights cannot step on another persons, it does seem out of touch for one group to have almost unrestricted right’s while limiting ours.

    It is because we have allowed them to control the tone of conversation and set the guidelines and rules.


  8. carolynro Says:

    Thanks. 😉


  9. Sterling Says:

    Ha! Got me!!

  10. Sterling Says:

    I know you do! So I’ll just go sit in the corner and be a good girl! Honest I will!!!
    😆 Like either is possible, you being quiet or being a good girl…lol

  11. Sterling Says:

    Ummm, okay, I’ll keep my mouth shut about Paul. 😉
    We have ways to make you talk you know… 😆

  12. Sterling Says:

    Dear Peter,

    I say we go on strike. Pass the word. Your copy of Atlas Shrugged has been dusted off and is ready to go, right? 😆


    Paul might not approve. 😆


  13. Sterling Says:

    Wow! You about covered it all tonight, my friend!

    Two hundred and fifty dollars? Are they kidding? I don’t mean to sound ungrateful or arrogant, but $250 barely pays my air conditioning bill in the summer. It’s so insulting on so many levels, that they steal much more than $250 from every working American every month, and then pass it on to a select group of society, in the guise of giving back to them. It’s crazy. They’ve bankrupted Medicare, and that is the reason, pure and simple for no cost of living raise next year. But, since they are the government, they have a license to rob Peter to pay off Paul. Sigh.

    Stay vigilant. You know I count on you every day to do so.
    Hi Peter, oh wait I’m Peter also…lol It’s not funny but you have to laugh at the lunacy of the situation.

    And they do it in plain view and we just watch in disbelief.


  14. Frank C Says:

    Some great thoughts…If that had been a conservative USSC Justice the headline could have read Justice Conservative OD’s on Drugs During Flight.

    I think one way or the other Charlie R will finally get his comeuppence…I hope
    I think they will do a repeat of Jefferson. Drag things along until he is out of Office.


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