In or Out


Talk about spineless, Harry Reid has settled on what may be a way to push single payer health care on us.  His plan is to have a option in which that individual States can “opt” out of being part of the Government run option for health care.

Here’s the thing.   Not all States were on board for the 55 MPH speed limit years ago.  Many States were not on board for a Federal Drinking age either.  Are both now the Norm?  You bet your wallet they are.  Do you remember or know how the Federal Government got States to give up their sovereignty over such matters?

Some call it coercion.   That is to compel compliance with the suggestion of threat or force.  Some States could not do without highway funds, so to keep the cow milk flowing the States allowed the intrusion into what has always their responsibility to be dictated to.  You might even call it bribery.  The same trick was used for the drinking  age.  Comply or suffer the loss of funds.

The same strategy is used for other Federal programs like education.  Partly a difference is the Fed passing bills and programs without providing the funds, yet still make the States comply.  You wonder why they would?  That’s pretty simple, you see the States at one time had a voice in the Congress.  No longer because the Senate is now nothing more than a 6 year term House of Representatives.  They are elected by the people instead of by the State, as was the original concept of the Constitution.

Elected by the people forces them to ply for the favor of the people instead of protecting the States Rights, as was the original design of the Constitution.  Which takes us back to the opening paragraph.

Should a “opt out” choice be part of this foolishness means that somewhere down the line it WILL, not might or maybe or an outside chance, but a sure a shot as there is death and taxes, that the Federal Government WILL force this on the States in no uncertain terms.  Perhaps even to the point of withholding funds for any program so that the State will have no choice.

The Constitution has long since no longer been a barricade against infringement upon what has always been States Rights, and I can state with the certainty that the sun will rise tomorrow, any opt out will end up being shoved down the throat of the State down the road.

Next Topic

Although I don’t have a lot of love for NATO, (though I like them better than the U.N.), it would seem they have a better sense of what is needed in Afghanistan than our own President does.  They find a great deal of merit with General McChrystal’s strategy.  Perhaps it is part of being nothing but a politician, but saying that you want to postpone the advice of your head man on the ground until elections results are known, is beyond DUH!

When you are in combat you don’t care who’s in charge, who’s running things in the Country you are fighting in.  All you care about is staying alive and defeating the enemy.  Think about it, does eliminating these idiots really matter or change because guy A or guy B is now in charge?  NO, the mission is still the same.  The job in reality doesn’t change because of who runs the Country, unless he wants you out of the Country.

Can you say delay?  This is nothing but a ploy to give the Administration a chance to avoid the really big decision.

Come on, I thought this was the “Good War”.  I’m thinking you are looking for a way to cut and run from both fronts, Afghanistan and Iraq.  What I see now is that we will cut and run from both before the end of 2010, saying we achieved our goals, our intentions and have done away the threat to the United States .  It will be a lie, but the press and the far left will love it.  Which will win back the far left loonies that he is losing in droves.

You said you could lead, many of us said you didn’t have the experience.  It’s looking more and more like, in this case, the minority was correct.


“Rebellion to Tyranny is Obedience to God”


3 Responses to “In or Out”

  1. Salvatore Says:

    Good Morning,
    we are on the same page my friend,
    Great post Chas.
    Thank you my friend, we seem often to end up here on the same page, don’t we?

    Thank you for reading and your support.


  2. Eileen Says:

    another good read
    Thank you dear. I hope people take the time to check out your entertaining blog also.


  3. lori Says:

    LOL hey Chas I don’t have your address either, due to new computers .However this should do the trick! Thanks for being the facilatator. I have a twitter with the same name , although I only use it to chat to my kids, so not to exciting, but it is a way to get in touch with me.

    hmmmmmm on the game…… we shall see what your old man can do… he is comin to the house of pain and those old bones are mighty brittle.

    Give my warm regards to Eileen..Thanks again and…..Take care….
    Better men than those have tried to kick his arse….lol

    But the reason I picked that game is because I believe it will be a good game with a close ending.


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