Let Me Get Back To You On That.


Let me see if I have this right.  It took 6 month’s to pick out a family dog.  It’s taking, so far, over 2 months to pick a way to combat the Taliban, and counting.  It took 6 seconds to ignore the American People and try and shove the Government Options down their throats.

I feel it necessary to repeat something I said a little while ago;  Either General McChrystal has the confidence of the Commander-in-Chief or he doesn’t.  Either the President, who has zero military experience, takes the advice of his General, his Defense Secretary Gates agree with this 40,000 extra troops, or he should fire them both.  Why is the CinC hesitating?

I have to say that this Administration has an even worse time with making the tough choices than either the Carter or Clinton Administrations had.  I mean really, the answer to more jobs lost is have a talk about it?  $758 billion in stimulus spending did nothing, so we should talk about it?  While what happens, even more people become unemployed?

How about we try something that actually worked?  The last time, or more correctly the last 2 times, we had this kind of problem what did we do?  Reagan and Bush II, both lowered taxes, in Reagan’s case tried to limit spending and restricted the amount of money the Federal Reserve could print.

What about this Muslim idiot that sat around in the Army, talking to a radical imam Anwar al-Awlaki and this Administration can’t call the shootings at Ft. Hood what they most certainly must be, a Terrorist Act?

This President is about as good at making the tough choices as he was in taking a “firm” stand on using public election funding, until it was to his benefit to not use it.  It is a crime that the national media was so in the tank for this President that they refused to point that out to people.  It really comes down to what I said about him when he first threw his hat into the ring for President, based upon what experience?  As we see, he had none, and we know sit and wait, troops fight and die, more than might otherwise, if this President had at least some experience.

We Didn’t Start The Fire:

The GOP is encouraging members to hold more Town Hall Meetings to keep the fire alive against the Socialization of our Medical System.  This, as well as, writing your Senators is the best way to let them know you are against them, if they are for this.

Ladies and Gentlemen, this is a really, really bad idea.  No matter what the charmers say, I have lived in places that have socialized medicine.  I haven’t come across a majority that likes the care they get.  Can ours be better?  Perhaps, but NOT at the expense of becoming like other Countries that have crappola for health care.

In the opinion of the Founders, nothing, let’s repeat that, nothing is made better by stealing the bread from one man’s labor to provide bread to another man who refuses to labor.  Let us not make the mistake of allowing the Government to establish tyranny under the guise of helping us.

Everything the Federal does is a usurpation of someone’s personal or a State’s power and/or freedom.  Article 1, Section 8 very clearly tells us what the Federal Government has the power to do.  While there is some wiggle room, because the Founders were smart enough to know things would change over time, they also left a way to make those changes.  Major changes, knee jerk reaction and mass hysteria are controlled by the need to follow Article 1, Section 8 and if the change is actually needed you can Amend the Constitution.

This is how you stop tyranny and Government over-reach.  Which is why Politicians refuse to use it and take the easy way and hope they can pass a law, Constitutional or not, and just hope no one contest it.  What if they do?  The USSC gave up standing for the Constitution years ago.  FDR beat them into submission and even with the more conservative leaning of the Court today, the Constitution is still a “living and breathing” piece of paper to them that they can mold at their whim.

My friends, at some point we, as American’s, are just going to have to remember that at a point in our history we took care of our own selves.  President Reagan tried to remind us that Government isn’t the answer, it’s the problem.


“Rebellion to Tyranny is Obedience to God”


6 Responses to “Let Me Get Back To You On That.”

  1. Frank C Says:

    Chas, Obabble wants to travel and campaign. He does not want to make a decision because it will made someone mad….He should be called President Indecision.
    During his campaign he had a plan to win the Good War, perhaps the plan is drag it out until close to election time and then cut and run when people getfed up with us still being there?


  2. BruceWV Says:

    I’ve been through a similar set of circumstances in 1984. I worked in a steel mill that just up and moved to another state. I owned a school bus and made 4 trips to DC with bus loads of steel workers. We roamed the halls and talked to who ever would listen and that was’t to many, heard a lot of double talk and got nothing, just like now. I don’t mean to offend anyone but in the mid 80’s being an average American white man with a wife and two kids and work experence meant nothing,I could’nt buy a job. Our gov. decided that industry needed to hire minorities. So I created me a job. The point to all this is the gov. isn’t going to do crap we have the power to fix it and it’s pretty simple. Buy American and call the companies that moved away and tell them when they come back you’ll purchase their goods. I do it all he time Also the gov can,t controll this or stop it. I realized I get paid by Amerians so I need to keep them working. So ask yourself who pays your wages and shop accordingly. I can’t fix this mess by myself but I’ll keep trying
    Well stated.


  3. Bekkah Says:

    Great writing, I and many people that I know and love feel the same, and as someone else pointed out, the Senators do what they want, and it IS a scary time we live in. God bless you.
    And Bless you and yours. Thank you for taking the time to read and comment.


  4. Dan Fugate Says:


    I’ve not been disappointed in your posts yet. I’ve even retweeted most of them that I’ve seen. I don’t agree with the working man paying for the person who refuses to work either…but what about people who can’t work or, like me, can’t find work?

    Gwen: I’m in Pensacola, Fl. Is that where you are? The job market is terrible here, for sure. With luck, I may be getting a job with UWF though.


    I have noticed that you have retweeted my post and I thank you. I admit I am a bit torn at times over those who can’t find work. Trouble is that for so long we have said “ok, we’ll support you”, and that was never supposed to be.

    I am yet to find in the Constitution were those who can’t work or refuse to work deserve the bread that I earn. If you find that please show it to me. Again, I stress that I have little problem with the Government doing much of anything, so long as you can find it in Article 1, Section 8. If you want it, pass the Amendment to authorize the power to the Federal Government.

    Seems rather simply to me. Thanks for your support and your comments.


  5. Gwen Says:

    I just heard on the news that Pensacola or probably FL as a whole was 135 on a list of worst places to hold a job. That from 33 on the list before Obama came into office. They are talking on our local news that Obama won’t make a decision on the war a) until there is an exit strategy and b) until he gets back from Asia! HUH?!?!?!?!?!? While our soldiers are over there in harms way without enough support from their commander to have each others backs? This man sickens me. I guarantee, for me and many that I know, we are going to clean the house in 2010.

    Great piece Chas.

    Jeez Gwen, I thought the “exit” strategy was win? Am I worng there?


  6. Pat Says:

    hi chas

    excellent piece as usual i dont know if you saw johns comment the other day about a hall town they had near him that he attended he said they spoke an hour and a half to their representative who said he is going to vote for the health care bill while john and others told him they didnt want it john and the other people there told this rep they would spend as much money as needed to get him out of there and yet it still fell on deaf ears what else can they do writing to them talking to them mailing to them just doesnt work they do not do what is best for the people they do what THEY THINK is right for the people i am hoping enough people are angry and all these guys get voted out and the ones that replace them really do want to represent us but sadly i dont think there will be much of a change i am afraid chas very afraid
    We should all be afraid Pat.


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