Beyond Washington….


There are some things that at some point we, as a people, as a Nation we simply must face.  There are two things I can think of real quick that need addressing and right now.  You see my friends that we have a problem, one that our present system simply cannot deal with.  The reason it cannot deal with our problems is our system is the problem.

We have allowed both parties to abuse, misuse and profit from our ignorance of the Constitution and the way the Republic was constructed to work.  Because we have been lead to believe we need the Government to get us through our every day life, our very basic needs, when in fact they cannot even operate their own House on a daily basis.

We have been lead to a system of dependence upon people, who in reality, care only for their chances to be reelected to the Office they hold.  We are going broke and we are going broke at a rate that even at my age I could see the fall of this Country within my lifetime.

Unlike a Politician I am not going to tell you what we need is a bi-partisan panel, or bill or summit to fix this problem, because I don’t believe that it will actually do any good.  Because at the end of the day they are all foxes guarding the hen-house.  Oh, they might find some way to “fix” things but it, like all the other “fixes” will be temporary.

The amount of debt we are mounting in this Country is about to sink us as a Nation.  One wonders why a body of men who swear to uphold the Constitution could, with clear conscience, could allow us to get to this point.  Fact is, they don’t care because they got theirs.  What these people have done over the years is unconscionable, the outright fraud that is sending us down a hole we don’t deserve needs to be addressed.

Social Spending in this Country is taking on a larger percentage of the GDP that we simply cannot cover.  The Republic was never designed to cover this sort of intervention into the social fabric of its people.  But they talked us into it.

Social Security, while it has its value, or at least did, is simply unsupportable without tax hikes that will kill the average American worker.  I have the answer to this problem.  It will be both hard and expensive, but the only answer that will continue to work long after most of us are gone.

I believe in contracts, so this contract must be honored.  Every person born in this Country as of the year 1996, will pay no Social Security Tax.  In turn they will receive no Social Security when it is time for them to retire.  An increase in impost or other none invasive taxes will have to be implemented to cover the cost until the last person to receive  Social Security is gone.

Our problem with Social Security isn’t we need more, it’s that we need less, or more properly none at all.  The Republic was never designed to control the retirement of its people.  Before you say it’s cruel, the first 10% of everyone’s income is tax-free so that they can bank the money for retirement.  Allow people to be responsible for their own lives, what a concept.

If I understand the numbers properly in just Medicare and Social Security we will reach 114% of the GDP by 2019.  Is there anyone who thinks that is reasonable or responsible to doom a way of life, the life of a Nation, because of the charmers who think you aren’t smart enough to be responsible for your own life?

How much money is wasted by people who run to the ER because they have a runny nose.  Skin your knee?, run to the ER.  In my day we put iodine on it.  Stung like all get out, but we all lived.  I know that some people get sick, things go wrong and all hell breaks loose.  But you are asking the majority to be responsible for the minority of the population.

You are asking the entire Country to go broke and collapse, destroy the last best hope for the World, because of the few.  Only a liberal would think that makes sense.

What is really needed is a return to Article 1, Section 8 of the Constitution.  No doubt it would be hard and painful for some.  No doubt it would require a sacrifice of many.  But we are, or use to be a Nation that knew how to sacrifice, how to do without or at least make do.  We owe China and Japan more than $1.5 trillion dollars.  How much longer are we going to ignore the problem, ignore that we are living in excess, ignoring that we are no longer the Nation we once were.  Because we value our comfort more than our Country.

Think about that when 2010 comes and the local Politicians tell you how they have brought home the political bacon.  Because the only way the Federal Government can give you something, is to take it from someone else.


“Rebellion to Tyranny is Obedience to God”


4 Responses to “Beyond Washington….”

  1. Eileen Says:

    So many problems.
    And many created by the Federal Government.


  2. Frank C Says:

    Well said Chas….however, it we discontinue SS people will be living in total poverty when they retire as they do not take responsibility for their own decisions. Another fien piece my friend.
    The operative word is responsibility, or personal responsibility. I feel no personal responsibility to look after people who refuse to watch after their own self. Do you?


  3. Salvatore Says:

    Good Morning Chas
    Well said,
    “You are asking the entire Country to go broke and collapse, destroy the last best hope for the World, because of the few.
    Only a liberal would think that makes sense”
    Thats what we are dealing with Chas… I could see why this country is divided in half,
    well…. its more like 80/20, but the 20% are in charge,
    and they are pushing their Agenda through to destroy our way of life,
    everything they are doing is against our ways, even bringing the terrorist to NY for trial…. whats wrong with Gitmo, no out side pressure from the media…. and the Military can do its job, not a civilian court.
    Great Post Chas.
    Thanks Sal. Military Tribunals were created for a reason. And this is the reason.


  4. Gwen Says:

    AMEN Chas! Lets get back to the times of old where families worked hard for what they got and appreciated it. Where things were made in America. What has happened to the values and morals of these politicians?

    Most young folks don’t know how to sacrifice. I know what it is to grow a garden for your freezer to keep you going until the next season. Shelling peas and butterbeans till your fingers hurt. I remember sitting on the back porch with my mom and dad and sister and twin brother. We all had a bowl. We all had a corn sack full of butterbeans we had picked and a bowl. We talked and laughed and shelled. Those were the days! Now folks just hold their hands out. NOW folks are owed shelled peas and butterbeans. They are owed groceries without the hard work.

    Good post Chas!
    One never really appreciates what they receive for nothing. Best gauge of that is renters, just look how most leave the place they rent.

    Nothing makes you enjoy what you have like the sweat on your brow that shows you have earned it.


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