Stimulate This…


Somehow, even with the current Administration “creating and/or saving”  640,329 jobs, unemployment managed to rise to 10.2%, which is more than 2% more than the stimulus was going to allow.  We might find later here that there could have to be some revised estimate to that number, but that is for later in the post.

If you spend some time crunching the numbers provided by the Administration, that leaves the cost of those jobs at around $247,000 per job.  Wouldn’t it have been cheaper to just hand them say $75,000 and call it a day?  I’m sorry, the numbers that the Administration have to be suspect.  Start with this:

“In Arizona’s 15th congressional district, 30 jobs have been saved or created with just $761,420 in federal stimulus spending.” One wouldn’t think much of that, except that for one thing, there are ONLY 8 districts in Arizona.  Errors were also found for jobs created in non-existent districts in Oklahoma, Connecticut, and Iowa. Believe what you want, but I have seen no evidence what-so-ever that this “stimulus” has done anything for anyone but Democrat Campaign Donors.


Here you can not only read the entire 2,074 pages of this take over of the health care system along with the tax increases that will be imposed.  You can also leave a comment.  I’m not making a comment as of yet, since, unlike your so-called “representatives” , I haven’t read it all, but will do so before I do comment.

Race Card, By The Expert:

“The Rev. Jesse Jackson said Wednesday night that any black lawmaker who votes against President Obama’s sweeping health care overhaul isn’t really black.”

I am just trying to imagine any other person making a comparable statement and not being vilified by the Press.  Oh wait Jackson is a liberal, that explains that.

At The Senate:

The Health Care Bill would seem to be dead on arrival.  There is somewhere around 12 Democrats that , if they can be taken at their word, will not vote for this bill for different reasons.  Some will not allow the cost, it raises taxes, it will not be under the $500 billion the expected cost of the bill was supposed to be.  Some will not sign on because of the abortion section if it is removed, some if it is removed.  Lastly, some are strongly against the Government Option.

There is no way that this Bill can pass in  its present form, because of these objections.  Twelve votes is more than enough to allow a filibuster or major adjustments with many Amendments to “solve” these problems.

The real problem is most of these Democrats are concerned with being reelected more than anything else.  Most of them come from moderate States that are against the Government Option, against Federal Funded Abortions or spending more money in debit spending that drives us further in debt.

This Bill calls for $884 billion in spending.  Given the last estimate for a Government Program, Cash for Clunkers, I suspect I have a better estimate.  I believe that it will end up costing somewhere between $1.4 and $4.6 billion at the end of 10 years.

Sounds a bit high, but follow this.  Clunkers ended up costing 300% more than estimated.  Every year another $50 billion or more is added to the estimate of what the war is going to cost.  Medicade cost $50 million more than estimates or what is budgeted.  The CBO estimates that it will start off costing more than $160billion more than the House estimates.  Is this getting through to anyone?

You don’t have to have a degree in Economics to see how badly these people handle your money.  These people don’t solve problems, the Government is the problem.


“Rebellion to Tyranny is Obedience to God”

8 Responses to “Stimulate This…”

  1. wheyp.roteinsideeffects Says:

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    The message here is really useful.

    I will tell my friends.


  2. Salvatore Says:

    Great Post Chas.
    Thanks Sal.


  3. Sterling Says:

    “The real problem is most of these Democrats are concerned with being reelected more than anything else.”

    You’ve really put your finger on why these bozos are so conflicted. Let’s hope that their problem works to our benefit, and they put the brakes on this ridiculous government take-over and further tyranny by this administration, with this particular usurpation. God knows they have more tyranny and usurpation waiting in the wings.
    Don’t limit those thoughts to just the Dems. The GOP hasn’t been doing us any favors either.


  4. Frank C Says:

    Nice piece CHAS….all I can say is Fuzzy Math…remember that old expression. They can’t count the jobs and even the head of the agency that is charged with tracking the money and jobs admitted they “just don’t know.”
    They pass Prince Harry’s Health Care Bill crafted by one person behind closed doors. It does not include the additional “Dollars for Doctors some $225 billion.
    It includes a $100 million bribe, yes a bribe, to get Sen Mary Landrieu of Louisiana to sign on for the bill.
    For a Congress that promised openness and transparency, I have yet to see any of those promises.
    Frank, bad news is that some sort of stupid is going to prevail for a bit longer.


  5. Eileen Says:

    As Larry Burkett used to say….”A housewife could handle the government money better”. She knows how to balance a budget.
    But then again she is dealing with her money, they Government uses YOURS.


  6. Dave Says:


    Looking at the massive $$$$ needed. Jobs created in non-existent districts? it’s made my brain go blank! LOL. Almost complete shutdown. Race card is always going to be brought up. Whichever way you look at it, that is a very sensitive topic. Untangling the fishnet of problems that country is facing at home and abroad should be first.

    Glad you stopped by Dave. Always a pleasure to hear your input.


  7. Gwen Says:

    p.s. I love this ‘Race Card, By The Expert’ LOL
    You gotta laugh at him, otherwise you’d cry. 😉


  8. Gwen Says:

    Wonderful Chas! I watched the ABC news the other night and to my surprise they were reporting on all of the jobs created in districts that didn’t exist. I was blown away!

    I was talking to a friend of mine this weekend about this and about how we need to get out at the tea parties, sign up for every political group going in Pensacola and clean house.

    Flash Forward is on. Time to go!

    I enjoyed this. Gwen
    Thanks Gwen.


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