Giving Thanks


There are many things that we all have reason to give thanks for.  I’d like to point out just a couple of mine.

I’ve not been happy about the direction this Country has been going in since ’88.  But I am thankful that I live in a Country where I can express my discontent.

I am not happy with the Country’s choice in President this last Election.  I am thankful that I was able to vote against him and have the freedom to talk out about his mistakes and inexperience without, thus far, retaliation.

I am not happy that we have so many of our young men and women are in harm’s way.  That so many have died or have been wounded.  I am thankful that we have these brave souls, who make up such a small percent of the population, that are willing to stand in our defense.  There must be  a special place in heaven for these people.

I don’t like what has happened to our economy.  Far too many people have suffered because of greed.  Not only the greed of some corporations but of our own greed as well.  I am thankful that I have a job that pays reasonably well.

On a smaller and more personal scale:

I am so very thankful for my lovely wife.  The effort she puts forth for our wounded Troops for the Quilts of Valor.  Lord knows they deserve the attention.  The extra she adds to my life and how she makes my life easier from day-to-day.

I am thankful I have healthy children.

I have my health, you have to be thankful for that.  I know, because once I wasn’t so healthy and thought I wasn’t going to live.  I never thought much about it before that.  Now I’m grateful for that health that I once took for granted.

Above everything I am thankful for having been blessed by being born in this great Country, because nothing else that I have mentioned above, would have happened if I wasn’t born here in the USA.

I know that I haven’t even touched the surface of the things I am thankful for.  I think we all would find it would take a lot to figure out everything we should be thankful for.  Because we are human we all begin at some point to take things for granted.  We do because it is always there.  Taken away you’d miss it, until then it’s just there.

It is something to think about tomorrow when you sit down with family or/or friends, think for a minute about what you’ve forgotten.  It might surprise you.

I have on more thing I have to be thankful for and I can’t close this without expressing it.

I am thankful for you, those who read this blog.  You, that have shown me support beyond all reason.  You come back week after week reading my rantings.  I cannot express well enough in words to tell you how thankful I am for your continued support.

So with that I wish you and yours a most Happy Thanksgiving.  May the good Lord bless you and yours and may his Blessings continue throughout the years to come.

Happy Thanksgiving,



7 Responses to “Giving Thanks”

  1. Gwen Says:

    Chas, I wish I had been here to read this on Thanksgiving day. We kind of did this on Thanksgiving day. My nephew thought I was nuts but we have so much to be thankful for. The right to disagree with one another. I was thinking and saying to my nephew that because of him we have all these freedoms. Freedom to bear arms and what do the thugs do but kill each other. But you know the things I’m most thankful for is my family and friends like you. A good job and food and air conditioner and gas for my fireplace. Sometimes we all have to remind ourselves when the going gets tough that we are so blessed to be born and live in America. We have so many freedoms. We should all be thankful to live in this great country. God Bless you Chas. I’m so honored to call you my friend.
    As I am honored to call you my friend and humbled that you spend some time reading my blog. I really mean that.

    We, as Americans, have received a very special gift from God. Being born here, no matter what else happens, within our lifetime, we have a life that many would kill to have. Conversely some would kill to destroy.


  2. Colleen Says:

    Chas, what a wonderful & heartwarming blog for Thanksgiving.It’s not easy @ times to put ones heart to words. And yes when we find ones self in troubled times we do all look above for help from the Lord.Wishing your Family & you a wonderful day. God Bless
    Thanks you so very much for your kind words Colleen. I hope you and yours had a wonderful Thanksgiving Day also.


  3. Sterling Says:

    Happy Thanksgiving, chas. I am thankful for my many, many blessings. Life is not always easy, but then we were none of us promised easy. We were promised a journey and I am thankful to God for the body he let’s me borrow, the brain he gave me, the heart he filled with love, and the soul that sustains me. I am especially thankful for the many friends I’ve made who’ve made my journey enlightening, worthwhile, and absolutely joyous.

    Blessings to you and your loved ones on this wonderful day.
    And I share that joy, Thank you for being part of my joy and blessings.


  4. Eileen Says:

    We are a blessed people even though they have tried to take God out of just about everything.

    EXCEPT of course the schools–when someone is rampaging through the hallways with a gun. Then he is most welcome.
    I’ve heard it said that when the ground shakes everyone looks up. 😉

    Thanks for always being there.


  5. Salvatore Says:

    Chas, I wish you and your family a Happy Thanksgiving Day.
    And I wish you and yours the same my friend.


  6. Dave Says:

    Happy Thanksgiving. Chas. Great list of things to be thankful for.
    And friends like you made the list easy to make. Happy Thanksgiving.


  7. Frank C Says:

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours. I agree that we should be thankful for the great country we live in and the ability to assemble and express our discontent with whatever we care to protest.
    Unless you are a “teabagger” of course…lol The good Lords Blessings to you and yours my friend.


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