Difference Without Distinction


No matter what the left says about the Bush Administration the current Administration continues to apply a former policy of that past Administration.  All the bombastic shrill complaints during the campaign, Obama has not only embraced the policy, he has further encouraged it.

“Under executive orders issued by Obama recently, the CIA still has authority to carry out what are known as renditions, secret abductions and transfers of prisoners to countries that cooperate with the United States.”

But hypocrisy has never really been a problem for the left-wing fringe nuts.

If You Were Watching:

You were sure to miss most of this.  You’d have missed it because the major media ignored it for the most part.  In no special order:

Van Jones, White House Green Jobs adviser, was also an self-admitted Communist and anti-American who believed that we faked or caused 9-11.   This self-avowed Marxist was an early entry into what the Obama Administration had in mind.

Acorn still is in business, even though the illegal activities continue, they have the balls to sue the Government to get their ‘Constitutional” right to Federal Funds.  I can’t find the right to commit fraud in the Constitution, but the MSM doesn’t seem to have a problem with it.

Global Hoaxing, was a big story, unless you only watch CNN or MSNBC.  Even Comedy Central got laughs from the data deleting and changing.  All the others ignored it, except for FOX of course.

What Tea Party?  You mean those teabaggers who are racist and right-wing lunatics?  Never happen, or if it did FOX made it happen.

President Obama’s “safe schools czar,” Kevin Jennings, promoted homosexuality and pornographic material to 7th graders.  That’ll make Schools safer I bet.

How stimulating is this; Democratic districts have received nearly twice as much stimulus money as Republican districts.  Blue districts garnered the majority of the $787 stimulus package, getting an average of $439 million per district to the Republican average of $232 million.


High Heels Lead to Foot Pain.  I think walking on glass barefoot might do the same.  I hope tax dollars didn’t pay for that little tidbit.

Men Much More Interested Than Women in Casual Sex.  Can you say Tiger Woods?

Children Are Affected When a Parent Suffers From Depression.  Kids suffer from embarrassment from parents also.

Coed Dorms Fuel Sex and Drinking.  Isn’t that the reason for coed dorms?  Did some idiot think there would be a different result?

Sweets Taste Better When You’re High.  I’m thinking that my wife is going to disagree.  I think she would say that eating sweets MAKES you high.  I’m just guessing of course, but I’ve seen what happens to her eyes when our Aussie friends send her a tin of Tim Tams.

There are others on the list, but I am only willing to slap you with some much stupidly this close to the end of the year.

I would like to express my thanks to everyone that takes time out of your busy lives to read this little corner of the internet of mine.  I cannot express my gratitude in words that match my feelings.  So allow me to impart upon you a greeting my Grandfather always said around this time of the year.

I wish each and every one of you and those you love a very healthy, joyous and prosperous New Year in 2010.  May the Good Lord’s blessings follow you, keep you safe and provide you with the love you all deserve.


“Rebellion to Tyranny is Obedience to God”

4 Responses to “Difference Without Distinction”

  1. Gini Says:

    I am ‘catching up’, and am, as always, totally absorbed in your commentary. You are the very best Chas! Thank you for taking the time to do this ‘little corner’ for those of us who just have ‘had it’ with all the nonsense. I am reading, reading…catching up, since I have been on sabbatical from it alllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll….and smiling while reading, hoping that the citizens are also paying attn, and willing to actually go and vote in 2010. You are the BEST of the best…love ya big!!!! Gini
    And we are all happy, so very happy to have you back Gini. You were very sorely missed.


  2. Salvatore Says:

    Morning Chas, All those complaints during the campaign about the Bush Administration.. and your right nothing has changed,
    but do you hear the MSM say anything about this Administrations policies?, or about Van Jone’s back ground?
    or about that maybe global warming is a Scam,
    and Acorn is so corrupt that its laughable,
    Healthcare is nothing more then a government takeover,
    Cap and trade is another scam to lose more jobs in America,
    I could go on and on.
    Excellent Post Chas
    Thanks my friend. It’s always about either agenda, power or money. Jst depends on whose side you are on if you are the media.


  3. Frank C Says:

    Chas, another fine piece.

    Why didn’t the MSM report the following about ACORN:

    The visitor log posted on the White House Web site indicates that Lewis had made an appointment to visit the White House at 12:30 p.m. on Sept. 5. But Andrew Breitbart’s blog BigGovernment.com reports that Lewis canceled the appointment the night before and rescheduled it for 10 a.m. that day. That was just 5 days before the notorious videos surfaced.

    Happy New Year to you also my friend.
    They don’t report it because it goes against their own agenda to do so. Once it becomes noticeable that Obama is going to be a one term President, it will hit the fan. They can’t afford to do otherwise.


  4. gwenfl Says:

    As always I love it! A great post to end the year. I had heard some of this but not all. It amazes me when I read what kind of studies our tax payer $$ goes to. I suppose our government thinks we are totally stupid. The arrogance of them.

    Your Grandpa’s greeting. Thanks and same to you. Happy New Year Chas. As I said earlier it’s been an honor and a privilege sharing your little corner of the internet.

    ttfn Chas,
    And I am humbled that you take time out from your day to share it with me.

    Health, joy and prosperity to you in 2010.


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