I’ll See & Raise Your Trillion


The President has tossed all his eggs into one huge, already overstuffed basket, banking on his second term on passing a take over of the health care system.  Problem is the Congress, in trying to ram it threw in a hurry, raised way too many alarms in the American People.

For all his vaunted education, history obviously wasn’t part of the studies.  The last President who tried to fight a war and radically change the fundamentals of the Republic was LBJ.  It ended up so badly he wouldn’t even run for his second term.  At least FDR, when he went left coast with the Raw Deal, had 8 years to screw up the economy before he had to deal with war.

If the President has to offer “goodies” to get votes from his own party members, and they (the Congress) has to exempt themselves from the plan, how damn good can it possibly be?  Just how savvy is it to risk the economy of the Nation for 30 million people at the expense of 330 million?  Population is around 360 million, minus 30 million leaves 330 million.  Charity at knife point is theft.  Plain and simple.

Democrats seem to think that there is a moral duty implied in the Constitution that says we have to give up our income to help others.  I have no trouble helping others, just not at knife point.  The truth is that the Constitution is written to prevent Government from wasting our labors, to prevent Government from sending your paycheck to those who will not work, in order to keep Government as our servant, not the other way around.

The support for this bill has tanked, most notably, among the independents who won the President his seat.  Will he risk his seat for a second term to forward his agenda over the objections of the majority of the people?  He claims he will, but is willing to cut any deal and settle for any bill that looks as if a health care bill has been passed.

So far all I see is tax increases, money collected and nothing being solved or given until after elections are over.  This worries many Democrats who are up for reelection this year.  Month’s ahead of any so-called benefits and elections, come increases in health insurance premiums and taxes.  Some even consider this a death knoll for their reelection hopes.

The President claims that health care in this Country is in crisis.  I’m not so sure that creating another crisis isn’t merely exasperating the financial problems?  It is also not proving to be very effective against unemployment or terrorism.

Nightmare on Dems Street:

Last thing any Democrat wanted was a terror attack during the campaign last year.  It so happened, maybe not by accident, that there was none and so the war on terror became a non-issue during the campaign.  Now we have had one.  A failed one for sure, lucky for the 300 or so who survived, but it has produced the results that were predicted during the election campaign.

Response?  Lets talk about it, review it, maybe think that there really is a threat and we can blame it on Bush?  The President’s problem is he is inexperienced and was outed.  Hillary Clinton pointed it out, until she sold out for a better position, but that doesn’t change the fact that she was correct.

The President talks a good game, but symbolism doesn’t deter many terrorist.  And thus far it’s all talk.  As Toby Keith said; “A little less talk and a lot more action”.  The President has, for all his blather during the campaign, maintained many of the Bush Administrations policies, but it seems not quite enough.

Along with health care, this failed attempt at terrorism, will give a wedge to further erode the Democrats hold in the House of Congress.  For if nothing brings home policy to Americans, it’s allowing a known threat to happen, when we have lived in pretty much a safe environment.  Except for the Nobel Prize, the President has received nothing from the Countries overseas, has done nary a thing in any of the crisis areas, unless it was already a policy of Bush.

If 2010 doesn’t see a change in power in Congress, we will see a change and I’m not sure it will be one we want to accept or welcome.  I’m afraid 2012 will be a bit too late.  Think about that this year.


“Rebellion to Tyranny is Obedience to God”


8 Responses to “I’ll See & Raise Your Trillion”

  1. pharmacy technician Says:

    nice post. thanks.

  2. Salvatore Says:

    Good Morning Chas,
    Once again we are all on the same page…lol
    We can only hope that this is a one term President,
    GOD help us… if he gets a second term…..but I dont think he will.
    Great Post Chas.
    I don’t suspect he will, but Americans have done dumber things…lol


  3. Gwen Says:

    Another good post Chas. Momma and I were talking while we were shopping yesterday that Obama is trying to bankrupt this country and doing a fine job of it. If this good nation can’t see what is going on and fire every democrat in Congress when the time comes then we are in a world of hurt. I don’t see Obama making a second term but if he continues to bribe the dems for what he wants then I guess I could be wrong.

    I know Bush may not have been our greatest President but you can bet when a crisis came up he was there. Even if he was on vacation it was cut short and he was there.

    As for Hurricane Katrina and the criticism he took over that, IMHO, the federal govt doesn’t have anything to do with that initially. That is the responsibility of the state and local govt. And I’ve been thru many hurricanes. In fact Ivan was as bad if not worse for the panhandle of FL and no one made a fuss. Why, because the majority for a living. The majority won’t take hand outs from our govt.

    Obama has now made this country almost a welfare state of mind with all this stimulus packages, none of which I have or will take advantage of. But you and me have to pay it all back. Along with all of our friends and family.

    It’s teaparty time. And while they could care less about what we think or say, you can bet I’m going to be at everyone to show my support for like minded Americans.

    Great Post…..Gwen
    I couldn’t have said it better than you just did my friend. Thanks for that comment.


  4. BruceWV Says:

    I have no idea why that posted before I finished, anyway starting with apologizing, either maybe he’ll try time outs next, seeing how it’s only our safety he’s playing with.

  5. BruceWV Says:

    I don’t know what to think anymore, so many illegal things going on in Congress and no police force. The presidents main focus seems to be on everyone’s rights except the working man or bill payers,even those who want to do us harm. I don’t get it.It is hard to fight things that are so illogical.” The change we can believe in” better start this Nov.
    Time for our President to get tough, since all the finger shaking and saying no no no is’nt working,bowing,and apologizing
    I remain certain that this Country is greater than any one person, even a really bad President.


  6. Frank C Says:

    Chas, another fine piece. Did you see that Sen Nelson wrote the SC Attorney General asking he call off the dogs? His reason is that all states will get that deal. Guess that blows up the $1T limit. The Dems have no real leader and it really is showing in the Health Care bills.

    As for the Foreign Relations front, he is bowing to every two-bit leader around the world and I do not see that changing any time soon.
    Multiply Nelson’s deal by 49 * 2 and you might get close to what it will cost us.


  7. carolynro Says:

    I often am reminded of LBJ as I watch Obama fumble and fuss over what to say- 4 or 5 days after an incident. He is clueless, ball (pardon moi) -less and experience-less and it is showing loud and clear when any incident which is covered by the Constitution erupts. He is even screwing up the non-constitutional stuff…spending too much with no bang for the buck.

    Thanks for another great piece.
    Thank you for taking the time to read.

    Show than rather than deed is a sorry sight indeed.


  8. Mary Says:

    As always, a great blog. Really, I do not see this current administration in another 4 year term. I truly believe his term in office will end in 2012. However, not before he has managed to bankrupt us. Everything is a crisis. He cannot focus, he has to many irons in the fire so to speak. He wants health care passed, he wants that to be his legacy. Also the next thing that will be going through Congress is the amnesty issue. This will get real messy, because the Dems want the votes for 2012. So there will be more money spent that we do not have to make them legal.

    He is weak on national defense and in foreign affairs plus domestically he has put us on a path to what we faced back in the 70’s only worse. He will go down no doubt as the worse President ever next to Carter.
    I still believe that we are a better Nation than one man and will survive this. Carter showed me that.


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