Meanderings. 02-17-10


I thought it was time for an extra feature.  Mostly I spend time reading and researching things, end up writing a 750 to 1,000 word little essay, generally about the going on in Washington, and try to use a bit of the Constitution to explain why what they are doing isn’t really what the guys who founded this Governmental system had in mind.

Here, I am going to be a lot less formal.  Please don’t fault me, I just think that sometimes I should let the readers wonder though this odd place I call my mind.

It’s not going to be all anything.   Just as the title implies, I am going to have some fun and hope that while I am having fun putting down my thoughts, I hope you also enjoy the journey.

Sitting at the local pub late last week having lunch a young lady walks in wearing a pair of leather flip-flops, for lack of a better term.  On the surface that might not seem so odd, except that it was only 29 degrees.  There was 17″ on snow on the ground and the wind chill made it feel like it was 9.

So I’m thinking she either comes from Siberia or can’t afford real shoes.  Seems I was not the only one who was perplexed as the barmaid asked what where you thinking?  Seems that morning she had a pedicure and wanted to show it off.  I said as opposed to freeze them off?  “If you stand outside for 15 minutes, you can pick your toes up off the ground and put them on display as they will fall off.”

Just for the record, she did complain that her feet were freezing.  🙄

I often suspect people are somewhat crazy.  Other times I am certain.



4 Responses to “Meanderings. 02-17-10”

  1. Gini Says:

    Now I am LAUGHING HYSTERICALLY!!! Speaking of, is it spring yet? and time for a pedicure Chas? YIKES…haven’t seen my piggy’s for months now, with the ‘global warming’ event in Ohio! Sockies and boots being necessary, as I do value my piggies, not wanting to ‘break them off’ and put on display! You continue to entertain and inform, and I continue to be totally delighted! lol 🙂

  2. Dave Says:

    Chas, this lady must have been related to the lady I saw wearing a long velvet dress and a jacket right smack dab in the middle of a humid 95 degree afternoon. Nuts. Roasted, fried, chilled, which ever way you put it, they’re nuts!
    I’m guessing that style trumps sense or comfort…lol


  3. Eileen Says:

    girls just gotta have fun
    LOL To each their own.


  4. gwenfl Says:

    LOL. The other day when we got snow we drove up to Castleberry AL. The local news was showing a good fall of snow in Brewton AL so we thought we would get a burger for supper after we played in the snow. It was bitter cold for this area. The snow was a mere 4 to 6 inches in Castleberry but to me it was 3 foot. But I digress. We stopped to get our burger and there were kids playing in the falling snow in shorts and a tshirt. Sitting in the truck eating my burger I wondered what were their parents thinking.

    So yeah there are some crazy people out there.

    At least the young lady didn’t complain about the cold. My little piggies are kept in socks this time of year. 🙂
    I wear western style boots 365 days a year.


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